3 Clever Ways to Hide a Bong in Your Room

Last Updated on September 27, 2021

Bong. It is a piece of equipment essential for every weed user who wants to take their weed-smoking game to another level. Some refer to it as their best friend, and some don’t even accept smokers as “real” who don’t use bongs in smoking sessions. Bongs have become so versatile and widespread that you probably can’t find a real weed lover who doesn’t own one. But, as with everything related to weed, bongs aren’t something you can keep on your dining table. Of course, you can, but people might look at you differently and ask questions. That’s why hiding bongs around your home is always a good idea. If you’re living with your parents, there’s no way that you’re going to let them find out that you’re a weed smoker, nonetheless that you’re a bong user. 

That’s why in this article, we came up with three ways you can utilize it to hide your bong from the eyes of the public. Sometimes, the places which are the most evident are best for this purpose. 

Old Backpack

Forget about hiding your bong under the bed or in a shady corner. That won’t work. If your parents or whoever you share your living space with wants to find your bong, they will look at this place first. So, it would be best if you were more ingenious. One of the ways is that you hide your bong inside an old backpack you don’t use. Let’s presume that you have another bag you use for your daily activities and carrying stuff around. That backpack is familiar to everyone, and there, you shouldn’t even consider hiding a bong. But, if you have another spare bag that lays around in the room without any purpose, it might be the right spot for bong hiding.

Firstly, no one would think you use it since you have your first go-to backpack. Secondly, to hide a bong (in most cases pretty tall), you need adequate space – and a bag is more than enough. Also, bongs often have that residue smell of cannabis after smoking, and leaving it in the open might expose you in no time. But, hiding it in a backpack, which has several layers, means that no smell is coming out, and you’ll be stress-free.


Now, you may be thinking, what the hell? Why would I put my bong on the shelf for everyone to see? But, hear us out. This is only applicable for bongs that are shaped extraordinarily or have a unique set of colours. Let’s face it – 99% of people who aren’t smokers don’t even know what a bong looks like. If you have a weird-looking bong with many colours, people would think that it’s a part of your feng shui setup or that it’s a souvenir from your trip to Egypt. On the contrary, it’s a perfect paravane that will ensure that no one asks any questions. In most cases, one won’t even notice it. 

We’ll admit it; this is only for brave souls. But, of course, if you leave your bong in the open, there’s always a risk of someone finding it out. But, on the other hand, you won’t have to deal with the constant stress of placing in secret and changing the hiding place.


If you live in a place that has a basement or an attic, we can say that you’re one lucky guy. A basement or an attic is perfect for hiding a bong. Of course, it’s tiresome that you always need to climb the stairs to take it or leave it, but these places are great for keeping your bong away from the eyes of the public. Not only that, no one will look for it, since, hey, everyone only keeps junk in these places, but your bong will also be safe from breaking and unnecessary movement. 

Don’t Be Afraid

If you’re a bong user, we understand the fear you have that someone will find out that you’re smoking and even more using a bong. But, if you think about it correctly and pick the right hiding place, we assure you that no one will find out. If you don’t give anyone a reason to ask about smoking or bong using, no one will – and that’s something you should keep in mind.


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