Here’s How to Get More Kief From Your Weed

Here’s How to Get More Kief From Your Weed

We can all agree that cannabis is a hell of a plant, and smoking weed seems to present an ongoing trend; hence no wonder it has been around for thousands of years. Cannabis enthusiasts today are pretty lucky as there are a lot of strains and weed-infused products on the market.

However, besides actual buds of weed, stoners are prone to consuming both hash (a wax form of cannabis) and kief.

What is Kief?

Kief presents a concentrated form of cannabis, which is, in fact, trichomes dust full of our favourite cannabinoids-THC and CBD. Since trichomes are full of thick and sticky molecules that produce the desired psychoactive trip, you’d want to collect as much as you can from your grinder. Kief powder is exceptionally potent, but these small particles are very sticky and tend to get stuck all over the grinder.

How to Collect Kief?


How to Get More Kief From Your Weed

Regular stoners usually own a grinder, which after some time, withholds a lot of kief powder. Four-piece grinders contain a chamber designed especially for collecting powder. This segment is placed at the bottom of the grinding tool, known as the kief catcher.

Now, regular smokers should clean their grinders once or twice a month since raisins and weed particles get stuck in every compartment. Use a non-abrasive tool to scrape weed off all places you can reach inside and avoid buying acrylic grinders.


If you haven’t heard, putting a coin in your grinder’s middle chamber and shaking it up a couple of times will knock the flower’s raisins and trichomes and push the powder towards the kief catcher chamber. Just make sure you wash the coin before putting it in because of dirt and numerous microbes, bacteria, or any contamination at all.

3.Freezing process

freezing process to Get More Kief From Your Weed

Next, after putting the coin and shaking it a couple of times, reassemble your grinder and put it in the freezer for the night. Freezing is the most effective method because those trichomes we mentioned earlier get brittle at low temperatures making it easier for you to separate them from the grinder. The next day, after leaving your grinder in the freezer overnight, the temperature should be ideal for removing kief powder. Now, shake it like crazy and try to make that coin bounce as much as you can to hit those sticky walls full of kief.

Now, when you are done shaking, open the grinder and get the coin out. Next, open the bottom collecting segment: there should be a little mountain of kief if you did it right. You should at least get enough to powder a joint.


Clean the coin before usage in any case.

Users report a dime or a penny will do the trick best.

You should really do your best when it comes to shaking since those raisins and trichomes are very sticky and can get stuck in lots of places.

Let us know what you think and share your experiences in the comment section.

How to Get More Kief From Your Weed

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