5 Ways to Smoke Weed Without Rolling Papers

The most popular way of smoking weed is using a joint. They are an iconic part of the cannabis culture and it’s estimated that over 85% of users intake their marijuana with the help of a joint. It’s convenient, low cost and you only need to learn how to roll before you start – which is quite easy. 

However, there might be a situation when you don’t want to smoke a joint (you are curious and you want to try another method), or you don’t have rolling papers by your side, or something else. If that happens, then your cannabis knowledge will be put to the test. You’ll need to figure out what alternative method to use in order to consume that lovely green gold and enjoy a good trip. 

This might be easy if you’re an experienced cannabis user and have years of smoking under your belt. You probably know about all the different ways you can smoke your buds and different methods you can use. But, if you’re reading this article, this probably isn’t the case. 

In this article, we’ll talk about all different ways which you can utilize to consume marijuana. You’ll see that the cannabis world is very versatile and that there are various different methods which you can use to have a wonderful trip.


We’ll start with probably the newest method out there. Vaporizes, or vapes as they are often called, are little devices which use cannabis oil to heat it up and produce smoke. They work very similar to the joints, which are the main subject of this article. 

With joints, you roll your weed and light it up using a lighter. The heat produced will result in a smoke (as with a cigarette) which you then inhale and enjoy fantastic effects which marijuana brings. Vapes on the other hand, are very convenient and easy to use. You just need to buy a vape (in most cases it costs around $50 but there are more expensive ones as well) and a cartridge. 

In a nutshell, a cartridge is a disposable “container” which holds cannabis oil, wax or distillate. You place the cartridge inside of a vape, click a button, and you’re ready to go. We can say that vaporizers are actually robotic joints!

Jokes aside, vapes have become extremely popular in the last couple of years. One survey showed that 24% of smokers worldwide use vapes on a regular basis. And we can see why. As we said, they are convenient, easy to use and can give the same effects as the joint would. 

Another neat fact about vapes is that you can exchange the cartridge for a new one whenever you like. This means that you can use different cannabis oils, different aromas, whatever you like. If you want to use a specific cartridge, you just swap it in a matter of seconds, and you’re good to go. 

Some scientists also say that vapes are “healthier” than joints because the oil is only being heated up and not burnt. They say that in this way, a lot of bad stuff is not being inhaled. We can only guess whether this is ture or not, but we are certain that the smoke from vapes is smooth, clear and not harsh on your throat. 

That alone is sometimes superior to the smoke you’ll get from joints. Vape oils also comes with various different aromas. Peach, strawberry, mango, menthol, you name it. Some people like that their smoke has another layer to it, and we agree. Aromas are a great way to enhance your smoking session furthermore and make them better. 

Another important thing to mention is that vapes are built to last. They are sturdy, often built from good materials and you won’t have to worry about them breaking down. In fact, it’s common that one vape lasts anywhere between 1-3 years, depending on the usage. We think that this is a great return on investment and that you’ll be happy with your purchase.


Next on our list, there are pipes. Pipes have been a staple part of the cannabis universe for more than 50 years now and they’ve been used by thousands of people worldwide. They come in various shapes and forms. Some of them are also considered to be designer and can cost anywhere up to $1000. They are made out of any material you can think of, but in most cases, they are built from glass. 

However, on the market you can also find wooden, plastic, metal pipes. Glass is just purer and offers better smoke, at least according to the scientists. Different materials produce different kinds of smoke and if you’re a fan of something particular, then you’ll probably just stick to that type of pipe. 

Cannabis users are usually very demanding and once they find a smoke which they like, they’ll just stick to the product which produces it. This implies to the marijuana buds but also to the pipes as well. If you want a personal opinion, I like the smoke from a glass pipe and wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s not forbidden to try something else though and test other materials – how else would you know what works for you, right?

Pipes are easy to carry, lightweight and that is one of their main selling points. They are often very small and you can place them in a rucksack or in a bag. Sure, there are pipes which are big but if you’re a rookie, you don’t need to consider them. 

One important thing about pipes is that you need to prepare your cannabis in a correct way if you want to smoke properly and get the most out of it. What this means is that you need to grind your buds finely, in order to burn evenly inside of the pipe. Some pipes have a carb hole. If your does, you need to cover it when you smoke and release it after you’re done with smoking. This is essential if you want to get the best possible hit. 

