Get Creative: Household Items to Make a Bong Out of  

Last Updated on September 15, 2021

There is nothing worse than being excited and ready to smoke after a long day. You get yourself comfortable, invite some friends over, and just when you are prepared to get your weed – you realize you don’t have a bong! Even the most passionate smokers sometimes forget to prepare the bong every single time. But don’t worry, you are at the right place. We will make you realize that everything you need to make a bong out of by yourself, you already have it in your home for sure. So, there’s no need to panic. You just have to get a bit creative. Smokers are usually known for their creativity, but if you lack some – just keep reading. To make you even keener on reading, we’ll tell you that some of our homemade bongs are even edible! Yep, you’ve read that right.   

Now when we’re sure you are as excited as we are, let’s shift to the right part. We present you with a small guide on how to get creative and find household items to make a bong out of. You know how they say – desperate times call for desperate measures.  

So, let’s see some of the best options available right now in your home! 

An apple makes a perfect bong? Really?  

At the very beginning of this article, it’s important to know there are two main options when it comes to making your own smoking device. So, these two main types of items to make the bong out of are food and everyday household items. Now, let us start with those more delicious ones.  

You know the famous saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? In our case, an apple a day makes a perfect bong right there! One of the quickest ways to make a bong is out of an apple. This fresh apple pipe creation is easily made in five steps. And above that, it tastes delicious! Just take a larger apple, stick a hole at the side of it, wide enough to put your mouthpiece there. You can even use a pen or any other lookalike object. Keep in mind that you don’t need to hole the whole apple all the way to the opposite side of it – stop at the middle. Take the same pencil and poke a hole that is parallel to the first hole you made on the side of the apple. Do not push this hole through the apple all the way, either. These two holes in the center of the apple should cross. This hole is going to serve as the mouthpiece.  

We recommend always blasting through the holes to ensure that they are connected and that the route up is blocked by any leftover apple pieces. Create a third hole that connects both routes on another side of the apple. This hole will behave like a better position to make sure your finger can enter it in the right place while you strike it. The only thing left is to carve out the top of the bowl. Now, you will enjoy your weed with the fresh taste of apple! 

A touch of Halloween spirit – the pumpkin bong  

The pumpkins may not be the groceries you can find every day in your household. But, if you find yourself out of smoking equipment just around Halloween – be our guest! The size and shape differences make each of the pumpkins unique smoking bongs. With those, you get the chance to make a smoking kit in them that is relative to their size. Therefore, if you choose a larger pumpkin Jack-o’-lantern style, you can include your friends in your smoking experience. If not, just pack some extra amounts of herbs in your homemade pumpkin bong. Due to its different shapes and sizes, pumpkins will make the perfect smoking device, and let us show you how exactly.   

Pick a pumpkin of the wanted size and get it hollow. It doesn’t need to be cleared precisely as we make it for pumpkin carving. On the other hand, you should remove the skin from the walls where the mouthpiece and the bowl will go. The second step would be to measure and cut a small hole on one side of the pumpkin. This hole should be wide enough so that the metal nut can be attached and used as a bowl piece. You can also simply sculpt a bowl similar to an apple container if you don’t have a metal nut, as we have mentioned before.   

Now, take a straw or other circular, strong material and stab it into the pumpkin. This hole should be on the opposite side of the bowl. This is the mouthpiece of yours. Sockets often work well, as long as they have a large enough top part to fill with herbs and a thin enough bottom to serve as a screen so that too much herb doesn’t fall through when smoking. If possible, make a rush hole. If you prefer, add water. Lastly, we suggest that you try it without water. But, it is your own homemade pumpkin bong, smoke as you like, and enjoy! 

Soda can bong is a great option 

Another piece on the everyday groceries list that can be used as a smoking bong is a soda can. It’s not edible like the previous two examples, but it will do just fine. Another time when you think of throwing the soda can away, think twice! You never know when it can be used as a household smoking device!  

So, you will need an empty and dry soda can and some poky object for this creative yet straightforward bong. It can be your keys, knife, pen, or anything you think will do the job. Firstly, poke a gap in the side of the can to the bottom of the hole. Make sure this hole isn’t spiky around the edges so you can make sure you don’t cut it yourself later while smoking. We don’t want to use the weed to take away the pain of bleeding. Secondly, press down the can wrap around the hole to make a bowl pack for your weed. Create a similar opening on the side of the can that’s going to serve as a mouthpiece. Again, be aware of the sharp edges. 

The next step refers to filling up your bong and star with enjoyment. The soda can is definitely the easiest way to make the household smoking device, and it is ready to use in a few minutes! 

Metal pointed pan – a smoking bong in a second  

If you thought that soda can be the quickest or easiest household object to make a bong out of, you were wrong! We present to you its majesty: the metal pointed pan. We enhance the importance of metal points because if you choose a plastic one, it would definitely not be safe for smoking! The plastic will quickly melt because of the heat, and you can get injured! We’ll talk about some safety measurements later, but know we need to focus on how to turn the pen into the smoking device.  

