Burping Smoke : How & Why?

Have you ever experienced the famous smoke burping? If you like smoking Marijuana, then it might have happened to you a few times in life. Unfortunately, many people don’t even know this smoke burping phenomenon is possible until they experience it for themselves. Because you’re reading this article, we’re sure you’re looking for some answers about why are you burping smoke and how in the world is that even possible? Well, don’t worry, you’re not turning into a dragon any time soon. We can’t all be so lucky to be Deneris Tergerian. So, let us explain everything you need to know about burping smoke, how and why it happens?  

What does burping smoke even mean?  

As you’re already aware, burping smoke can happen after you smoke Marijuana. It’s also called the “weed burp.” People usually don’t expect this to happen because we all think that burping is caused by excessive food or drink consumption or some digestive problems and diseases. No matter what, we all have some frequent burping problems, even due to just straight gas that accumulates in our lungs. But, let’s see what happens inside of our body that causes this astonishing smoke burping phenomenon. 

What exactly is causing this smoke burping?  

The weed burp is nothing more than just smoke that was stashed in your lungs. Like getting rid of excessive gas, our lungs have a way of getting the extra smoke out. This smoke accumulation happens when you don’t exhale the whole amount of smoke while enjoying your weed. So, your body waits for perfect timing (the burp) to send this extra smoke out. We recommend concentrating not to swallow the smoke while consuming the weed. It may help with not cumulating so much smoke.  

Is this Marijuana phenomenon very common or not?  

Even among experienced Marijuana consumers, the weed burp is not so known and expected. Therefore, many people are shocked when it happens because they don’t even know it is possible. So, there are no signs or rules when answering a question, “can this happen to me?”. But, again, it’s related to the way you smoke weed – if you have a habit of swallowing smoke simultaneously, this phenomenon is much more likely to happen.  

To conclude, we can all agree that such a boring cause lies behind this incredible weed burping phenomenon. Just some excess smoke that needs to get out – we’re sure you thought you were unique. Always be aware that after smoking Marijuana, it’s likely that this happens to you, so have it on your mind in public. We wish you luck that this doesn’t jump you in the middle of some critical business meeting or at the Sunday dinner with family members. We’re not sure what could be the reasonable alternative explanation for this. This is already strange enough, and it’s not like you can casually share some weed problems with your mom!

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