Pipes are a great way to spice things up and try something different. If you’ve been smoking joints for quite some time now, you may hit a plateau. If that’s the case, breaking the monotony with pipes is a great way to experience cannabis on a whole different level.


Bongs are probably the most popular alternative to joints. If you’re a real cannabis lover, then you probably already have a bong somewhere in your place. They’ve been around for a while and compared to the pipes for an example, they are more popular and used by more people. 

Many people prefer bongs because they can get you real high, real fast. Unlike joints, bongs are tailored for people who want a strong hit and want to enjoy cannabis to the fullest. Experts often say that newcomers shouldn’t try bongs, as they are considered to be heavy artillery in the cannabis world, at least when it comes to smoking. But, getting a better high isn’t the only thing bongs are good at. They are more convenient than joints simply because you don’t have to roll before you smoke. 

The only downside they have is that you need water if you want for them to function properly. This can be an issue if there is not water nearby or if you spill the water which you currently have (this is very common and easy to do) from your bong. 

As pipes, bongs can be made out of almost every material possible. And same as pipes, depending on the material, you will get a different hit. Most popular bongs are made from glass but there are polyester ones which are becoming more and more popular. 

Another fantastic thing about bongs is that you can customize them however you want. And we mean it. If you want a special touch of yours on the bongs, you can tell that to the manufacturer and voila, you’ll have it. Of course, it will come with a higher price, but we think it’s worth it since you’ll have a unique bong. 

There are also different types of bongs. One chamber, two chambers, percolator, straight-tube bongs, you name it. The list goes on and on. One and two chambers are the ones which are commonly used and you should look at those if you want a bong for yourself. There are also gravity bongs which use different way of working than the regular ones and those are getting more and more popular as well. If you’re a bong user and want to try something new, you should look at those. 


Bubbles are a mixture between pipes and bongs. In that aspect, you could say that it’s the best of both worlds. Although this might sound like a perfect pick for you, sometimes it’s better to smoke from just a pipe, or just a bong. They are small enough to carry anywhere, but strong enough to give you the best possible high, like a bong. 

Experienced users often call them “small killers”, since bubblers are strong and small at the same time. They are typically made from glass and they have a small chamber at the bottom, like a bong. From the straight pipe, you inhale the smoke. The chamber itself is filled with water and the weed goes into a bowl which is located on the other side. Bubbler is a great option if you want something portable that can give you a strong enough hit. 


Last but not least, hookah is a great way to smoke cannabis. They are used in India and Islamic countries as a main way of smoking tobacco. So why not smoke cannabis with it as well? It’s surely doable but it might be the hardest option from the ones on this list. 

Mainly because you need to do proper preparation. You need a hookah pipe, water, tongs, aluminium foil, shisha and cannabis. You can inhale cannabis alone, but we suggest mixing it with shisha for better experience. You can also use hashish, if that’s what you like. 

The only downside to hookahs is that they are quite expensive and that they aren’t very practical. They require a lot of space and the process to set them up can last over 20 minutes. In that aspect, they might be the least favorable option on this list but once you set the hookah up correctly, you can enjoy a variety of different aromas and wonderful smoke. 

No Papers, No Problem!

As you can see, there are various different methods which you can use if you don’t or can’t smoke a joint. We’ll admit it, joints are what we use in most cases as well, and they are the main way of inhaling cannabis for us. We like the traditional way and we stick to it. But, every once in a while, we want to spice things up or just don’t have rolling papers nearby. 

When that’s the case, we’re happy that there is a wide range of different alternatives on the market. Pipes, bongs, hookahs, you name it. We live in a time where we are fortunate enough that there are endless possibilities, all of which are on par with joints. 

Imagine if we lived 40 years ago, when cannabis was still a huge taboo and there weren’t any options beside smoking from joints. If that was the case, you only had two possibilities – smoke a joint, or don’t smoke at all. Things have changed and if you ask us, we are thankful. 

Breaking the monotony sometimes with bong or a vape is wonderful and it keeps you on top of the game. You get to experience cannabis to the fullest and enjoy every aspect there is to it. So, as a wise man once said – no papers, no problem!


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