How to Light a Joint or Blunt (Newbie Guide)

Lighting a Joint

The magical characteristic of cannabis is that you can enjoy it in multiple ways! From smoking to edibles, everything is available if you are old enough. However, since you are here, you probably want to learn how to perfectly light your first (second, third, etc.) joint or blunt. 

So, let’s not waste time and get to it and learn how to light a joint or blunt with just a few steps.

What Should You Use to Light a Joint or Blunt?

First and foremost, the most important factor to consider when lighting a joint or blunt is to have an even flame. While you will not stick your roll into the flame itself, you will still need it to evenly light it. 

So, what will help you achieve this?

Well, there are different – let’s say – instruments you will be able to use. The best part: all of them are easy to get. However, that does not mean all of them are equal. 

Hemp Wick

Arguably you will get the best results by using hemp wick. This thins road is coated in beeswax and provides the healthiest and most environmentally-conscious way to light your joint (or blunt). 

By using hemp wick, you won’t inhale the butane gasses of traditional lighters. Even better, since this is an organic alternative, it will also help to preserve the flavor of the cannabis. 

The only issue with using a hemp wick is that you need to be careful of dripping beeswax.


Alternatively, you can use traditional butane-filled lighters as well. While they are the most popular method of lighting a joint, they might not be the best choice. Yes, you are in control of the flame, and therefore the light used, but it comes with a setback.

Butane is an allergen, which can cause issues for some people. Additionally, the fumes these lighters emit can be harmful to your lungs, eyes, and skin.


Generally speaking, yes, you can also use matches to light your blunt or joint. However, matches are manufactured with sulfur, which can easily corrupt the flavor of the weed. We have not even mentioned the multitude of other harmful chemicals that you don’t want in your system – trust us.

Yet, if you have no alternative, make sure the match burns for a couple of seconds before you bring your joint or blunt near the flame. This short pause will allow the chemicals to burn off the match, minimizing their harmful effects. 

Proper Way to Light a Joint

You have decided to give marijuana a try, but don’t know where to start? No worries, by following these easy steps you will be a pro in no time.

Firstly, let’s make the terminology clear – a joint is basically cannabis flower rolled up in a thin paper, which is usually of a white or off-white color. They often have filters, similar to regular cigarettes, but it is not a necessity. If they do have filters, they will help you hold the joint and smoke it till the end. 

So, what is the proper way to light a joint? Let’s take a look!

Be Patient

Good things require patience. It is highly likely that your joint will not light right away. Due to this, you will need to strengthen your mental muscles a bit and be patient when lighting your joint. 

Light the Joint’s Tip

Lighting a Joints Tip
A man lighting a joints tip the proper way.

Light the joint by placing the light at its tip. This is how it always needs to be, the same way as with a regular cigarette. Be sure to never remove the tip! Lighting the joint at the tip, especially if you roll the tip in order to create a more pointed shape, will make sure the joint burns slowly and evenly. 

Carefully Rotate It

When lighting the joint, rotate it between your index finger and thumb. You can use your other hand to use the lighter and light it. This helps to prevent canoeing, allowing you to create an even cherry, or glowing tip. Make sure that the fire does not actually touch the tip of the joint. The most important thing is to not burn yourself while doing this. A great way to save yourself from unwanted burns is to hold the lighter a few inches away from the joint’s tip.

Small Puffs are the Way to Go

Do not inhale sharply with huge puffs once the joint is lit. That can lead to severe lung damage! Instead, start smoking the joint by taking small and short puffs. In this manner, you will not inhale too much smoke at once. Also, make sure to use your diaphragm when smoking a joint. Draw the smoke into your mouth and inhale and exhale by doing so!

Important Note

To ensure your safety, do not inhale when lighting the joint. Not only can this cause damaging smoke to enter your lungs, but it will also result in the joint’s faster and uneven burn. If you have the pre-rolled joint in your mouth when lighting it, you are not able to observe what is happening, which easily leads to burns.

How to Put Out a Joint?

The best way to put out a joint is to remove the burning cherry. This is especially important if you have not smoked the entire joint and wish to save the rest for later. Now, there are different methods you can use to remove the cherry from the joint, like stubbing, grazing, knocking etc.

Of course, many ways exist to properly put out a joint. 

Firstly, like with a cigarette, you can gently stub it against a flat and hard surface. Make sure you do NOT squish the joint in the process. Another similar method is grazing the cherry against the ashtray until it falls out of the joint. Knocking it against the ashtray or flicking the burning cherry off are other viable options. 

