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6 Best Jobs For Stoners

The development of today’s society is constantly changing the market and the perception of the modern world. With that fast-forward effect, many controversial trends are not even considered taboo anymore: one of them is marijuana consumption. Cannabis is a unique psychoactive plant linked to many medicinal and therapeutic benefits. However, like everything, uncontrolled and reckless […]

Head High vs Body High: All You Need to Know & More

If you’re a newbie in the world of weed, you might be afraid that there is so much to learn about this broad topic. It might seem a little bit confusing, with all the different types of weed strains, names of the plants, and so on. If you don’t care about any of this stuff […]

Your Guide to Hash Vs Kief Made Simple

Weed consumption has been around for thousands of years, including significant cultures and civilizations (Ancient Rome, China, and India). Lately, cannabis has been recognized as a growing trend due to its positive effects on people, primarily in highly developed countries. Switzerland, Austria, the United States, and many more acknowledged marijuana as a legit remedy following […]

6 Best Eye Drops for Stoners

With the modern development of human society, determined taboos and forbidden subjects came approval in specific parts of the world. However, the prohibition of marijuana seems to be getting a different turn since many countries and states started legalizing this controversial herb.  However, this is not a universal case since some countries still consider marijuana […]

Mango and Weed: All You Need to Know and More

Smoking weed has presented a growing trend for decades. Times, when this exquisite herb was considered toxic and dangerous has fortunately passed. Today, people worldwide recognize marijuana’s unique potential regarding its therapeutic and medical effects. However, marijuana smokers know that weed doesn’t mean anything, considering how many strains exist. It’s definitely up to you to […]

Here’s How to Keep Your Weed Fresh

Cannabis enthusiasts present a thriving community, and it just keeps growing. But, unfortunately, a couple of decades ago, the prohibition of marijuana made finding quality weed a big challenge for stoners.  Since it was illegal, only getting a bud was considered a success. Now, things are getting a better end; hence a significant number of […]

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