Buying weed has never been easier thanks to online weed dispensaries. The two dispensaries we’re going to talk about in this article are among the best ones in Canada. We will compare these two great weed dispensaries, but first let’s see why you should buy weed online in the first place.

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Why You Should Buy Weed Online

Mail order marijuana (or MOM) became a thing a long time ago and plenty of users shop exclusively online. Numerous dispensaries also choose to sell their products only online because of lower costs of business, and that’s why those dispensaries are able to offer the same products for a way less money compared to ‘offline’ dispensaries.

If you don’t have an offline dispensary in your area or your working hours don’t allow you to go to ‘real’ store whenever you want to enjoy some MJ, online shopping is the best (and for some people the only) option. Also, some people don’t want to be seen in a cannabis store, so if you want to keep your habits to yourself, online shopping is a way better option. If you live in a metropolitan area, you probably won’t have any trouble finding an online dispensary with same day local delivery options.

But with so many options, how to choose the best dispensary? First things first, you need to make sure that you are buying your stuff from a legit store and that you will get quality products. A quick google search will give you answers to both of these questions. If you find a nice online dispensary and want to place your order, but you can’t find a user reviews section, go find another dispensary. Many customers like to write about their experiences (both good and bad), so you should seek reviews on social media and other web sites.

Let’s see what other factors you should consider before choosing the best online dispensary for yourself. After that, we will compare two awesome online dispensaries.

What One Should Look For When Choosing an Online Dispensary

We already mentioned reliability and quality of the products as the most important things regarding buying weed online. If you find poor product reviews or no reviews at all, you should forget about that dispensary and find a new one. When you are assured that you found a legit store, you should consider those things:

  • Prices of products
  • Assortment of the products
  • Customer service
  • Shipping fees
  • Same day delivery options
  • Loyalty programs, sales, discounts, free gifts

Cannalyft VS Buy My Weed Online: A Short Comparison

Cannalyft Buy My Weed Online
Affordable prices
Wide assortment of products x
Reliable shipping
Local same day delivery
Good customer support
Free shipping √ (orders over $125) √ (orders over $99)
Discreet package
Referral programs
Cash rewards for reviews
Multiple payment options X x

Cannalyft VS Buy My Weed Online: A Detailed Comparison

As we already mentioned, we are about to compare two superb dispensaries. It goes without saying that both dispensaries are tried and tested. Now let’s see if there are any differences between them.

1. Assortment of the products

Whenever you find a new online dispensary, the first thing you’re probably gonna look at is probably variety of the products. Only a few products per category probably won’t impress an average weed lover. But if you enjoy exploring new strains and products, you are in the right place. Both Cannalyft and BMWO offer an amazing variety of the products!

With 30 products in the “flowers” category, Buy my weed online has a slightly wider array of products compared to Cannalyft, which has 21 products in the same category at the time of writing this article. We have to stress that we saw a much wider assortment of flowers in both of these dispensaries earlier.

But things change when we look into the other products. In their “edibles” section, Buy my weed online offers 58 various products, while Cannalyft offers 144 products at the time of writing this report! 

Looking at concentrates available in both dispensaries, Cannalyft takes lead here with 89 various products, while BMWO offers 75.

All in all, Cannalyft excels in this category, but you can probably find different products on the Buy my weed online site, and you definitely should check them out!

2. Loyalty programs, referral programs and various deals

Sales, deals and freebies are amazing, don’t you agree? Why wouldn’t you save some money? We encourage you to regularly check out sales and deals at all online shops you consider good. But sometimes dispensaries offer sales on a monthly basis (or even more seldom), and since most of the weed lovers prefer diversity, you’ll probably be happy to hear that both Cannalyft and BMWO offer weekly sales, and much more than that. Besides weekly sales and discounts, Cannalyft will give you freebies with every order, while BMWO gives free gifts for orders equal to or bigger than $345.

Referral programs have also become one of the customary perks. Almost every online dispensary offers a similar system of referral points for every friend you invite, but also for writing your reviews. In the case of Buy my weed online, your friend will get a $25 welcome bonus, and you will get another $25 when they place an order equal to or greater than $175. Cannalyft has a better offer: both you and the friend you referred will get a $50 bonus for their first order.

At both dispensaries, you will accumulate points simply by buying products. In Cannalyft, every dollar you spend will get you one point, while every dollar you spend in BMWO will get you 10 points. 250 points in BMWO are worth one dollar and you can use it as a store credit. In Cannalyft, 20 points are worth one dollar in store credit. The math is obvious, here Cannalyft offers a slightly better deal.

You can accumulate your points by writing reviews on dispensary site and social media. BMWO offers 250 points for writing a review on a product you purchased, up to seven dollars for posting your review on social media and $20 for making a video review for YouTube. Something similar goes for Cannalyft, they offer 50 points for every review you write on their web site, up to seven dollars store credit for writing a review on social media, and twenty five dollars store credit for filming your review and uploading it on YouTube.

The icing on the cake are monthly giveaways. Cannalyft offers monthly giveaways with a total value of over 250 dollars, while BMWO give away a total 3.000 dollars worth of prizes on a monthly basis.

3. Local same day delivery

Local same day delivery will seal the deal for some customers. Unfortunately, Buy my weed online still doesn’t offer this service. Cannalyft is well known in the Vancouver area for their fast and reliable same day delivery service.

Shipping fees are standard. Both shops offer free shipping for larger orders – for orders above $99 in Buy my weed online, and for orders above $149. 

Cannalyft VS. Buy My Weed Online: A Final Verdict

Both shops offer premium quality products, competitive prices and great customer service. If we had to choose where we would buy our weed, we would opt for Cannalyft, mainly because of their excellent same day delivery service and somewhat wider array of the products.

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