How to Fix a Broken Bong (Newbie Guide)

Fortunately, weed enthusiasts can now enjoy various smoking methods since legalization allowed the expansion of the cannabis market.

Therefore, numerous smoking tools and methods are continually developing, meaning that you can enjoy marijuana according to your preferences, including bongs, water pipes, vapes, edibles, etc.

What is A Bong?

Bong, binger, bubbler are all names for a water pipe generally used to smoke cannabis. The word bong comes from Thailand, where similar bamboo pipes were used for smoking weed centuries ago. Modern bongs have come a long way from then, although the basic principle is the same.

Bongs can be made of various materials, including plastic (acrylic), glass, or ceramics.

But what to do when your favourite bong breaks? First, don’t despair since there is a way to fix your beloved bubbler.

How to Fix a Broken Bong?

As mentioned before, bongs come in different materials, which is the primary factor for choosing the correct fixing method.

In general, bongs are usually made of glass or acrylic materials. We must state that acrylic plastic is the easiest to repair, according to numerous user reviews. 

When it comes to glass pipes, they are deliberately made of strengthened heat-resistant glass, which is much harder to fix. 

How to Seal a cracked Bong

First and foremost, don’t even try to repair bongs with a more significant number of pieces than usual or holes and rips bigger than a pea.

However, you can fix all cracks and clean brakes with a bit of glue as long as you choose the right solution and press it right.

Choose the suitable material for the seal. (H2)

Several bonding agents are available, including Food Grade Silicone, Two-Part Epoxy, Loctite Glass, Cyanoacrylates (Super Glue), Duct Tape, and Blow Torch. 

Choosing the suitable material depends on the number of breaks and the type of bong.

Food Grade Silicone

is certainly non-toxic and waterproof; therefore, it can be used as a sealant. Before using this solution, clean the bong with a bit more effort. Using a silicone method works best with small cracks on the glass and on specific bong areas (where the pipe meets the base or other comparable joints) and can be used with non-waterproof glues.

However, food-grade silicone offers you can very easily remove no structural support hence.

Two-Part Epoxy

is made out of a certain hardener and raisin. Two-part Epoxy is heat-resistant and bonds well to the glass. Users report this solution is most effective and long-lasting as long as the glue isn’t submerged. It s recommended that you use sandpaper to smooth out the surface of the bong before applying it. Two-Part Epoxy works best with clean breaks.

Loctite Glass

is very similar to superglue in look and bonds to the glass well while being waterproof and heat resistant. It is best to use it on small cracks. However, using Loctite glass as a solution will require a couple of touch-ups to seal rightly. The only downside refers to the containment of solvents, which can be toxic to humans.

Super Glue

One of the most common solutions is its low price and vast availability (since almost every household has it). In addition, it can be applied on small cracks or scratches and works best in small quantities on acrylic bongs. Still, super glue doesn’t stick well to the glass and works best on plastic materials.

Duct Tape

Using duct tape is a short-term solution and a quick fix. You only need to wrap it around the crack well. Duct tape will seal the crack airtight and add strength. Those of you who value the aesthetics of the bong should avoid this solution.

Blow Torch

It is essential to state that this solution can only be performed effectively by professionals. Nevertheless, those who decide to try it themselves should take all precautionary measures since making a mistake or two can burn your face off. the glass melts at temperatures over 

560 C meaning you’ll need an acetylene torch as propane and butane torches won’t work correctly. Bring the torch to the desired area carefully and thoroughly meld the glass together. 


Choose the proper method according to your bong’s material and what is accessible from the mentioned solutions. Duck Tape will work best as a quick fix while being airtight. Using bonding agents is recommended if you’re looking for a long-term solution.

 Glass Bongs should be repaired with Loctite Glass, Food Grade Silicone, and Two-Part Epoxy. At the same time, Super Glue will do the trick with plastic materials.

Using a Blow Torch is very dangerous and can be performed only by professionals.

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