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Weed Showdown: Synthetic Marijuana vs Real Marijuana

If you look around you, you’ll see that there is probably a fake version of every possible product out there. Apple phone? In China, you can get a fake one that looks the same as accurate for $100. That big green, juicy apple in the shop? It’s probably a GMO product that is grown in […]

Your Guide to Storing Weed Long Term

Whether it is medicinal or just a regular pothead, you need a place and container for your stash. Freezer, plastic bag, kitchen drawer, paper bag are not the option. Some might think that keeping a stash of weed in a drawer, freezer, or a cabinet rolled up in a paper bag is enough for the […]

9 Ways to Sober Up From Smoking Weed

Many cannabis users have found and thankfully documented several ways to sober way more quickly from intense marijuana high than just leaving it to pass by. According to research, you need anywhere from 2 to 10 hours to come down from a marijuana high, which depends on a range of factors, including your metabolism, tolerance, […]

How to Put & Smoke Weed Out of a Hookah?

Hookahs have been gaining in popularity for quite some time now. Even though they are as old as the world, people (mostly teenagers) started to use them to socialize and have fun in the past few years. Hookahs are interesting since you can get them in various shapes and forms and smoke thousands of different […]

Here’s How To Purge Wax With Ease

Buying cannabis extract from the store is quite easy. You just go in, hand the cashier your money and you are good to go. But, have you ever wondered how the process of creating cannabis concentrates looks and what is the effort behind it? Sure, professional manufacturers have all the equipment needed for it, and […]

What is Terp Sauce & How to Make it?

Cannabis enthusiasts around the world have been trying to find different cannabis-related products to try for decades now. Sure, cannabis flower remains a holy grail of the weed world, but slowly and surely, users wanted more than that. So, the manufacturers came up with different products. Edibles, kief, resin, and so on. They are all […]

How to Make Shatter With Ease

If you are anything like us, you love experimenting with cannabis products, and you love trying them out. But, there is just something, some strange feeling of excitement and anticipation that storms through your body when you get your hands on a new product. That might be edible, concentrate, or something else. But, if you […]

How To Make Hash From Stems

Everyone loves cannabis. There are many different ways to consume cannabis, such as edibles, raw flowers, concentrates, and many more, but weed stems are not very popular. In this article, we will be explaining how you can create a valuable product from stems. Stems contain a few cannabinoids compared to the leaf of the plant. […]

Your Guide To Hot Knife With Ease

What is Hot knifing? Hot knives or better known as hot knifing is one of the methods of consuming cannabis. For this method, you can use two knives or any other similar object, preferably made from metal or other material that can stand high heat. Also, you will need a stove burner or a blow […]

How Long Do Weed Edibles Last and Stay in Your System?

Marijuana consumption has represented a growing trend for decades now. However, cannabis consumption was prohibited (and still is in some countries) globally, making this plant very controversial. Fortunately, many countries started to legalize marijuana and started to comprehend and understand its potential.  In the last century, weed enthusiasts mainly ingested this majestic plant by smoking […]

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