7 Easy Ways to Put Out a Joint or Blunt

Putting Out a Joint

Last Updated on November 9, 2022

While it would be ideal to always finish a joint, often that is not the case. It can happen due to different factors, but you might find yourself having to put out a joint before its time.

However, wasting it is not an option!

Just because you have to stop smoking at a certain time and place, does not mean that that half joint will not come in handy later. Therefore, you need to know how to put it out without completely destroying it for it to be reusable. 

Putting Out a Joint or Blunt Without Destroying Them

First, let’s answer the age-old question: Can you put out a joint and still relight it later?

Yes, you can put out a joint and blunt as long as you remove the burning cherry and store the remainings correctly. This is especially convenient if you’re smoking pre-rolls.

The so-called “burning cherry” is the weed burning at the tip of the joint or blunt. To put them out, this part needs to be removed from the tip. Now, there are different ways to make this happen.

So, what are these methods? Let’s take a look.

Stub It out

Similarly to cigarettes joints can be stubbed out. Gently press the tip to a flat and hard surface until the end stops burning. Be aware that applying too much force can easily squash the remainder of the joint. So, be as careful as possible when doing it, in order to maintain the joint’s ideal shape.

Man Preparing to Put Out a Joint
Gently pressing the tip against the ashtray will put out a joint.

The technique is the same as when you are putting out a joint. But, when it comes to stubbing out a blunt, being too rough with it will lead to a negative outcome. Instead of squishing the length of the blunt, it will harden the top. This will make it harder to relight the blunt later. Therefore, be as gentle as you can.

Flick It

Flicking the joint is another effective way to remove the burning cherry from the tip. Use your fingernail or, if you want to be extra careful, use the bottom of a lighter to flick the cherry out of the joint. You can do this by holding it between your fingers. This method prevents the joint from burning until the end.

Like flicking the ash off a cigarette, you can also flick out the burning cherry from a blunt. Even if you do not manage to flick out the entire cherry, removing the ash and not smoking the blunt will eventually cause it to go out as well. This is one of the most popular methods.


You can also gently urge the cherry to fall out of the joint’s tip by softly grazing the burning cherry against the ashtray. Doing this sideways a few times will effortlessly remove the cherry from the tip. Leave the burning weed drop in the ashtray, it will burn for a couple more seconds before dying out.

Putting Out a Blunt
Removing the burning cherry from a blunt by gently rubbing it onto the ashtray.

Gently rubbing the blunt sideways onto the ashtray is probably the best way to put it out. This will cause the burning cherry to fall out, leaving the rest of the weed intact. The only problem might be the possible fire hazard if the cherry falls on something flammable. So, be careful of that.

Knock It

Another method you can use to put out your joint is to knock it against the ashtray. While this will help you remove the burning cherry from the tip, if you are too forceful during the process you can also easily damage the shape of the remaining joint. Be careful and gentle when knocking the joint’s length on the ashtray to prevent this.

Knock the blunt on the side of the ashtray to dislodge the burning cherry. While not continuing to smoke the blunt will have the same effect – the cherry stops burning – this method will help you save a bit more of the blunt. Thanks to the tobacco wrapping, you can even be a bit harsher when knocking the cherry out of the blunt, just do not go overboard.


Drowning the joint to put it out requires water or saliva. You will basically touch the burning cherry to these liquids, without removing it initially. This minimizes the possibility of fire hazards, but you need to be careful of a different outcome. Getting the rest of the joint wet will make it harder to relight later. Bonus tip: you can remove excess moisture from the joint by blowing on it.

While drowning is not considered the best method to put out a blunt, it can still be used. However, you need to be careful not to drown the blunt too much. Using excessive amounts of water will cause moisture to enter the remaining blunt, which makes it harder to relight. Water can also easily ruin the flavor.

Cut off the Tip

Cutting off the joint’s tip, with the burning cherry inside it, might be the best choice for new cannabis users. This method gives you more control over the process, and all you need is a pair of scissors or a sharp knife. After removing the cherry, simply extinguish it and put the rest of the joint away for later.

Cutting a Tip of a Blunt
Cutting a tip off a blunt.

To cut out the cherry from a blunt, you will need extra sharp scissors or a knife. The tobacco paper is more resilient than the thin paper used for joints, which will make this process a bit harder on blunts. Yet, it is worth it as it gives the cleanest removal method, making it easier to relight the blunt later.

Blow It out

Blowing into the joint to put it out might seem foolish. Yet, the returning airflow will cause the cherry to consume itself. It separates the burning cherry from the rest of the weed in your joint, allowing it to burn out on its own. This leaves the remainder of the joint safe for later consumption.

Blow on the blunt and use the science of inverse airflows to put it out. Blow on the end hard and watch as the cherry consumes itself. Some say that you have to have a good lung capacity for this. Be sure to blow sideways to put out the cherry, or else you will just cause it to burn faster. 

Saving a Joint or Blunt For Later

Thankfully, it is possible to save a joint or blunt for later. You should not be pressured into smoking the entire joint or throw away a half joint if you don’t have the time, will, or possibility. 

However, simply leaving the remaining joint on the table should not be an option. Oxygen will cause the cannabis to go stale as it accelerates its aging process, giving it an unpleasant taste.

Luckily, there are different solutions to prevent this and all of them are tight – airtight that is!

Glass Mason Jar

Probably the best method is to use a glass mason jar. You can store both your weed and joint in them as long as they offer airtight sealing. In other words, if you are an avid cannabis user, investing in a glass mason jar with an airtight lid is definitely a good idea.

Glass mason jars can be expensive, but they are readily available in most stores. Depending on the size of the jar you decide you get, you can even store weed in it as well. It will keep it fresh for consumption, whenever you reach to roll a joint.

Doop Tube

A fancier way to store a joint is buying a doop tube. Its name might seem silly, but it is definitely a useful invention for cannabis users. This is basically a small, cylindrical container with an airtight lid. It provides the smell-tight storing of joints and blunts. 

They are perfect for on-the-road use, as their small size makes them comfortably portable. Additionally, they are also manufactured in different standard sizes and styles. You are sure to find the one that fits your needs.

Ziplock Bags

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, purchase ziplock bags. You can get a pack of ziplock bags basically in any grocery store near you. They succeed in locking moisture out and away from the weed or joint you use it for. 

The downside is that they are flimsy. As they are just general bags, they do not offer extra protection for cannabis. Accidental breakage is common when storing weed in ziplock bags. Yet, there is no denying that they serve their purpose well.

Smoke, Save, Repeat!

Whichever method you use to put out your joint or blunt and whichever way you store it, just keep in mind one thing – safety first. Burning cherries can be considered a fire hazard, so keep them away from anything flammable. 

However, once you have the process down to your very own science, your weed-wasting days will be behind you. Save half a joint or blunt for later, without having to worry about it going stale. If you do it correctly, the flavor and the experience will stay the same, even if you decide to put the light to your rolled cannabis a second time!

If for whatever reason this didn’t work out for you, you can always get fresh cannabis flowers at Cannalyft!

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