Definitive Guide to Cleaning a Grinder

Weed consumption is becoming quite a thing, if not a hobby. Cannabis enthusiasts prefer stickier weed because that stickiness is often related to more potent strains. Although weed lovers are used to crumbling the buds with their fingers, the process alone can get frustrating since breaking gluier flowers takes a lot of time and energy. Fortunately, the cannabis community provides various tools and means to save time and ease marijuana consumption, including grinders.

A grinder is an object used for grinding (breaking up) buds and dissolving them in a powdery form, making it easier to use or roll. It contains sections ranging from two(the most straightforward version), three (including a different segment for gathering keef), to even four. Like everything, grinders are made of other materials, so accordingly, you can find acrylic, wooden, and metal grinders.

The general public prefers metal ones before any other material because it is most comfortable with this kind. However, every person is different, and feel free to choose a grinder made of any material you prefer.

It is essential to state that every tool needs maintenance, primarily if you use it frequently. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to clean your grinder every day, but if it keeps getting stuck and some time has passed from the last cleaning session, consider giving it a go. Besides mere functionality, there are a couple of reasons you should clean your grinder, including mould and dust, which can get stuck inside your favourite tool.

Although some will argue that a bit of dust can’t cause any problems, researchers say these particles can induce asthma and damage your lungs, so think of this the next time you want to skip your regular cleaning session.

When talking about frequency regarding cleaning your grinder, try to service it every couple of months.

Since there are a few types of grinders, you will find a couple of cleaning methods depending on the following text material.

1. Metal Grinders

The general stoner community seems to prefer metal grinders, a reason why we will start with the most effective ways of cleaning metal ones first.

There are two popular ways of cleaning where the first one is faster, and the second is more thorough.

How to Clean Your Grinder Both Fast and Effective

Depending on the number of compartments your grinder has, the first step is dissembling it to separate parts. Then, don’t forget to collect the kief and put it away.

Now, put your grinder in a plastic bag or a simple glass jar and then fill it up with isopropyl alcohol. Try to leave it in for at least a half-hour or even an hour with your custom container’s occasional stir.

Then grab your old toothbrush, preferably with sharp bristles, and start cleaning and rubbing as hard as you can. Don’t forget the lids and try to reach every section individually.

When you’re done rubbing, wash it up with hot water while making sure you rinse the alcohol and any leftovers as thoroughly as you can. Now, grab a towel and dry it off until your grinder is ready for use again.

How to Thoroughly Clean Your Grinder

Daily smokers and major cannabis enthusiasts may need a different cleaning way since their grinders are far stickier than average recreational weed lovers grinder.

The beginning is the same regarding dissembling it and taking out the herbs’ leftovers since this kief is very potent. The next step is putting the grinder in the freezer and freezing it for at least 40 minutes, mainly because that sticky leftovers start to form in little lumps and separate from the metal. After taking the grinder out, grab a toothpick and a soft brush and try manually removing marijuana leftovers- don’t forget to collect everything that comes out since these leftovers are very potent and rich in THC. 

The rest of the process is the same, placing the grinder in the glass jar and filling it up with isopropyl alcohol, then washing it up and drying it. Again, reviewers prioritize the second way when it comes to deep cleaning. 

2. Acrylic and Plastic Grinders

The first option for cleaning an acrylic or a plastic grinder revolves around warm water, soap, and a brush. First, soap it up and clean it by hand using any brush you find in your household.

If you want to invest more time cleaning this specific type of grinder, we recommend following the next steps. Once again, separate your grinder’s compartments and then place them in hot boiling water for two minutes. Please leave it to cool off for about 10 minutes; use a small brush to clean any leftovers off and dry them up.

3. Wooden grinders

Grinders made of wood need different treatment because the wood itself would absorb any substance you might think of using to clean, so avoid chemicals. Also, don’t use sharp objects since they can leave permanent damage or a hole in which kief can hide and gather in the future. Try to use a soft brush; for instance, a simple paintbrush will do. When it comes to wooden grinders, they require cleaning more often to function correctly. Brush it up now and then, and don’t forget to avoid various cleaning substances. Besides brushing, rubbing some wood oils will help keep your grinder clean and onset.

Heads up

Substances like bleach kill all germs, and some might want to use them but underline that this can be extremely dangerous since these substances are very irritating and possibly cancerogenic.

Avoid sharp objects, primarily acrylic and wooden grinders, since they can cause permanent damage and shorten their use. 

Don’t forget to collect all lumps and weed leftover you find while cleaning; it might surprise you how potent these powder and cannabis pieces can be.

Remove the kief if you have a kief collecting segment before applying any of the mentioned cleaning methods.

First Use Cleaning

For those who just purchased a new grinder, stoners recommend a bit of cleaning before you start using it. First, wipe your grinder off with some isopropyl alcohol, and then clean the area with clean wipes just in case some dirt or dust gets stuck there. This may sound too cautious, but still, there is nothing wrong with caring about your smoking tools and what you ingest in your lungs.

Weed lovers, when choosing a grinder, consider that different materials require different cleaning methods. If you are a frequent user and enjoy smoking weed daily, it would probably be best to buy a metal kind since they can last for ages.

Some will probably ask if cleaning your herb tool is necessary, and the answer is definitely yes. 

As we’ve mentioned before, wooden grinders require regular cleaning, while you can clean plastic and acrylic material once in a while.

Dear weed lovers, now when you successfully cleaned your grinder, rolling it up should be relatively smooth and easy. Enjoy.

Let us know what you think about our favourite cleaning methods, and please inform us of any alternative ways, tips, or techniques regarding the subject.

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