Full Guide on Making a Bong Out of Household Items

Last Updated on September 27, 2021

We all have those forgetful moments in our lives when we have, for example, started preparing an excellent meal for our loved ones in the middle of the day. Everybody in the house is working and depending on you to make lunch.

So you do just that. You have all the ingredients, all the cutlery, pots… Everything is ready, or so you thought. The water in the pot is boiling, so you add the rice. You had found a great recipe for chicken mustard that everyone in the family adores, so naturally, you wanted to make it again.

The meat is in the frying pan, oiled up, and added condiments. It has already been on the pan for 20 minutes, so now it’s time to make and add the mustard sauce. However, there is no mustard in the house.

Kids are at school, your partner is on a zoom call, and you are in the middle of preparing lunch for which you do not have all the necessary items—a very stressful situation for which there is no satisfying resolution.

A similar situation can occur – you are about to fire it up, but there are no papers, pipes or bongs in sight. However, this tricky situation can get resolved in a manner you would like. Firing up, even without proper equipment, is possible.

Making a Bong Out of Household Items

You needn’t worry as we got you covered! There is no reason to be sad if you want to fire it up but don’t have the equipment because that is seldom true. Just by looking around the house, you can find a wide assortment of possibilities for a crafty homemade device – MacGyver style.

And we, as the true Macgyver fans, have prepared you a detailed guide on how to make a bong out of household items so you wouldn’t ever miss an opportunity to fire it up due to the lack of necessary equipment.

As we said, you needn’t worry about a thing because we won’t be covering just one way to make a bong. We will be covering multiple ways to make a bong out of household items:

  1. Water Bottle Bong
  2. Apple Bong
  3. Carrot Bong
  4. Gravity Bong
  5. Pringles Can Bong

#1 Water Bottle Bong

Firstly, we wanted to cover the most popular one. The most widely spread for a straightforward reason is that everybody has a plastic bottle at home. Apart from the availability, the ease of use is also a vast criterion in our top 5 picks.

What You Will Need to Make a Water Bottle Bong:

  • A pen with a metal tip
  • An empty water bottle
  • A lighter
  • Ground cannabis
  • Gum

How to Make a Water Bottle Bong?

It’s pretty straightforward; we will show you.

How to Make a Water Bottle Bong Step #1 

Take the pen with a metal tip and unscrew the top. Use a butter knife for popping out the little bottom piece. Remove all the minor parts (like the ink tube and spring) so that only the pen’s shaft and the metal screw-on top are left. Turn the metal screw-on top upside-down and shove the pointed end into the pen’s shaft so that it stays firmly in the shaft.

How to Make a Water Bottle Bong Step #2 

Empty your bottle and remove the cap. Next, create a small hole in the bottom third of the water bottle with a lighter. You need to be quite effective for this part as the goal is to mend together the metal pen within the hole you just made with the more lightweight.

Once you see a small hole open up in the bottle’s plastic, quickly shove the bottom of the pen-pipe through the hole. And if you have done everything correctly, the hole should mould around the pen and stick to it.

How to Make a Water Bottle Bong Step #3 

No matter how talented you are at lighting holes in water bottles, chances are your shaft is not air-tight in your water bottle, hence the gum. To create a seal around the hole, you need to wrap the gum around the pen shaft right where it connects to the water bottle.

How to Make a Water Bottle Bong Step #4

Start filling up your water bottle, but be careful not to go above the line where the pen is. The pen must be underwater, but you should throw out any excess water (above the pen).

If you leave the water above the pen line, the water might weaken the integrity of the gum, and the whole thing may come off.

How to Make a Water Bottle Bong Step #5

A fully functioning water bong is at your disposal; use it wisely! Now that it is completed, you can fire it up and enjoy yourselves. 

#2 Apple Bong

Now that we got the go-to option covered completely, we can move on to the possibilities that are more of an acquired taste. For example, the water bottle is not complicated to make, and you can do it in no time, but that doesn’t make the water bottle bong the go-to option.

The apple bong is as easy to make, but the critical reason why the water bottle bong is so popular is that it first comes to our minds. You instantly start looking for a plastic bottle when you think of making a bong out of household items.

What You Will Need to Make an Apple Bong:

  • A fresh apple
  • A metal pen or any other form of the stick through which you can inhale
  • A knife to carve out the apple

#3 Carrot Bong

“Carrot Bong, you say?”

We were as surprised as you are the first time we heard of this bong, but it actually works quite well, and vegans love it as well! The most usual vegetable in any household is a carrot!

You need to worry about just one thing when using a carrot for a bong – don’t cut through the carrot as you will make the carrot unusable. Instead, make a small bowl at the top of the carrot on the other side of the mouthpiece that connects to the chamber you dug.

What You Will Need to Make a Carrot Bong:

  • A fresh carrot
  • A knife to cut the carrot
  • A mouthpiece to inhale the cannabis better

#4 Gravity Bong

We know this one sounds weird, but it is intuitive to make it easier with experience.

Grab an empty soda or water bottle and another larger bottle. Cut off the bottom of the smaller bottle and the top of the larger bottle and place them inside each other. Fill the larger bottle with water. Wrap a piece of foil over the top lid of the smaller bottle. Press it down a little so that you can now use it as your bowl. Poke a few small holes in it with a pin or paperclip. Light the bowl of the smaller bottle. Now pull the bowl off and inhale the smoke.

What You Will Need to Make a Gravity Bong:

  • One small bottle
  • One big bottle
  • Knife or scissors to cut the bottles
  • A piece of aluminum

#5 Pringles Can Bong

It is not when you ask yourselves how to make a bong out of household items that you think of the pringles can it is when you see a Pringles can that you ask yourselves: “Can I make a bong out of this?” Well, at least we did.

But the misconception has finally been broken down as we bring you the 5th resolution in our guide on making a bong out of household items.

This one is not as easy to make as the others, but we always had our eye on the Pringles can bong, so our criterion was a little emotional for the last pick.

Cut a small hole in the can for your removable bowl and tape it down. Don’t forget to clean the can; otherwise, you’ll get small potato chip residue with your smoke or bigger pieces that can hurt you. Use a knife or ice pick to punch a hole on one side of the top of the can about three inches. Make a second hole.

What You Will Need to Make a Pringles Can Bong:

  • Pringles can
  • Knife
  • Tape
  • Mouthpiece


That would be all for our guide on making a bong out of household items. We tried to make a point that you can always find the necessary paraphernalia around the house to make a bong, and we hope that now you can do it all on your own.

Our top 5 picks for the best household bong should help you to at least get on your own feet in this field so you can start coming up with your ingenious ideas.



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