ontario dispensary online

ontario dispensary online

With so many cannabis store locations in Ontario, you might be wondering why you would buy weed online. After all, several recreational stores allow you to order online and even offer curbside pickup. Though it may be easy to stop by a shop in Ontario, there’s a number of benefits to using an Ontario Dispensary Online.

In fact, online dispensaries like Cannalyft have been one of the most popular methods to purchase cannabis for years. But when you’re looking for an Ontario online dispensary, it can be difficult to find a quality site that you can trust. At Cannalyft, we offer a reliable and timely cannabis delivery service that patients can rely on.

Ontario and the Cannabis Industry

It’s no secret that Ontario’s cannabis community is one of the biggest in Canada. With thousands of people who consume cannabis regularly, it’s no surprise that the cannabis world is flourishing. Though each person has their personal preference, Ontario has seen hundreds of cannabis stores come and go.

Online Marijuana Dispensaries in Ontario

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We’ve already established that Ontario is no stranger to marijuana dispensaries. Online weed dispensaries provide the same level of service and quality – but online! Forget the days of having to leave the house and travel to the store. You have access to an entire world of high quality products with the touch of your finger.

Why You Should Buy Cannabis Products Online?

The number one reason to buy cannabis products with an online dispensary is convenience. Mail order marijuana makes it easy for you to browse our online store whenever is convenient for you. Plus, receive exclusive access to your favourite dried cannabis, pre rolls, edibles, concentrates and more. See our top reasons why you should purchase cannabis online in Canada.

Wide Selection

When compared to your cannabis retailer, you have a much wider selection available to you online. Whether you’re looking for Indica, Sativa dominant THC or hybrid strains, our website offers the best cannabis products available. Our weed dispensary offers a wide range of cannabis products including premium flower, concentrates, edibles, cannabis accessories, bongs, seeds and more. Explore our menu and discover new products and cannabis forms in store today!

High Quality

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Our knowledgeable cannabis experts are always on the search for the best weed to ensure every member is super happy with their online orders. Quality always comes first when you consume cannabis and our products are carefully selected using extensive quality assurance procedures. Our deep roots in BC’s cannabis industry ensure that you can trust the products we sell.

Affordable Prices

When you buy online weeds, you need affordable pricing to get the most out of your dollar. At Cannalyft, we offer some of the best prices in Canada. Additionally, we offer many deals, discounts, special offers and promotions. Getting lyfted shouldn’t always have to break the bank, we strive to bring you patient friendly prices in stores. Join the Cannalyft family and save today!

Exceptional Customer Service

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here for you every step of the way. Our shops core value is community and we are here to support you. We offer great customer service and will be happy to assist you anyway we can. If you need any assistance or have any questions regarding our mail order marijuana dispensary, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@cannalyft.com

Earn Points and Rewards

When you shop with Cannalyft, you can earn points on every order! Plus, earn rewards by writing reviews on Google and Trustpilot. 

Legalization of Recreational Cannabis in Canada

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Ever since the legalization of recreational cannabis in 2018, cannabis store locations have been opening across the country like wildfire. With a legal shop on every other block in town, access to cannabis has never been greater. As long as you are the legal age, you can shop edibles, accessories, flower and more in store.

What Products Can I Buy with an Ontario Weed Dispensary Online?

When you shop with an online weed dispensary, you can get all the same cannabis products that you would find at any regular marijuana dispensary. The only difference is you order online and have weed delivery straight to your door instead! See what kinds of products we offer on our menu below!

Premium Medical Marijuana

Visit our site for a premium selection of cannabis flower including Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains. Our flower menu is carefully curated using extensive quality assurance procedures to ensure optimal potency levels. From pre rolls, AA budget buds to AAAA craft cannabis – we have you covered.

Cannabis Edibles

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Cannabis edibles offer a smoke-free alternative for patients who want to consume cannabis without all the carcinogens. Whether you’re looking for soft chews, hard candies, chocolate, gummies, baked goods or more – you’ll be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth with Cannalyft.


When THC is extracted from cannabis, it is then referred to as a concentrate or extract. Concentrates come in a wide range of forms and offer more potent and longer lasting effects. For patients suffering from more severe symptoms, concentrates are known to provide exceptional relief.

Vape Pens

Vape pens offer a level of convenience that you just can’t get with any other product. They are discreet, easy to carry and have a light odour that is easy to conceal. When it comes to medicating on the go, there’s just nothing that can beat vapes and dab pens. At Cannalyft Online Dispensary, we offer a wide variety of vape carts and disposable dab pens by the most popular brands in Canada.

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Cannagars are luxurious cigars made completely from cannabis. These handcrafted cannagars are descendants of the infamous Thai Stick and boast a heavy smoke with burn times that can last hours. Each cannagar starts with a 4 gram core of premium craft cannabis and wrapped with 1 gram of concentrate and kief. Treat yourself and shop with Cannalyft today!


For patients who want to reap the benefits of medical marijuana without its psychoactive effect – CBD is the perfect choice. CBD is one of over a hundred cannabinoids in cannabis but is by far one of the most well known. It offers a multitude of therapeutic benefits without the euphoria commonly associated to cannabis and THC.

Magic Mushrooms

With so much medical research revolving psilocybin products, it’s no surprise that Magic Mushrooms are the latest trend. Psilocybin offers several medical benefits such as treating depression and anxiety. 

Cannalyft – Ontario’s Best Weed Dispensary Online for Premium Cannabis Products

Born in the heart of British Columbia province, we pride ourselves on providing easy access to quality cannabis across the country. Our cannabis experts are seasoned members of the cannabis community and are committed to bringing you excellence in every order.

We offer a discreet, easy to use, fast and reliable weed delivery service – serving patients needs from coast to coast. With our wide selection, premium products, fast weed delivery and exceptional customer service, it is easy to see why we are among the best online dispensaries in Canada.

Where Do You Deliver To?

No matter where you are in Canada, you can have premium cannabis delivered straight to your door. It has never been easier to buy marijuana online. Our mail order marijuana service offers Xpress shipping via Canada Post and you will receive a tracking number as soon as your order is shipped. See where we ship to below! 

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut
  • Yukon

What Do You Need To Buy Weed Online?

If it’s your first order with us, don’t worry! Our order process is simple. As long as you are a Canadian resident and above the age of 19 years of age with valid ID – you can buy cannabis online. Join today and see why we are among the best places and best ways to shop cannabis. 

What To Do After You Get Your Weed Online

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After you buy cannabis online, you might be wondering what you should do after you consume. Ontario offers many interesting things to do after you get your weed online. Niagara Falls provides an incredible experience for anyone who loves nature.

Alternatively, a sports fan might consider heading to Rogers Center after eating some food. There are many exceptional restaurants in Ontario depending on the area you are in. Regardless of what you decide, Ontario is filled with tons of activities to keep you busy when you’re stoned.

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