How Long Do Weed Edibles Last and Stay in Your System?

Marijuana consumption has represented a growing trend for decades now. However, cannabis consumption was prohibited (and still is in some countries) globally, making this plant very controversial. Fortunately, many countries started to legalize marijuana and started to comprehend and understand its potential. 

In the last century, weed enthusiasts mainly ingested this majestic plant by smoking since this method is quite simple because you feel the high within minutes.

Now, we all have preferences, even when it comes to getting high. So naturally, as in any industry, weed lovers started experimenting and infusing THC with various foods creating one of the top-selling, highly beneficial weed products.

What are Marijuana Edibles?


Marijuana Edibles are mainly food products that contain marijuana and hence produce the high. Weed lovers tend to prefer marijuana-infused chocolate and cookies

Besides food, edibles include various THC oils, gummy bears, drinks, tablets, mints, and cooking oils.

The main benefits of consuming edibles are feeling cannabis effects without smoking and straightforward consumption (eating).


It is pretty simple to consume edibles: You need to open up and eat it, which can’t be that hard since it’s one of our primal urges.

However, be cautious since some edibles are very potent and may induce a bad trip if you overeat. Some weed enthusiasts recommend making your cannabutter or merely taking a good look at the desired edible dosage and potency. 

Those willing to prepare your superfood to explore the internet since various recipes are related to cooking delicious space snacks.

Kick In Period

Every food has to go through the digestive system, meaning that the effects will not kick in for a couple of hours. Since every organism is different, the onset period ranges from 20 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the edible ingested potency and the consumer’s digesting system. Also, the food you already ate will differentiate the onset time.

How Long Do Weed Edibles Last

As mentioned before, weed edibles need some time to digest, while the effects can last from 6-12 hours. Nevertheless, remember this is not a universal rule. Edibles release cannabinoids into the organism producing a highly potent trip that lasts quite long compared to merely smoking marijuana. The average duration from a weed edible lasts about 6 hours, where the peak appears after 3 hours.

Again, we can’t say these enough-these traits vary from one person to another and depend on various factors. For example, if you take a more massive dose, the high will be longer and way stronger since the organism will need more time to get it out of your system.

Also, there is a considerable difference between frequent, infrequent, and daily smokers since infrequent smokers will feel those effects stronger.

If your tolerance is higher than the average smoker’s, try to explore and test various doses to find the right one.

Generally, the trip from eating the edible will most likely last for a couple of hours (probably about 6-9 hours). 

Still, don’t be surprised if the effects last in an unusual timeframe ranging from 4-13 hours.

How Long do Weed Edibles Stay in Your System?

Sometimes people tend to overdo it and eat up many edibles that can be very strong and potent, so it’s essential to know your limits. In general, THC stays in the organism from a couple of days to even a couple of months, which solely depends on your traits and habits, including exercise, amount of weed ingested, smoking frequency, and your metabolism. 

When you consume an edible, THC will mostly flush out of your organism through urine. However, some THC will most likely get trapped in your fat cells, which means you won’t get it out that easily in normal circumstances.

However, when it comes to edibles, various studies state that THC gets stored more accessible when consuming edibles and vice versa.

If you need to get rid of THC as fast as possible, consider the following tips:

  1. Stop ingesting edibles instantly. This way, you will buy more time as long as you don’t smoke or eat edibles at all.
  2. Exercise to burn fat faster and release that unwanted THC
  3. Drink plenty of water 
  4. Cut back on sugar, fats, and salt since you want to maintain a fast metabolism, and these ingredients won’t help.
  5. Drink coffee or tea (moderately)
  6. Try to consume a lot of fruit, greens, grain, seeds, seafood, healthy and lean meat (crucial for your metabolism)

For heavy smokers and those who consider themselves daily smokers, the maximum time your body will need to get THC out of your system is around six weeks.


Weed edibles are a good substitute for smoking marijuana, especially for individuals who don’t tolerate smoke and have health problems related to the lungs and the respiratory system.

Also, productive weed enthusiasts enjoy mixing exquisite taste and potent weed, where this kind of trip is very different from merely smoking a joint or two.

However, try to analyze your organism and prepare for the trip before eating cannabis-infused food. Bear in mind that it is way easier to overdose with edibles than smoking marijuana since it’s not easy to measure the exact dose you ingested.

Besides apparent reasons, including a different and more potent trip alongside health benefits, users report another perk: very discrete and easy to use and consume; hence you need to eat it.

Yet, be cautious and only eat edibles in a safe and healthy environment while dosing correctly. If, by any chance, you overeat and experience an elevated heart rate or a panic attack, contact the doctor immediately.

Let us know what you think, and share your experiences in the comment section.



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