This homemade one-hitter device is almost a bong, but the mission is undoubtedly done.  This is one of our favorite tips on how to make homemade smoking gadgets, and we’re sure that just about everyone will have a spare metal pen lying around the home! First things first – take your metal pointed pen entirely apart, so you’re left with only a tube and a sharp piece of metal at the bottom of the pen. Place the peaked piece of metal back in the pen, but in the opposite direction, so that it points at the top, creating a circular bowl shape. Now there is not much left to do. You will just need to fill the metal piece with your pot and start smoking while using the pen’s bottom as a mouthpiece. 

Good old toilet paper roll can do smoking wonders  

This is the item that you indeed always have on the reach of a hand. It’s the toilet paper! To be precise, not the toilet paper – the cardboard roll in the middle is what you will need. Above that, you will need a piece of aluminum foil, and that about it! Just these two objects will make a perfect and useful household bong. So, let us introduce you to the process of making it.  

To begin, you will need to create an aluminum foil container. Make it smooth along the edges so that the roll’s cardboard can’t be burned by fire before consuming it. After that, leave a hole large enough on the cardboard roll side. The gap should accommodate your aluminum foil-shaped bowl case. Be sure to keep it smaller than what you want, so you can still enlarge it if necessary. It’s easy to mold the aluminum foil to the hole as intended, so there is no room for fear of any mistakes. Generally speaking, you would like to make this opening more up to the top or bottom of the cardboard toilet paper roll and not in the center. That will channel the most of smoking to start building up while you use this homemade bong, so this is a useful tip to remember. 

To start smoking from the roll bong, place the aluminum foil tray in a roll of carton. After that, place the mouth over one end of the tube and the hand over the other opening. Make sure your mouth is on the farthest edge from the aluminum foil and your hand palaces on the other end.  While using this crafty device, it’s essential to create the rhythm of lighting it up and inhaling the smoke. We recommend you inhale while lighting the bowl to fill the steamroller with smoke. Then take your mouth off and take a deep breath real quickly while the roll is filling up. 

Make the famous waterfall bong by yourself  

If you are a passionate weed consumer, you must have heard about the well-known waterfall bong. It’s undoubtedly one of the most exciting ways of smoking. Therefore, we are bringing out the big guns for the end. Just by following our simple step-by-step explanation, you can be one of the coolest crafty smoking devices and show yourself around your friends. So, here it is.  

This homemade bong is super cool because you will need just three objects and the weed’s smallest amount possible. Despite it, this bong crates the wildest hit, so we ensure you’ll be thrilled. You will need a water bottle, a small shot glass, and some water. Start this project by burning the middle of the bottle cap so that the shot glass can be put into it. Second, a pencil or other sharp object should be useful to crack it. Make sure to keep the opening wide enough to tighten the nut against the cap of your plastic bottle. Then melt a tiny hole of the pencil’s size just an inch above the bottom of the bottle. Now you put the favorite herb in a nut.  

Now you need to concentrate – put your finger tight over the hole you made and keep it there while filling the bottle with water. When you’re done, just put the cap back on. The most crucial step of the making process is to light the weed from the lid and release your finger simultaneously from the blocked gap. Therefore, the water will leak out, and you’ll see how the pot won’t burn until the water is removed. This process is essential because it creates a strong smoke vacuum, which makes the smoking last much longer. It’s smart to leave a small amount of water at the bottom until the weed starts burning. When you’re ready to inhale, you just take off the bottle lid, and voila! 

Necessary safety precautions you should always consider 

Now that we’ve revealed to you the cheapest, quickest, and easiest ways to use household items to make a bong out of, it’s a perfect time for some safety warnings.  

The first and potentially dangerous is using plastic to make smoking devices at home. You should never even consider that! Plastic melts at higher temperatures, and it can provoke severe skin damage if it drips off on your hands or wherever. Another threatening fact about heated plastic is its evaporation – it can be very toxic when you inhale it. Don’t be confused about our mentions of plastic in the article. Plastic can only be used to contain smoke, not ever to heat, put the weed there and light it in plastic, or anything similar. Always use metal for the part that will be at a high temperature.  

Secondly, make sure you use adequate food. If you chose the apple or pumpkin as we mentioned in our guide, keep in mind they have to be in good condition. It means they can’t be rotten or bumped or holed. So, always use food that is solid, fresh, and ripe. Otherwise, the construction will fall apart. In the end, always use solid and strong metals in your smoking gadgets. The flexible and thin metal materials can melt, and you will also run the risk of everything falling apart.  

Now, you just have to dig in your everyday household items and use the best of them. By creating the bong out of any of the objects we mentioned, you’ll be the crafty and creative one among your friends. Always keep in mind that caution has to come first. Smoke safely! 


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