6 Best Jobs For Stoners

The development of today’s society is constantly changing the market and the perception of the modern world. With that fast-forward effect, many controversial trends are not even considered taboo anymore: one of them is marijuana consumption.

Cannabis is a unique psychoactive plant linked to many medicinal and therapeutic benefits. However, like everything, uncontrolled and reckless usage of this controversial herb causes unwanted effects; hence, legalizing it required a couple of decades alongside constant research.

Today, marijuana consumption is slowly becoming fully legal in certain parts of the world, producing a whole new market on the global scene.

Now, you’ve all heard that cliche discussing how lazy stoners can be. This point isn’t necessarily valid, referring to that not all stereotypes are accurate. However, even regular stoners want and need to work, but not all job positions are suitable. Therefore, we can happily state that cannabis enthusiasts can easily find a job that would fit their lifestyle, especially today.

The Perfect Jobs for Lazy Stoners

We’ve come up with this list to motivate and support all herb lovers who want to combine business and pleasure.

1. Marijuana Delivery or Dispensary Jobs

As simple as it gets, the first advice is to look for employment in the Marijuana Dispensary or Delivery Services since it’s the primary sector of the Cannabis Industry.

Weed lovers that want to put a smile on people’s faces every day consider getting a job as a Marijuana Delivery Driver as long as you have a driver’s license and live in a state where cannabis is legal.

Working at a Marijuana Delivery Service is one of the most common jobs regarding the subject merely anyone can do. Still, most driver jobs require the individual to be at least 21 years old and forbid any marijuana consumption during work hours.

However, for those who search for more stationary jobs, look up the nearest Marijuana Dispensary, and check which positions they have available. Graphic Designers, Security, Cash Register, Cleaning, Dispensary, and Inventory Managers are only some of the many jobs these establishments offer. 

Ensure you do the proper research, explore all your options, and personally talk to the Store Managers to find a job that suits your preferences, abilities, and interests.

Those who possess entrepreneur abilities can try and open your Marijuana Dispensary Shops; be careful since opening up your shop is very risky if you don’t do it right. First, however, try and follow some advised steps to enter this sphere of business cautiously:

  • Collect all necessary paperwork and apply for a business license. You can look up all the needed documents online.
  • It is essential to Keep up to date with all regular law regulations and compliances that get updated all the time.
  • Hire only responsible and outgoing drivers for your Cannabis Couriers
  • Delivery Dispatch is essential since its the part of the company that coordinates all orders
  • Customer Support and Software are equally important as any other department since it’s oriented directly toward customers.

Also, coming up with a different, creative, and innovative concept will differentiate your shop from others, so invest a lot of time in the actual idea and organization.

Whether you are looking to get employed or open your establishment, pursuing a job in this specific part of the cannabis industry shouldn’t be hard since the weed market keeps evolving.

2. Edibles Chef

We’re sure most of you heard about cannabis-infused edibles. What are they? Edibles are food products cooked with weed, which, when ingested, release those famous psychoactive abilities and produce a unique trip. It is needless to say that food and weed go well together because of the munchies and elevated hunger.

Now, those of you who cook professionally and already worked as chefs should consider cooking with cannabis. Edible Chef is a brand new job since it became popular after the not-so-distant cannabis legalization. However, most cooks love and even live their job, so mixing up both your hobby and passion will probably be adequate for food-loving individuals plus, we’re sure you can try your work.

However, we must state that these kinds of Chefs need more skills than just knowing how to cook. Producing or making a quality edible requires experimenting to get to the optimal product; hence patience, love towards food and weed, responsibility, and precision are needed. On the other hand, if you can learn quickly and continuously work on improvement and hard work, progress will come with ease alongside a pretty hefty salary.

Also, those of you who don’t possess the knowledge and the needed experience can take one of the popular courses created especially for Edible Cooks.

3. Creative Jobs

Recent research and numerous stoner experiences say that THC boosts creative levels rewiring your brain to think and work differently. If you want to get high and work simultaneously, consider looking up jobs related to writing( professional bloggers and content writers), photographing, art, music, or similar activities.

Also, graphic designers and creative directors are trendy today since the number of comparable jobs keeps growing.

Next, music sounds different when high, and a significant number of famous musicians are, in fact, stoners.

Cannabis is known to cause elevated feelings of relaxation and inspiration, so try it out and play your favourite instrument high.

Although this is off-topic, most successful sportsmen and sports enthusiasts state that the recreational use of marijuana helps their muscles relax, offering proof that cannabis consumption is highly beneficial for both body and brain.

4. Budtender and CoffeeShop Workers

These jobs are exponentially blooming in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Spain, and the USA. Budtenders are individuals in charge of providing customers with the desired strain or helping them choose the right herb. Most budtenders need to pass specific Medical courses and gain Cannabis knowledge to do the job correctly.

When it comes to this specific type of work, there isn’t much discussion as long as you love both coffee and herb. You can even invent unique coffee tastes that go well with specific strains. But, again, creativity is essential to differentiate you from the crowd of similar shops.

5. Freelance and Self-Employment Jobs

Freelancing jobs are not directly connected to the cannabis world. So how are freelancers and weed connected? This specific type of work allows an individual to sleep, work, and eat whenever, as long as you can organize your time right. 

Besides the flexible work schedule, you can smoke the herb whenever you find the time. Another perk is that no drug tests are needed since you’re your boss.

However, sites offering freelancing jobs are overcrowded with both work and very successful individuals. Therefore, you’ll need to elevate and upgrade your skills all the time, whether it’s programming, content writing, SEO, etc., since only responsible and self-disciplined individuals will get the chance to prove themselves.

Working as a freelancer isn’t all fun and games, but it goes well with stoners, herb lovers and any part of the cannabis community. 

6. Pizza Delivery

Pizza and weed go very well together, and this is a fact. Getting a job as a pizza delivery guy might be the right thing for almost all weed lovers since many restaurants provide free pizza for their workers, which is perfect for stoners. However, smoking and driving aren’t recommended, especially in the states where combining these two is considered illegal.

Pizza Delivery Driving is a merely relaxing job as long as you check your local laws and requirements.



We know that regular stoners are a big part of the weed-loving community, and some might have difficulties looking for employment because of that infamous hobby. However, whether you are a recreational or a regular user, you have the correct job position.

Cannabis experts looking for high-paying jobs shouldn’t have trouble finding a suitable position since the weed market is continuously improving, offering many expert positions as long as you live in a country or a state where weed is legal or decriminalized.


First and foremost, take your time and think through your preferences and interests while looking for a job.

Next, look up available employment in your place and inform yourself of the job description.

Then, go there personally and talk to the manager.

Some of them allow marijuana consumption on the job since certain positions and companies are weed-friendly, while others require a bright mind; hence no smoking is permitted.

Keep in mind that this list of jobs for stoners is not definitive, meaning you can also work in accounting, packing, marketing, administration, and even the actual production of marijuana ( if you have the education and experience). Those who don’t possess proper knowledge, don’t worry since there are various courses online and in certified facilities, which only take a couple of months to finish.

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