How to Dispose of Vape & E-Cig Batteries 

Batteries and accumulators, from industrial to ordinary, represent special waste groups. That means they must be disposed of separately from regular garbage. These batteries or any similar waste can be inflamed or thrown away in landfills in any circumstances. Manufacturers and importers of these products, which become hazardous waste once used, are obliged to take care of their ultimate safe disposal.  

E-cigars and vapes seem like perfect tiny smoking gadgets. There is no smoke, no unpleasant smell, no ashes around. You can also pick up your favourite flavour and use these devices to help yourself quit your tobacco. In addition, you will only need one battery to enjoy a long time of this new smoking style. But, what to do when the battery is dead? Have you ever wondered what can happen if these batteries are not disposed of in the right way?  

Vape and electronic cigarettes batteries are among dangerous waste as well. Therefore, their users must learn how to dispose of them correctly. Maybe even more important is to enhance why this proper disposal is necessary.  You will realize how dangerous vapes and electric cigarette batteries can be after you’re done using them. It will motivate you to dispose of them as they should be.  

Enough with the talking. It’s time to explain everything now! So keep reading and find out how to dispose of vape and electronic cigarette batteries and why this matter is that important!  

How exactly do vapes and electric cigarettes work?  

We think it is essential to start with this question. Even though many people adore using vape and electronic cigarettes, not many users know how they work. Once you get familiar with how these tiny smoking machines work, you will realize why it is crucial to dispose of their used batteries properly.  

E-cigarettes and vapes are the same types of smoking devices. Their construction is formed from a battery that powers up a heating element inside them called an “atomizer.” The atomizer then vaporizes the so-called “juice,” which is the mixture of nicotine and a few other liquid ingredients so you can inhale it. Finally, the juice is settled in the small tank called “cartridge.” As you can see, this simple yet exciting structure of vapes and e-cigars is powered by batteries. Batteries used can be different shapes and sizes, depending on the model you’re using.  

What types of batteries are used in vapes and e-cigarettes?  

We will tell you that three batteries are used for these smoking products to explain the matter further. It is essential to be aware of the batteries’ contents, so you can understand what damage they can cause. So, the first group of batteries is non-rechargeable or disposable batteries. They are meant for one single use. These contain lithium, and they can provoke serious fire if they are not disposed of correctly. The next group of batteries is rechargeable ones. In this case, there are various ways of charging them. But it’s strictly forbidden to throw those in the trash!   

The third group is batteries found in vapes or e-cigarettes with a push turn-on button. With this button, the customers control the atomizer activity, or in other words – how to start the heating process. As you could already assume, these devices are hazardous if you accidentally forget to turn them off. Therefore, it is essential to follow the instructions for turning the battery off. Another thing that makes those vapes especially dangerous is that the battery will continue to heat the atomizer until you hit the button. When we say to heat, we mean that it reaches an extremely high temperature in a matter of seconds. 

On the other hand, there is no option for users to remove the battery from these devices to be safe. Technically, there is an option, but it requires special tools and specific knowledge. However, we won’t recommend you to experiment with batteries. It is always the best option to bring your e-cigarette to professional services.  

Why are these batteries so potentially dangerous?  

All types of batteries contain dangerous substances such as lead, cadmium, and mercury. These heavy metals have far-reaching adverse effects on the environment but human health as well. In the process of battery decomposition, heavy metals reach the ground they are thrown at. But not only that, but they also become part of underground water. In other words, these dangerous heavy metals go straight into the food chain on earth. 

On the other hand, if they burn, heavy metals reach the air. You wouldn’t think they are light enough to go up in the air, but they are – in the form of small particles, they become the content part of the air we all breathe. When it rains, these heavy metals go further back into the soil and water, which creates a never-ending circle of pollution. That’s why it is so important to dispose of vape and e-cigarettes batteries properly.  Batteries are such serious polluters that many states put measurements according to environmental safety. In modern countries, batteries are under an ecological tax, which is included in the price of new batteries. So, every time we buy batteries, part of the money is used to finance the collection, disposal, and recycling after they become waste. 

Another potential danger of those batteries is their flammability. As we have mentioned, you can easily provoke hazardous fires if you don’t dispose of them properly. Or if you forget to turn these devices off, unfortunately, the fire is a much real scenario. Therefore, always remember to treat the vape or electric cigar the same as the ordinary old-fashioned cigarettes. They can all lead to catastrophe! So now it’s time to determine how to prevent these accidents and dispose of batteries correctly. 

How to dispose of vape and e-cigars batteries properly? 

And in the end, we are left with the same question from the beginning. What to do with the batteries after you’re done using them? Each part of the electronic cigarette has its lifespan, which depends on the intensity of use. According to the factory declaration, the average batteries support a cycle of 300 charges and discharges. Battery strengths vary from model to model. In general, the battery life depends on the intensity of the use of electronic cigarettes or vapes. Even the weakest battery will last for several hours for less demanding smokers, while some stronger batteries will last for several days. All the users eventually come to the same question – what after the battery is dead?   

When discussing the proper vape and e-cig disposal, the first suggestion is to ask in your area which takes over this hazardous waste type. There usually are specialized stores of electrical equipment and lighting equipment that take over the lithium batteries. Also, there are actions organized to collect the batteries that can’t be disposed of in some grocery stores by throwing them into the trash. The next option is to find out whether some local governments sporadically do any battery disposal action in your neighbourhood. Whatever you choose, remember never to throw these batteries into trash cans, not at home nor on the streets!  

Remember that unlike typical tobacco products, which are made just from paper, tobacco, and filters, each e-cigarette or vape contains five components. These are residual nicotine, plastic, lithium battery, aluminum, and fabric. What’s even more critical to enhancing is that these parts must be dismantled and recycled separately! Therefore, you can’t just throw batteries away like that. In some countries, this improper disposal is considered a crime, and it is punishable by law! 

To sum up, e-cigarettes and vapes are interesting smoking gadgets that can help you quit traditional tobacco products. On the other hand, using those requires some special responsibilities. By not paying enough attention to these devices’ batteries, you can put yourself in danger. When it comes to disposing of these lithium batteries, every vape and e-cigar needs precautions are necessary!   

Due to the batteries’ toxic contents, never even think of throwing them casually in the trash can. By this casually throwing away, we also mean flushing them down the sink. You can provoke hazardous scenarios and damage the environment permanently. The safest option is to find out about specialized drop-off points for battery disposal. After reading this article, we are sure you will never ask yourself how to properly dispose of vape and e-cigars batteries.

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