Hotboxing a Car: Understanding the Concept and Safety Precautions

Hotboxing a Car

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

If you are an avid weed lover, you’ve probably stumbled upon the term “hotboxing”, and maybe even participated in such an act.

Hotboxing a car is a common way to get high and typically involves a group of people. It is very popular among weed enthusiasts and is best enjoyed in a comfortable space with good friends, even better weed and some music.

What is Hotboxing?

Hotboxing is smoking a lot of weed in a small, unventilated space – typically in a car, but it can be done in a small room, tent, elevator or any other space that can be sealed from the airflow. The whole point is to entrap the smoke in the room and inhale it – thus, you will get even higher.

Does Hotboxing Get you higher?

Hotboxing can potentially increase the effects of marijuana as the smoke is trapped in a confined space, allowing for higher concentrations to be inhaled. However, the actual increase in effects will vary based on factors such as the potency of the marijuana, the amount inhaled, and the individual’s tolerance

Additionally, hotboxing in a confined space can also pose risks to one’s health, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, so it’s important to take safety precautions and ensure proper ventilation.

Can You Hotbox a Car?

Yes, you can hotbox a car. Cars are usually the first choice for hotboxing amongst weed users. They are completely sealed and at the same time comfortable enough and offer almost complete privacy – you just have to find a secluded place. And you will need to keep the smoke inside, so everything you have to do is roll up your windows.

How to Hotbox a Car The Proper Way?

As a matter of fact, hotboxing a car is the most popular way of hotboxing. The sooner you learn how to practice it, the better. All you have to do is:

Invite Friends

The point of hotboxing is to get high and have a great time with your friends. Also, it isn’t easy to fill up your car with a cloud of smoke all alone.

Pick a Spot

Even if consuming weed in your state is legal, you will probably want to do your thing in some secluded place. Your garage would be a great spot if you’re sure your family won’t disturb you or they don’t mind you consuming weed with friends in a car. Other good spots would be empty parking lots or even woods near your home.

Whatever you do, pick a location near your home. You definitely shouldn’t drive while high, so you should hotbox within a walkable distance from your house or apartment. Since you will probably get home on foot, you should find a place where you can leave your car overnight.

The other major thing regarding hotboxing is privacy. Choose a spot where the smell of weed and noise won’t attract any attention, and don’t leave anything behind.

Bring Your Finest Weed

For the best hotboxing experience, you will need a couple of joints and/or blunts – smoking those is the best way to fill the car with smoke very quickly. Vape pens won’t do the trick! Also, keep in mind that one or two joints and/or blunts won’t be enough to fill an average car with smoke. You can ask your friends to bring various strains of weed so everyone can try a different strain.

Snacks, Water & Everything Munchies

Since you probably will not want to leave the car in the middle of a hotboxing session, even if you are in your driveway or in your garage, it’s a good idea to bring a couple of bottles of water and your favourite snacks.

Hotbox It!

It’s showtime! You found a good spot, you made a playlist for this occasion, got your friends and food, and, of course, weed; now it’s time to get high. Since sitting in the driver’s seat and smoking can get you in legal trouble (technically speaking, you are in control of the car, even if it isn’t running), it’s best to move to the other seat.

Close the doors and windows as tight as possible. Turn up your favourite music, then light up your joints and/or blunts and start smoking. In a couple of minutes, smoke will fill up the car. Don’t open your windows yet – try to inhale as much smoke as you can.

If you have extra space in the car, you can get a small candle. Candles need oxygen to burn, and many people use them while hotboxing to prevent high CO2 levels in the smoking space and hypercapnia (more on this topic later). Light up the candle and, if it goes out, open the windows to get some fresh air. Just be extremely careful since someone can get burned, or you can unintentionally burn the fabric.

How to Get Weed Smell Out of The Car After Hotboxing?

First of all, if the smell is a concern, don’t hotbox in the car. Hotboxing isn’t a very discreet way of consuming marijuana because it leaves a distinct smell in your clothes and car.

The first step is driving as soon as you get sober. Just roll down the windows and take a short drive. Just don’t speed, because you can get in real trouble if you get pulled out, and your car smells like weed, even if you smoked an hour ago.

Using air fresheners and odour-eliminating products will also remove the smell.

Don’t forget to clear out the vents – run them on high for a minute or two.

Some people keep an open box of baking soda in a car since it absorbs smells. Just put it in a place where it won’t spill.

Be Cautious & Enjoy Your Hotboxing Session!

No matter how much you love your weed, you ought to consume it responsibly. Always park your car near your place and don’t drive while high, or ask someone who doesn’t participate in hotboxing to be your designated driver. Also, never hotbox in a moving car!

The legality of hotboxing is a grey area even in the states where the recreational use of marijuana is legal, so if you don’t want to get in an argument with the police, don’t hotbox in a place where chances of getting caught by the police or anyone else are high.


Is hotboxing dangerous?

On rare occasions, a lack of oxygen in a car can lead to hypercapnia. Hypercapnia occurs when you have too much carbon dioxide in your blood. Since people do their best to keep fresh air out of their cars, sometimes it can lead to higher concentrations of CO2 in the air.

Is hotboxing a car legal?

If you live in an area where the use of weed is legal, hotboxing in your car technically isn’t illegal, but driving while high will get you a DUI charge. Also, just sitting in the driver’s seat and smoking weed is an offence in most states. Of course, if the use of marijuana is illegal in your state, you will probably get charged for drug possession.

What are the Effects of Hotboxing a Car?

The effects of hotboxing a car will vary based on the potency of the marijuana and the amount inhaled. However, common effects include increased feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and altered sensory perception.

Overall, hotboxing a car can be an enjoyable experience for those who choose to engage in it, but it should be done with caution and an understanding of the potential risks involved.

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