8 Easy Ways To Avoid Munchies And Still Enjoy Weed

Today, smoking marijuana is becoming more and more popular following its recent legalization in numerous countries globally. Some surveys state that more than 60 percent of Americans consume marijuana daily. Piping it up has many benefits; however, a certain part of the weed-loving community has problems with controlling the munchies.

What Are Munchies?

We all know about marijuana’s most important compound, THC, responsible for the trip, and the already mentioned plant’s psychoactivity. Besides the apparent effects, tetrahydrocannabinol is accountable for the munchies, as mentioned earlier. 

While THC binds to your receptors, it makes your brain perceive the foods smell and taste more delicious than usual. In translation, munchies refer to weeds’ ability to make your organism hungry even when it’s not.

Are Munchies a Bad Thing?

Late-night cravings are not necessarily bad if you are an occasional stoner and do not practice smoking weed that often. Still, if you experience this type of craving regularly and enjoy cannabis on a daily basis, it’s not healthy to give in every time. 

The first downside refers to gaining unwanted weight, impacting every aspect of your everyday life, and overall health. Next, most of us smoke in the evening or before sleep, causing disturbed sleeping patterns. Eating late at night reportedly generates very confusing dreams, directly impacting sleep quality, crucial for the human body’s proper functioning.

Users that experience heartburn and stomach acid problems should avoid or at least control munchies as unnecessary eating can cause gastric issues and poor digestion. Elevated blood pressure is another downside alongside hypertension and higher blood sugar levels. In general, overeating can also cause depression and anxiety.

However, there is no need to worry as there are many ways to avoid and control these unwanted effects called munchies.

1.Filter Out Your Fridge

We all love fast food and easy snacks, especially since it’s the cheapest food available. 

Simultaneously, while high, fast food seems tastier than usual, which may lead to binge eating. Another problem besides the sheer quality of food is the quantity. Munchies make it hard for a person to differentiate on how much is enough, leading to major overeating. To make it worse, overeating on fast food can cause instant weight gain, and in some cases, impact your blood pressure.

It would be best to simply clear out your fridge from any unhealthy food you may own, including snacks, sweets, sugary drinks, etc.

Filtering out your fridge before getting high will condition you to eat differently. 

Still, if you don’t want to give up on tasty food, consider only owning a minimal quantity to control yourself and ensure restful slee


Those who consider themselves disciplined and with strong will power might want to prepare for the trip. Fortunately, there are many healthy options to choose from, including various nutritious treats, drinks, veggies, juices, etc.

Fortunately, today’s market is flooded with low-calorie healthy and organic snacks, so fill up your fridge with these healthy alternatives.

However, it is still important not to overeat as any food can cause weight gain if you overdo it.

3.Workout and Exercise

It is widely known that exercise has a powerful and positive impact on insulin responsible for controlling your hunger. 

Try to get your dose of exercise in the morning as a part of your routine since it is proven this is the best time for similar activities. Some users even like to exercise when high (which is a good thing); however, this is not common.

If weed makes you lazy, try to implement this practice before getting high.

Even stretching can help as it activates your whole body, so choose your desired activity according to your abilities and preferences.

4.Respect Your Goals and Ambitions

Many of us sometimes neglect our goals, plans, and ambitions while high as this plant gives off a certain kind of relaxed vibe. Smoking marijuana is not an excuse for giving up on your workout plans and eating goals. If you have an already organized calorie intake, make sure your willpower is stronger than the munchies. Remind yourself or download a Fitness App for budgeting calories.

More creative individuals can even put reminders on the fridge or the cupboard you keep your snacks in.

Munchies are sometimes really hard to control, but surpassing this infamous hunger should be a lot easier if you have your goals straight.

5.Picking Out The Right Strain

Another great option for controlling munchies is picking out the right strain. For instance, Indica is notorious for uncontrolled hunger because it strongly stimulates and increases appetite, especially pure Indicas.

Luckily, strains rich in THCV(tetrahydrocannabivarin) and CBD have the contrary effect, meaning they fight hunger.

THCV is similar to THC (on a molecular level), but it induces completely different effects. Besides hunger control, THCV also helps with anxiety. The only problem is that most strains don’t contain much THCV and CBD, so try to find the one that does (for example, Durban Poison).

CBD is clinically proven to help with anxiety and hunger, although it is not a psychoactive compound.


Studies state that proper hydration goes a long way when it comes to hunger. Piling yourself up with water will greatly influence how much you can eat. So, when the munchies kick in, try to ingest water instead of merely reaching out for the fridge.

If you are still feeling hungry and can’t resist the cravings, grab a bite or two and again drink water.

Some users state that they often mixed hunger with thirst, so reaching out for a bottle of water can go a long way.

7.Mint Flavour

It is proven that anything with a mint flavor will keep hunger under control. For instance, washing your teeth with toothpaste will most likely stop you from eating any time soon. Besides toothpaste, preparing herbal mint tea will have a similar effect.

8.Postponing hunger

Now, this may sound heavy, but postponing your craving for 15 minutes can buy time to think whether or not you are really hungry.

This option will make it easier for you to avoid these cravings mentioned above. 

If you feel hungry after those 15 minutes, consider grabbing a bite as chances are you are legitimately hungry. Just try not to overdo it and give in to the munchies completely.


In general, munchies are not necessarily a bad thing. However, overeating, especially at night, can lead to serious health issues, including gaining unwanted weight, high blood pressure and sugar levels, anxiety, depression, poor digestion, heartburn, and stomach acid issues.

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to fight and avoid these infamous cravings called munchies.

These so-called advices include filtering out your fridge, hydration, preparing your household, working out, and exercising, respecting your own goals and ambitions, picking out the right strain, postponing hunger, and introducing mint flavor (toothpaste or mint herbal tea).

Keep in mind that willpower goes a long way and is the primary asset for controlling your hunger. But if you still feel that resisting fridge high is hard for you, try implementing the ideas mentioned above as long as they soothe your needs. 

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