However, these are not the only methods. If you are new to the game, cutting the cherry out might be the best option. You can use scissors or a knife to remove the burning tip from the rest of the joint. Drowning is by touching it with water or saliva which allows you to remove the cherry without getting burnt. 

For more detailed instructions we suggest you read our instructions on how to put out a joint and save it for later.

Can You Relight a Joint?

Technically, you can relight a joint. It will not cause harm to you and you won’t experience unwanted side effects. However, there will be an unpleasant taste caused by the pre-burnt weed. If you can handle that, go ahead and relight your joint.

Baptizing a Joint

Man baptizing a joint
Man using his finger to baptize a joint.

Some swear by it, others don’t like it. What are we talking about? Baptizing the joint!

While there is some anecdotal evidence that this procedure helps the joint burn longer, that might not be the case. Furthermore, not everyone wants to smoke the joint you put into your mouth. 

What do we mean by that? Well, to properly baptize a joint you need to hold its top part and pull it through your mouth, using your lips and saliva to moisten it. Some people do not want to exchange saliva with people they are not close to. 

So, is it worth it? That depends on you and the circumstances, but if you are smoking with others, maybe check with them first. You won’t put someone else’s spoon into your mouth without asking first, and smoking weed is no different. Hygiene preferences and personal boundaries should be respected. Otherwise, the experience will not be as pleasant as it is intended to be.

What is Baptizing a Joint?

Baptizing a joint means moistening the wrap of the cannabis product with saliva before lighting it. This helps to increase its burn time. For courtesy’s sake, people usually baptize joints when they are smoking alone, or with friends, as usually saliva is used for the process.

Should You Baptize a Joint?

Whether you baptize your joint or not is a personal choice. Some say that doing it will increase the burn time of the cannabis product, but there is no hard evidence behind this statement. Furthermore, using too much saliva will clog the joint and make it unsmokable – and therefore useless.

Proper Way to Light a Blunt

A blunt is another way to smoke cannabis. Similar to joints, the only difference is that blunt is rolled in a tobacco leave. They tend to be bigger than joints as tobacco leaves can be bigger than rolling papers. To roll a blunt, strew a bigger amount of weed onto the tobacco leave and roll it. Combining the two nature-given compositions of the blunt gives you an extra buzz when smoking it.

But, what is the proper way to light a blunt?

Which End of a Blunt Should You Light?

End of a Blunt That You Should Light
The end of a blunt which you should light will look something like this.

Since blunts do not have filters, basically either end can be lit. However, generally it is recommended to light the open side or the one which has less weed near it. This is to prevent weed from getting into your mouth when you are smoking a blunt.

Bake the Blunt

After rolling a blunt, and before lighting it, it is important to bake it. This literally means that you need to run the light to seal the tobacco paper together. Run the lighter along the seam and around its outside to seal it in place. Be careful to only use the heat and not the actual flame.

Light Its End

Once the blunt is baked, it is time to light it. The steps here are similar to lighting a joint. Hold the flame of the lighter to the end of the blunt, without the fire actually touching it. Hold the blunt between your lips when you are lighting it.

Enjoy the Smoke

Congratulations, you have lit your blunt. Now it is time to enjoy the smoke. Test it out with a few puffs to make sure it is properly lit and proceed to larger inhales after that. Not only will this minimize smoke getting into your lungs, but it will also help to keep the blunts burning even.

Light It Up!

Practice makes perfect! That is true for lighting your joint or blunt as well. Each time you will be better and better until you become an expert!

In case your joint keeps going out, don’t be discouraged as that’s a common issue.

The important thing is to keep safe. Be careful to prevent burns and potential lung damage… Safety is key to a relaxing experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which side of a joint do you light?

The proper way to light a joint is to apply fire to the side that has its tip. This is to ensure even burning. Furthermore, rolling the tip to make it more pointed will create a paper overlap, which offers a slow and even burning while the joint lasts.

Do you inhale while lighting a joint?

Do not inhale while lighting a joint. There are two main reasons for this. Number one, you won’t be able to follow along with what is happening at the tip. This also leads to number two – it will cause the joint to burn faster and unevenly. Consequently, this is the main difference between lighting cigarettes and joints.

How long does a joint burn?

Generally speaking, an average joint will burn out in about 3 to 5 minutes. This is because they hold less weed – usually half to 1 gram. On the other hand, blunts, which have more weed in them, can burn for as long as 30 minutes.

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