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Get Creative: Household Items to Make a Bong Out of  

There is nothing worse than being excited and ready to smoke after a long day. You get yourself comfortable, invite some friends over, and just when you are prepared to get your weed – you realize you don’t have a bong! Even the most passionate smokers sometimes forget to prepare the bong every single time. […]

Best Marijuana Fertilizers That Work  

When it comes to picking up the perfect fertilizer, it can be very tricky, especially for specific plants like marijuana. However, it’s essential to know that you will need a suitable fertilizer at some moments while growing some cannabis. Fertilizers are crucial, and these products help you develop a healthy and flourishing plant.   No matter […]

Burping Smoke : How & Why?

Have you ever experienced the famous smoke burping? If you like smoking Marijuana, then it might have happened to you a few times in life. Unfortunately, many people don’t even know this smoke burping phenomenon is possible until they experience it for themselves. Because you’re reading this article, we’re sure you’re looking for some answers […]

Resin, Live Resin, and Rosin: What’s the Difference?

Weed enthusiasts know that marijuana is one of the most talked-about plants in the world for centuries now. In the last era, cannabis enthusiasts were considered criminals, and even obtaining a bud or two was impossible. Therefore, its prohibition made it hard for smokers to find quality buds and enjoy their favourite sport.  In the […]

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