How To Make Hash From Stems

Everyone loves cannabis. There are many different ways to consume cannabis, such as edibles, raw flowers, concentrates, and many more, but weed stems are not very popular. In this article, we will be explaining how you can create a valuable product from stems.

Stems contain a few cannabinoids compared to the leaf of the plant. So this is why we make hash from the stem. You will need a lot of materials, but in the end, it is all worth it. Stem burns at a higher temperature, so it creates very harsh smoke. So this is why you should make hash from the stem.

There are a lot of different ways to make hash from stems. The main problem of making hash from stems is to extract THC. 

Making Hash From Stems With Blender

Fill up the blender with water. Add the desired amount of stems, seeds, whatever you got. Put 4 to 5 ice cubes in the blender and mix it for about 4 minutes. You can stop blending when everything is finely chopped and mixed. If you don’t have a reusable coffee filter, you can use a 90 line silkscreen. Find a large container, preferably a largemouth quart mason jar. Strain your mixture through your container. When all the liquid is strained, run some fresh water through the material to avoid excess trichome. After a couple of minutes, you will see a white substance and the bottom of your container. Let the trichome rest at the bottom for about half an hour. After that, you should pour out ⅔ of the filtered greenish water, leaving the substance and the bottom. Add more ice. Remove left-out green, and leave the trichome at the bottom for 20 minutes. Repeat this whole process one more time. If water is still present, pour it out as much as you can. Take a coffee filter and pour trichome mix through it. All the water that was present should be gone leaving the trichome on the filter. Compress it and use it as you wish.

Making Hash From Stems With Alcohol

Prepare your stems, seeds. Place them in a covered container. Fill that container with alcohol just enough so it is covering everything. You can purchase isopropyl alcohol in almost any pharmacy or a supermarket. Preferably, it should be 99% pure. If you can’t find it, denatured alcohol can also work. Find a place far away from any fire because alcohol can easily catch on fire and cause a lot of damage. Carefully boil this mixture on an electric stove or any other stove with no actual flame that can go into alcohol.  After about 45 minutes of heating your mixture, you can strain the solid mix out. Save the alcohol. Repeat this process but with new fresh alcohol. After another 45 minutes of heating, remove the solid mixture, and combine alcohol from previous heating with recent alcohol. Boil them in a container until you get a mixture that is similar to syrup. This mixture will contain all the THC that was inside of the stems before you boiled it. Now you can use this THC for making cookies or for whatever you want.

Making Cannabis Butter From Stems

Find the container or a pot that you will use for this process. Fill it with water and heat it on an electric stove until the water is boiling. Cut a small piece of dairy butter or whatever butter you got. Butter will melt because of the heat and combine with water. Combine this mixture with stems. It will slowly mix with water, butter mixture making some sort of liquid. THC dissolves into the butter because of the heat. You should regularly stir the mixture and, if needed, add more water or butter. It would be best if you cooked this mixture for about half an hour. When you are over, remove all the liquid from the stems and the pot. Although stems should be dry when you are over, please do not leave any leftover liquid in stems because they can all be used for cannabis butter. Put this liquid in the fridge or freezer for faster results, but don’t let it get frozen. After a few hours, this mixture is solid on the surface. Take a bigger spoon and scoop it out and place it in a jar or any other container that you want. Butter should be kept in the fridge if not used. 

This cannabis butter can be used when making cookies, brownies, cakes.

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