How to Put & Smoke Weed Out of a Hookah?

Hookahs have been gaining in popularity for quite some time now. Even though they are as old as the world, people (mostly teenagers) started to use them to socialize and have fun in the past few years. Hookahs are interesting since you can get them in various shapes and forms and smoke thousands of different aromas. They are very customizable and the fact that in most cases, they aren’t even as half as dangerous as cigarettes, for example, means that young people adore them.

Now, hookahs are great, and everyone knows that. But, at one point, someone asked: Can you smoke weed out of a hookah? It’s a good question. And without even actually knowing the answer, people started using hookahs in their cannabis sessions. You can indeed smoke marijuana out of a hookah, but you need to have several things on mind before you do so. In this article, we’ll cover everything about hookahs and their partnership with cannabis. We will talk about different ways of using a hookah, putting your weed inside it and a step-by-step guide on how to smoke it to have the best possible experience.

What Is A Hookah?

A hookah is essentially a water pipe that is usually used for smoking something called “shisha.” Shisha is pretty typical in the Islamic culture, and people have been smoking it for centuries to experience relaxation and bliss. Some can say that shisha and cannabis are somewhat similar, but they aren’t, except that you use hookah to smoke them both. Despite that, they are very different and give different benefits/effects to the user. People also use hookah to smoke flavoured tobacco. They are thousands of flavours available, and even if you smoked hookah every day for five years straight, we doubt that you would be able to try every single flavour out there. That’s how broad they are. 

Some may say that hookah is similar to a bong. Although they look similar (they both have a pipe and are made of glass), they work entirely differently. With a bong, you use a lighter or a torch to directly apply heat to the product (cannabis), which combusts the material you inhale. With hookah, you don’t need any light or torch. Instead, each Hooka comes with a set of coals you need to heat up and place over a bowl that contains plant matter. When you take the hose (which is a part of hookah through which you inhale) and inhale it, the coals light up, and this causes the plant matter to vaporize. Vaporization = smoke that you inhale.

Hookahs are used by millions of people, especially in the Hindu culture. There, you pretty much don’t have one household that doesn’t own a hookah. It’s pretty much standard that people smoke hookah on the street or everywhere else. It’s part of their tradition. Hookahs are great because you can attach several hoses to the bowl, which provides enough smoke for everyone. You can sit, talk, and inhale. Combine all of that, and you will indeed have a wonderful time. As we stated before, hookahs are extremely customizable, and there are various designs available, some of which are unique!

But where does cannabis go in the story? Can you use hookah to smoke it?

Cannabis and Hookah

Short – answer. You can use hookah to smoke cannabis with ease, and as a matter of fact, millions of people have been doing so. But, as with everything, this kind of consummation has its pros and cons. So let’s cover the pros first.

Smoking cannabis from a hookah can be an experience you will never forget. The whole point of cannabis is to socialize and have a good time with your friends. You can relax, enjoy some music and talk. With hookah, a group of friends can all smoke directly from the same bowl, share the experiences, and have that much better trip. Usually, an everyday hookah can have up to 4 hoses attached simultaneously, so it’s perfect for a smaller group of friends. 

The mixture of cannabis and shisha inside of a hookah is something we bet you never tried before. Cannabis is impressive on its own, and it’s a plant that we consider to be perfect. But, shisha adds “something” which makes marijuana even better. In most cases, shisha has a different flavour. Combine that with cannabis, and you will get the best possible mixture. The flavours range anywhere from fruity to menthol, coffee, candy, and so on. This means that the smoking session can be different every single time, and you can utilize the variety that hookah can give you.

But, as with every method, you should be aware of drawbacks if you want to try smoking cannabis out of a hookah. First and foremost, to use this method, you need a hookah. This is easier said than done. In some countries, using hookahs is banned, and it can be pretty hard to get your hands on it. If you do manage to find it, the price tag can be relatively high.

In most cases, hookahs are imported and need to go through vigorous testing before hitting the market. But hey, if 4 of you want to smoke hookah regularly, we don’t see why all of you wouldn’t chip in and get one to share. It’s a great socializing activity.

If you do have a hookah available, you need to be sure that the coals used to heat the plant matter are of good quality and can be lit up perfectly. If the coals don’t have an even temperature, your hookah experience might not be what you expect. Therefore, it’s always essential to get your coals from a reputable seller and fortunately, there are many of them on the market. 

Also, keep in mind that you need to use shisha with hookah. You can’t use cannabis alone. It would be best if you had the mixture of the two. In 99% of cases, shisha is made out of tobacco. If you don’t want to smoke tobacco, well, we are sad to say this, but hookahs aren’t for you. Oh, and yes, hookahs are very bulky. It’s not like you can keep them in your picket. The whole thing can weigh up to 5kg, so you should be aware of that if you plan to carry it around all the time. 

How To Smoke Weed Using a Hookah?

Well, enough of the introduction. We know that you are all here for the steps on how to use cannabis with a hookah. So, here it goes.


First, you need proper equipment:


  • Hookah
  • Cannabis
  • Shisha
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Coal


STEP 2. 


Hookahs are delicate products, and you need to keep them clean if you want to smoke from them constantly. Before you place your cannabis inside of it, clean the hookah. It would be best to take out any residue left from the previous session or any dust/dirt that has accumulated. The last thing you would want is to inhale something which can damage your lungs.




Every hookah comes with a water reservoir. It would be best if you filled ⅓ of it before you started smoking. Too much, and you won’t be able to inhale correctly.




Insert the hoses in the openings of the water bowl. Squeeze them tight so that they don’t leak. 




Fill the bowl with cannabis. Every hookah has a bowl in which you place shisha/cannabis. Place a layer of shisha and, on top of that, a layer of cannabis. On top of that, you can place yet another layer of shisha but be careful not to put too much – else, it won’t be able to light up.


STEP 6. 


Cover the bowl with aluminum foil. Seal tightly. 


STEP 7. 


Put the coals on top of the aluminum foil and light them up. 




Give the coals some time to heat up. When they are ready, take the hose and start smoking! Take deep, long draws from your hookah to feel the flavour.

You Need to Try it Out!

If you are a cannabis lover, smoking marijuana from a hookah is something you should try out. Sure, a proper joint is always a good pick, but hookah is a way to go if you want something different. The various flavours will make your senses go wild, and we are sure that you will have the best time of your life. Who knows, maybe you won’t be smoking joints anymore afterward?

The vital thing to keep in mind is that hookah can give you the best trip ever – but the worst as well. It all comes up to the setting of your equipment. But, if you did everything correctly, we are sure you won’t have any issues. Just follow the steps from this article, and you’re good to go!

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