7 Fun Ways to Smoke Weed and Enjoy with Your Friends

In the history of humanity, people consumed certain herbs in various ways for medical and recreational purposes, including marijuana. Marijuana, ganja, cannabis are only some of many terms used to describe this psychoactive plant used in all significant and highly developed cultures and civilizations like Ancient Rome, India, China, Ancient Egypt. 

The high that happens when smoking marijuana is due to the presence of THC. Higher THC levels are in correlation with marijuana’s potency and the strength of the high. Tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC) is one of the main active components responsible for the trip. In contrast, CBD(the second most known active component) does not produce the high but does represent a new potential in the medical industry. Since its legalization, scientists have begun experimenting with CBD and health benefits, and the results look promising for now.

Lately, smoking and consuming marijuana has spread globally, following its legalization and decriminalization. Countries like Switzerland, the US, Austria, and the Checzch Republic recognized this controversial plant’s potential and the dangers of keeping it illegal.

Fun & Interesting Ways to Smoke Weed

Now, marijuana consumption presents a specific trend that keeps growing, especially with the younger part of the population.

If you and your friends are marijuana enthusiasts and enjoy this plant’s company check out this list of fun activities and ideas regarding the subject.

1. What’s Cooking?

Some people don’t enjoy smoking a joint for many reasons, mainly because they don’t want the presence of smoke in their lungs. Although smoking marijuana is the most common way of getting high, there is an alternative – cannabis edibles. Cooking edibles is an innovative way of experiencing a tremendous high. All you need to do is make cannabis butter, an essential ingredient for all marijuana dishes. Besides, almost every marijuana consumer points out that marijuana and weed are practically soulmates, primarily because of the munchies (a special kind of hunger). 

However, we must mention that edible-infused high is a different dimension compared to the regular trip. Don’t forget to exchange opinions with your friends and create a stress-free environment providing a unique opportunity to cook something out of the ordinary and experience quality time with your friends. Marijuana-infused cookies are our recommendation but don’t forget to add a decent amount of chocolate.

2. Movie Night

If you guys don’t have an exact idea of what to do tonight that includes smoking weed, throwing a movie night might be the right thing. Assemble a group of your favourite people, roll a couple of joints, pick out the right movie, and enjoy the night. The movie industry offers a wide range of films specially made for stoners like Cheech and Chong, How High, Pineapple Express, Friday, etc. These movies will give you enough laughing material and almost certainly provide a hell of a night for the whole group. Just be sure that all of you participate in picking out the right movie, so no one feels left out.

3. Adventure time

If you are interested in interacting with nature, going on a hike or an adventure and bringing a couple of joints is ideal. It is as beneficial as it seems since spending time in nature reduces anxiety and stress levels. In addition, your brain will reward you just for going out, while smoking marijuana will cause a dopamine boost – an excellent combination. Choose your setting according to the interests of all members of the group. The most common activities regarding time in nature include hiking, visiting a lake, walking in the park, and many more exciting pursuits. 

Like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, some sportsmen say that smoking is their favourite activity after training. It is a myth that exercise and marijuana don’t mix. Try it out; maybe it’s the right thing for your crew, especially when it comes to biking since it is not a challenging sport.

4. Bonding and Deep Conversations

In the 21st century, where capitalism and consumerism prevailed, people don’t have the time to bond with their families and friends. Those lucky enough to make time often can’t talk openly and form a stable relationship with their loved ones since opening up is hard for many people.

Well, smoking cannabis can help because of marijuana’s relaxing effects. People tend to open up more naturally, and some stats suggest that marijuana infuses deep and significant conversations between people. So if you and your favourite people need some particular time, consider rolling some weed while you’re at it.

5. Artistic potential

Many artists claim that smoking weed enhances their creative abilities, helps them perform, and opens up their mindset. Singing, painting, and dancing are often recommended when it comes to marijuana-infused activities. Marijuana helps create a more relaxed setting; hence smoking a joint, turning up the music alongside dancing or singing will make the night for all of you. However, remember that picking out the right tune and creating a stress-free environment is crucial since you are in for a fun night to avoid all conflicts.

If your group of friends is prone to paint, organize a marijuana painting session. You can even revise each other paintings the next day and conclude how marijuana affects your creative skills.

6. Marijuana and Games

Some gamers say that smoking marijuana helps them with focus. If your group of friends is into various kinds of games, you can play some under the influence of cannabis. However, others report that marijuana and certain games don’t mix, so test it out. If your team performance is satisfying, maybe you should make joining cannabis and gaming a regular thing.

Besides gaming, there is a long list of interactive games you and your friends can play like Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, Board games, etc. Do the proper research, consider your friends’ opinions, and you will easily find the right kind of game for all.

7. Cannabis festivals

Did you know that some festivals are marijuana-friendly? Yes, you heard that right. A bunch of festivities promote and accept marijuana users and organize these venues accordingly. Your whole crew can smoke, dance, sing, and enjoy the night carefree without judgment while socializing and meeting new people with similar interests. Besides these specific types of festivals, you can get high and visit regular festivals too. In countries where marijuana is decriminalized and legalized, no one will bother you if you light up a joint or two. If your crew is bored and doesn’t have any innovative ideas recommend hitting up some festivals near you, bond, socialize and dance the night away.

Fun Fact: Most marijuana consumers state that sex and weed are suitable mixes since cannabis helps relax, durability, and performance. You can always try it out, although this refers to only you and your partner.

Also, when discussing all mentioned activities picking out the right strain is crucial, so be sure to adapt the potency to all group members.

Let us know what you think in the comment section. Don’t forget to mention your experiences regarding the subject. Keep in mind that this list is not definite, meaning you can add other activities according to your interests and interests of the group.

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