Here’s How To Purge Wax With Ease

Buying cannabis extract from the store is quite easy. You just go in, hand the cashier your money and you are good to go. But, have you ever wondered how the process of creating cannabis concentrates looks and what is the effort behind it? Sure, professional manufacturers have all the equipment needed for it, and for them, it might not be that hard. But, if you would want to create a cannabis extract from the comfort of your own home, how hard can it be?

In this article, we’ll see how to do one of the most important steps when it comes to cannabis extract creation – purging. It might sound like you need super high-tech equipment for it, but we’ll see how it can be done using kitchen utensils and one small vacuum pump which you can buy in the local DIY store. 

Why Is It Important To Purge?


If you want to create a cannabis extract that doesn’t have any negative substances, residues, and other stuff that can harm the user, purging is a necessity. In fact, many cannabis manufacturers say that purging is the main step of creating a good quality extract that will be safe to use and offer high terpene levels. 

Essentially, thanks to purging, you are able to remove any residual solvents (butane in most cases) from the marijuana concentrate. The end result that goes through the purging process is solvent-free cannabis that is safe to use and has all the benefits marijuana offers. 

Of course, if you buy your cannabis from the street dealer, you can’t really be sure if it has undergone a purging process. If that is the case, the concentrate might still contain some of the butane which, obviously, can be bad for you as a user. This is why it’s always important to know from who you are buying your cannabis and if you can, to always pick a reputable professional source such as Cannalyft, one of the biggest online weed dispensaries in Canada. But, let’s say you want to try purging yourself – how can you do it?

First, you need a vacuum which you will use to heat up the product. It would be ideal if you can get your hands on a vacuum oven, but they are costly and in most cases, you won’t just have one sitting around in your kitchen. Since you can’t use a vacuum oven, the next best thing is to use the water method together with a vacuum pump. In the case of this method, the BHO (butane hash oil) is being extracted directly into a dish that you have previously placed, which contains hot water. The hot water then purges (hence why this process is called purging) and the butane evaporates from the BHO. A vacuum pump which we mentioned before is used only after, to finish the purging process. 

Purge With Ease

The purging process, although complicated on paper, can be quite easy to do if you know the step-by-step process. Sure, if you own fancy equipment, it can be done pretty fast and the product will be extremely pure. But, even if you don’t own equipment such as a vacuum oven, you don’t have to worry. Purging can be done even then, without any issues if you just follow the steps mentioned in this article. Now, get on with purging!

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