How to Eliminate Weed Smell Out of Your Car

Stoners and marijuana enthusiasts know that taking a puff or two in the car may leave your vehicle smelling funny. Although most smokers don’t mind a bit of their favourite plant’s smell, some prefer leaving their car odourless. Besides, it is not legal to smoke while driving, so eliminating the weed smell from your vehicle might be a good idea. There are a couple of different ways to do this and kill that funky smell.

1. Simple prevention

Yes, we know how this sounds- quite simple. Solely avoid smoking in your vehicle or get out of the car when you need to take a puff. This solution is very straightforward and as simple as it sounds; if you don’t smoke inside, there is no way the smell can enter. But, unfortunately, getting out is not suitable in winter and on rainy days.

For those who can’t or won’t avoid smoking inside, a temporary solution is to keep your windows down and enable powerful airflow. However, we must mention that keeping the shutters down isn’t a reliable option since the marijuana smell is quite potent and can’t be destroyed easily, only reduced.

2. Cleaning session

If you already have a habit of smoking weed in the car and enjoy chilling and driving or love hanging out in the vehicle with your friends while lighting up your favourite herb, the smell might start to bother you after some time. Try vacuuming the car once in a while and shampoo the windows-the more time you invest in cleaning, the better. Unfortunately, cleaning is sometimes not enough since the weed smell can get deep inside the fabric, making it extremely hard to exterminate. This aspect solely depends on the amount and strain you consume.

3. Air-fresheners

As said before, cleaning your vehicle may not be enough, especially if you are a regular stoner, so try combining it with various air fresheners and sprays. Recreational users may even skip the cleaning part and spray it up a little. Febreeze, AirWick, and Ozium based sprays are the most popular weed smell killers on the market but invest some time exploring the scents since various versions are based on different plants, including lemon, holiday mix, raspberry, etc. Be careful since there is a big difference between masking the smell and exterminating it, so try to inform yourself of these sprays’ strength and specific purpose.

4. DIY odour absorbers

If you want to be extra responsible and gain fast and effective results, odour absorbers might be the right thing for you. 

Activated charcoal is a popular odour absorber even for other foul smells, including animal and garbage smells. Besides, it is highly effective and environmentally friendly while being inexpensive and easily accessible.

Homemakers know many tricks regarding eliminating unwanted smells, especially cooking odours, which are challenging to get rid of. Baking soda is reportedly an excellent smell absorber. Just spray it up in your car, leave it for a couple of minutes and vacuum- as easy as it sounds, another perk is that this solution is relatively cheap and productive at the same time.

Explore other options besides these popular odour absorbers, including white vinegar and vodka alongside concentrated lemon juice.

Whichever option you choose, please keep us informed and know what you think in the comment section.


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