5 DIY Ways to Fix a Broken Bong

Last Updated on May 19, 2023

Once you’ve experienced the smooth, intense hit of a bong, you may never want to go back to rolling your own joints. However, the downside of owning a glass bong is that accidents can happen, leaving you with a crack, hole, or chip. 

If you have a high-quality or collectable bong, simply tossing it and moving on is not an option. But fear not! With a few simple steps, you can learn how to fix cracks or chips in your glass bong and keep enjoying those satisfying hits. You can even make your own bong at home to get rid of the glass bong. 

Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

What is a Bong?

Bongs, also known as bingers or bubblers, are water pipes commonly used for smoking cannabis. These devices originated in Thailand, where bamboo pipes were used for smoking weed centuries ago. Today, modern bongs come in a variety of materials, including acrylic, glass, and ceramics. 

But what happens when your favourite bong breaks? 

Don’t fret because there are ways to fix your beloved bubble and keep the good times rolling. From replacing broken parts to repairing cracks and chips, there are several methods for restoring your bong to its former glory. 

So don’t give up on your trusty smoking companion just yet!

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How to Fix a Broken Bong?

If you’ve ever had a broken bong, you know how disappointing it can be to lose your trusty smoking companion. Fortunately, there are ways to fix your broken bong and get back to enjoying your favourite herbs.

When it comes to repairing bongs, the material it’s made from plays a significant role in choosing the right fixing method. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Acrylic bongs are easier to repair than glass bongs.
  • For small cracks or chips in glass bongs, you can use clear Epoxy or a glass adhesive.
  • For more extensive damage, it’s often best to take your glass bong to a professional glass blower for repair.
  • Be sure to clean your bong thoroughly before attempting any repairs to ensure a strong bond between the broken pieces.

While repairing a broken bong can be challenging, it’s not impossible. With the right materials and techniques, you can extend the life of your bong and continue to enjoy smooth, flavorful hits with your favourite herbs.

5 Best Ways to Seal a Cracked Bong at Home

Unfortunately, accidents happen, and bongs can crack or break. However, there is no need to toss your favourite piece just yet. With the right materials and techniques, you can fix your bong and enjoy it once again.

Here are five of the best ways to seal a cracked bong:

1. Food Grade Silicone

Food Grade Silicone is a versatile solution that is perfect for small cracks on the glass or joints that connect the bong’s pieces. It’s non-toxic and waterproof, making it an excellent sealant.

However, it does not provide any structural support, and it can be difficult to remove. It’s essential to clean the bong thoroughly before applying the silicone for the best results.

2. Two-Part Epoxy

Two-Part Epoxy is a popular solution that is made of a hardening agent and resin. It is heat-resistant and bonds well to glass, making it a long-lasting solution for clean breaks. Sanding the surface before applying the Epoxy will ensure a smooth and even bond. 

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully for the best results.

 3. Loctite Glass

Loctite Glass is similar to superglue in appearance and bonds well to the glass. It is waterproof and heat-resistant, making it an excellent choice for small cracks. 

However, it may require touch-ups to seal correctly, and it contains solvents that can be toxic to humans. It’s essential to handle it with care and use it in a well-ventilated area.

4. Super Glue

Super Glue is a common solution that is easy to access and affordable. It’s best for small cracks or scratches and works well on plastic materials. 

However, it does not bond well to glass, and it’s not recommended for large cracks or breaks. It’s essential to use it sparingly and let it dry completely before using the bong.

5. Blow Torch

Blow Torch is a solution that should only be attempted by professionals. It involves melting the glass at temperatures over 560 C, requiring an acetylene torch. 

It’s crucial to take all necessary precautions and follow safety guidelines to prevent severe injuries. This solution is not recommended for amateurs.

What Not To Use When Repairing a Bong?

You should avoid the following things while repairing your bong. 

  • Regular glue or any kind of adhesive not designed for glass
  • Duct tape or any kind of tape
  • Household cleaners with harsh chemicals
  • Super glue or any type of cyanoacrylate glue
  • Cheap or low-quality replacement parts
  • Sharp objects or tools that can scratch or damage the glass
  • Excessive force when attempting to fix or adjust parts
  • Using hot water or extreme temperatures that can cause the glass to crack or shatter.

When To See For the Professional Help For Bong Repair?

Don’t let a damaged bong ruin your smoking experience. If you lack the skills to repair it or have tried temporary fixes without success, it’s time to call in the experts. Repair costs vary depending on the extent of the damage, the materials needed, and the experience of the repairer. 

It’s worth investing in a professional repair service to ensure your bong is fixed the first time correctly. Glassblowers can typically use the torch and kiln method to repair your bong, leaving it good as new within days. And they might even provide tips to prevent future damage.


Final Thoughts

Finding the right repair method for your cracked bong is essential for restoring it to its former glory. For a quick fix, Duct Tape is an excellent option as it’s airtight and easy to use; however if you’re looking for a more long-term solution, bonding agents such as Loctite Glass, Food Grade Silicone, and Two-Part Epoxy are recommended for repairing glass bongs. 

On the other hand, if you have a plastic bong, Super Glue can effectively seal small cracks and scratches. It’s important to note that attempting to use a Blow Torch is extremely dangerous and should only be done by professionals with the proper equipment and training.

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