How to Dab Without a Torch

Last Updated on September 15, 2021

Today, marijuana appears to be a growing trend and keeps expanding on the market following its legalization and decriminalization. For instance, cannabis enthusiasts today can choose from various cannabis-infused products

Besides oils, edibles, marijuana scented candles, a vast number of smoking tools have appeared. Vaporizers and pipes present a new, innovative way of getting high. Like always, try to explore all options available and choose your preferred method accordingly.


The definition of dabbing refers to the process of heating and inhaling the vapours of concentrated cannabis. Although the term dabbing has been around for decades, and the vaporization process is relatively new on the cannabis market, some newbies might need time to adapt. 

There is no denying that many terminologies related to dabbing are reasonably complicated, and a beginner might not comprehend them at the very start, but don’t worry, it’s not that difficult.

What Is a Torch and Why Does it Cause Trouble?

A torch is a slang term used for describing a lighter fuelled by butane used to heat your banger.

Besides the obvious danger related to the high temperature and severe caution, lighting it up with a torch brings an extended cool down time, heats imprecisely, and is quite costly(you continuously need to buy refills). 

In the following text, you will find a couple of alternatives to dab without a torch.

  • E-Nails

The most recommended and widespread alternative for a torch out there is an E-Nail. E-Nails represent electronic devices that are principally made for dabbing. It is as simple as it sounds as the main component is a nail that heats up using an electric segment making the heating process easy.

Today, there are numerous versions of E-Nails, and they can present quite an investment. With that said, we highly recommend buying one since this is the best alternative available. They usually come in a specific box that plugs in a power outlet and a metal ring to heat the nail exceptionally fast and easy.

Another perk some users highlight revolve around the adjustable temperature making it far safer for users and more suitable for controlling the heat.

As said before, E-Nails are usually expensive, but the cannabis community states purchasing one is worth every penny.

Tip: Invest time in exploring all suitable models to get the value you are paying for.

  • Using A Stove

If you are looking for practical and cheap ways to light it up without a torch, consider using a stove. This method requires a stove that runs on flame, making it pretty dangerous if you don’t operate with caution. Nevertheless, some may find themselves in a situation where using a stove is a pretty helpful and straightforward method. Just hold the dab nail over the stove with some tongs until it’s healed enough to evaporate and reapply it to the dab rig, apply the dab and take the hit.

As said before, this method is not recommended since it is quite dangerous considering you need to heat it, then reapply and apply the dab. However, those who don’t have another option should operate with caution and must use a couple of tongs to evade hurting yourself.

Caution: If possible, try to avoid this option since a stove operates at a very high temperature and a moment of negligence can cause serious health problems.

  • Vaporizer

Another excellent alternative that doesn’t require a torch is a vaporizer. We must state that vaporizers are one of the safest and most straightforward ways since there is a ton of them on the market. The best part is these tools are suited for everyone.

As mentioned before, vaporizers come in many forms, styles, and designs and vary in quality depending on the price. Some are designed for weed concentrates, some for vape oils, and some even for buds itself. Explore all available options according to your preferences because every model works differently (specific models require putting the material in the chamber before turning it on while others function differently).

Tip: Since there are numerous models on the market, pay attention to the details, especially when it comes to the type of chamber.

Dab Pens

If you are looking for a pocket version of vaporizers, try using a dab pen. A dab pen is a portable vaporizer that contains a nail you can heat up before discarding and adding to a little pat of your chosen material. You can then reapply the dab and finally enjoy the hit.

User reviews state that this is a preferable option for newbies since the hits are not overpowering.

Adding Dabs

A) Adding Dabs to The Bowl

One of the simplest ways to avoid a torch while being safe is adding a dab to the bowl from your bong or pipe. While this method is quite common and straightforward, it will only get you considerably high.

There is one catch regarding this method: You need to mix up the dabs with weed since any concentrate won’t light up efficiently without a dry substance.

Luckily all you need to do is place the weed on the bottom of the bowl and place the dab on top-just don’t overdo it.

B) Adding Dabs to The Joint

This method is similar to the previous one since the only difference is here you need to roll a mixture of weed and hash(or any other concentrate including shatter).

Start rolling a joint as usual but after adding the weed and spreading it evenly on the rolling paper and adding pieces of any concentrate you choose. Keep in mind that all concentrates work differently, meaning you will need to experiment with the potency and the desired effect.

In any case, mixing it up will produce a pretty powerful trip.


The weed-loving community luckily keeps growing, meaning that soon there will be even more alternatives to lighting it up without a torch.

For now, the most recommended methods include E-Nails, Using a Stove, Vaporizer, or Adding Dabs to the Bowl or a Joint. Beginners state that it was most comfortable for them to use Vaporizers or Dab pens alongside adding dabs to your bowl. 

When it comes to Using a Stove, we recommend avoiding this method. However, if you still decide to practice it, try to be cautious, and use tongs.

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