Simple Guide to Using a Joint Roller

Using a Joint Roller

Last Updated on June 29, 2022

You put the ground weed on the paper, struggle to press the flower so its even everywhere and spill some along the process. You finally think you got the hang of it and then the filter falls out. Frustrating, isn’t it? Leave the clumsy rolling in the past, there is a solution.

Rolling uniform joints that light and burn well has never been easier. With the help of a joint roller, or rolling machine – how some call it, you can make perfect joints in a matter of seconds. Also, they are usually small in size, so they can be effortlessly carried around. What’s better than that?

To get started, you need to learn how to use a joint roller. That’s what this article is all about!

Things You’ll Need

Namely, after getting a joint roller, be sure to get the following as well:

  • Cannabis flowers of your choice
  • Grinder
  • Rolling paper
  • Filter or crutch if you use it
  • Rolling tray, which is optional

All of the above-mentioned things are recommended in order to roll the perfect joint with your roller.

How to Use a Joint Roller?

While it might seem complicated at first, using a joint roller is actually pretty simple. Once you roll you first couple of joints it becomes as easy as it can get. Just make sure to follow all the steps carefully and in order. Let’s roll!

Grind Your Weed

As the initial step, you want to grind your weed as fine as you can. It’s recommended you use a grinder for this. You should grind anywhere from 0.5 to 1.5 grams, as that’s the amount that can fit into a regular joint roller. Anything over that and your weed will be spilling out of the machine.

Perfectly Grinded Weed
After grinding your weed should look something like this.

Once you’re done grinding make sure to clear out any twigs or seeds. They are one of the common reasons for your joint to go out. On top of that, seeds tend to smell when burned.

Now when your buds are ground you can proceed to fill the rolling machine.

Fill the Joint Roller

Before you fill your joint roller you need to set it into the unlocked position. In order to do this take the moving rod (there are two rods, one is fixed and the other one is moving) and move it downward (unlocked position). Once you do this a space will be created between the rods and that’s where your weed is gonna go. After the joint roller is unlocked use your finger to press down the groove and create a smooth area with no bumps.

When the groove is ready proceed to insert the filter on one side and fill the rest with weed. Feel free to stuff the roller as it will remove the excess weed later in the process anyway. That’s how rolling machines manage to create uniform joints.

Close It and Roll

Once the roller is filled it’s time to put the rolling machine back into the locked position. Pick the moving rod and move it upwards while also pressing the weed. When you have the rod back into the locked position you can remove the excess weed on top. That’s where the rolling tray can come in handy, if you happen to have one.

It’s loaded, it’s locked, now it’s time to roll! Use your thumbs to roll the rods backwards. Do this for around 15 seconds so everything gets in its place. This is going to roll the cannabis inside into a perfect shape for your joint.

Insert Paper and Roll It

Now it’s time to insert the paper into the roller. We strongly recommend you use RAW rolling papers for the best rolling and smoking experience. Insert the paper between the rods with the glue facing towards you. Roll to rods backwards and the paper will start entering the rolling machine. Do this until only the glue is sticking from in between the rods. Once that happens proceed to lick the glue on your rolling paper.

After licking the glue continue to roll for another 15 seconds. This will get the joint nicely rolled and pressed. Don’t forget, you’re supposed to roll it towards you the whole time.

Open The Roller & Enjoy

If you followed all the steps carefully your joint is just moments away! Open up your rolling machine (unlocked position) and a perfectly rolled joint will be waiting inside. Now it’s time to light your joint and enjoy!

How to Use a Raw Rolling Machine?

Raw is one of the most recognizable brands in the cannabis industry. Their rolling papers are loved by the masses, so it seems fitting that their joint, or cigarette – rollers are also popular. 

The best part is that the Raw Rolling Machine works as most joint rollers do. No extra steps are needed to operate it, which makes it an easy-to-use addition to anyone’s supply. 

So, how exactly does a Raw Rolling Machine work? Well, check out this video and see for yourself.

Ready, Set, Roll!

Whether you don’t know how to roll, you’re just too lazy or you suffered from some kind of injury, joint rollers are the perfect solution!

In just a couple of minutes and with a few easy steps you can have a perfectly rolled joint. Once you get through the process a couple of times you’ll be making joints like on a conveyor belt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do joint rollers work well?

Yes, joint rollers work well, allowing you to roll uniform joints with ease. That’s assuming that the joint roller is functioning correctly. Be sure to get a good-quality product to create perfect, evenly rolled joints which are pleasant to smoke.

Can you roll a blunt with a joint roller?

While most joint rollers are not long or strong enough to roll blunts, there are ones made especially for rolling blunts. You will need a model that accommodates the length of the blunt’s tobacco paper, and which is able to roll this thicker wrapping paper.

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