Here’s How to Keep Your Weed Fresh

Last Updated on November 9, 2022

Cannabis enthusiasts present a thriving community, and it just keeps growing. But, unfortunately, a couple of decades ago, the prohibition of marijuana made finding quality weed a big challenge for stoners. 

Since it was illegal, only getting a bud was considered a success. Now, things are getting a better end; hence a significant number of countries started to legalize our favourite herb. 

Accordingly, various strains are continually developing, meaning that you can choose your choice’s potency and desired effects.

Infrequent smokers rarely consume weed than regular or daily smokers, meaning there is no need to store significant amounts and complicated methods. However, most of the smoking community knows that keeping your weed fresh can present quite a challenge.


Why is Storing Your Weed Right Important?

First, we must state that weed is not food meaning it needs special conditions to be stored properly. Therefore, try to explore all available options in the following text instead of treating cannabis like groceries.

Weed lovers should know that storing your herb right is essential for your health and the bud’s quality. Why?


One of the first reasons for keeping your weed fresh is that THC’s percentage starts to deteriorate over time. If you expose your bud to oxygen, light, or heat cannabinoid levels (including THC), start lowering. Still, this process won’t happen overnight but after a couple of weeks. To be clear, you will always get high, just not in the proper way.

Flavour and Smell

Over time terpenes will start drying out, resulting in a harsher taste. A mild flavour and smell as THC levels are significantly lowering if you expose weed to bright light and elevated moisture. Besides THC, you will even miss out on the CBD component’s full potential (since it’s also a cannabinoid).

Factors to Effect Freshness

We will try to precisely explain what causes these unwanted changes in the following text:


Marijuana and humidity are in a significant correlation, meaning you will need to maintain a certain balance. Try to expel any undesired moisture from your preferred storing system because mould infestations happen all the time, especially if you create an unsterile environment.


As mentioned before, temperature levels can significantly affect and influence the degradation of our favourite components. In general, we highly recommend keeping the temperature around 25

If the temperature reaches 25.5-30 C, mould may start to appear.

Light and Luminosity

To keep it simple, we’ll state that heavy and persistent UV light will badly influence those terpenes we mentioned earlier.


Since the weed community is continually growing, so is the market of various containers made out of a vast number of materials. Accordingly, avoid any acrylic or plastic materials.

How to Keep Your Weed Fesh?

  1. Glass Jars

Airtight glass jars with a solid lid are one of the most common and cheapest options out there. 

However, that glass won’t keep the light away, meaning you should store the glass jar in a dark environment. The main reason glass jars are first on this list is that this type of container protects marijuana from moisture and air alongside being cheap and effective. Just remember that weed doesn’t thrive in tight conditions, so don’t fill the jar up and thoroughly wash before using it.

If you come across a jar with a rubber seal, this would be an ideal option since microbes and dirt have no chances of getting in there.

2. Medicine bottles

We already stated that you should avoid plastic and acrylic bottles. However, there is an option related to this kind of material. We are sure some of you have at least a couple of medicine bottles at home. If you own one, consider using it for storing your buds. Why? Those medicine bottles are designed to keep the content dry and safe from any microbes. 

Next time you buy medicine, leave the bottle if you need to store marijuana since they are convenient and secure.

Tip: Put an accent on extra cleaning and sanitizing this type of container before storing.

3. Have You Heard of Freezing Your Weed?

Opinions are split on this one. Some claim that freezing your weed is a big no-no, and you shouldn’t treat the herb like food since we frequently open the freezer, which will let all those unwanted microbes in.

However, using freezer bags for storing is quite a reliable option as long as you wrap it up in foil or use a glass jar. Users state that this is the best long-term storing method.

4. Vacuum Sealing

A lot of cannabis enthusiasts state that sealed vacuuming is the best option for storing weed. Instead, try to use bisphenol-free plastic, which will keep your herb fresh and healthy for a long, long time, avoiding both contamination and humidity. However, use only specific types of plastic since individual components ruin terpenes.

5. Humidity Control

Boveda Packs or Humidipacks can utilize airtight by placing them in a sealed container to regulate humidity levels. There are numerous versions and an extensive choice of these bags on the market, meaning you can probably find cheaper versions specially designed to fight humidity.

6. Dark is Needed

All of these methods are useless if you don’t choose a dark area for your weed storage. As mentioned earlier, light and heat will deteriorate all present cannabinoids.

7. Titanium Boxes and Containers

Since the primary goal is to avoid oxygen, consider getting a titanium container. The price is considerable, and this type of storage space is worth it.  No microbes, mould and elevated humidity while preserving the flavour.

8. Weed Humidors

Cannabis humidors present quite an investment, but these specially crafted boxes offer a secure, new, and sanitized space designed for storing weed. They are airtight and maintain humidity levels.

9. Different Strains

Those of you who enjoy multiple strains should store them separately; hence mixing them up is not a good idea as every strain is different and has distinctive characteristics. 

Besides, keeping them together can ruin your whole stash because of their confronted properties resulting in mould, humidity, and microbe development.

10.No additives

We’ve all heard that adding an orange or lemon will keep your weed fresh. However, don’t mess with your grass since these materials can cause elevated moisture and create mould.

Although many tips on the internet for storing weed include various additives and uncertified ideas, try to avoid them since most will only destroy your stash.


We created this guide to help cannabis enthusiasts store their stash right. Your weed will stay fresh and safe for an extended period as long as you comprehend our simple directions and tips.

Choose the correct method by following your preferences. Just be sure to explore every option to decide which would work best for your weed. The only universal thing on any good weed storing is to avoid mould, humidity, high temperatures, microbes, and dirt alongside light and wet conditions.

For those who enjoy a small amount of weed and don’t need to stash vast masses, getting a glass jar or using medicine bottles might be the proper method.

Cannabis enthusiasts who accumulate more massive amounts should try Vacuum bags, Boveda packs, or Titanium containers as long as you buy your box from a certified company. 

Watch out and thoroughly explore the market because many untrusted companies offer simple storing packages.

State your opinion, let us know what you think and which option you prefer in the comment section.


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