Ice Water Hash: What is It & How to Make It

Hashish, the cannabis concentrate everyone likes to enjoy from time to time with its rich intoxicating smell and the effect that can’t be described but only felt. The small dosage of the heavenly plant can be used on its own or with a bong. 

A number of ways are available for making hashish or any other cannabis concentrate and one of the easiest and natural ways is using ice and water. You don’t need any of the professional machines nor the use of CO2, which makes the ice hash one of the purest and most delicate cannabis concentrates. 

Ice hash, also known as bubble hash is quite easy to make, all you need is quality equipment to achieve the highest possible purity. Putting cannabis in ice water and then frozen trichomes are removed from the plant with physical force and filtered through mesh bags. Never mind, all will be explained in further text.


Materials Needed for Ice Water Hash

Ice hash making was popularized in the 1980s by David Watson who learned that cannabis resin glands sink in water. Ice hash is one of the ways of cutting losses on the regular bud rolling with your fingers. So, what exactly do you need to make ice water hash?

  • 6 Bubble Bags (220-190-16-120-73-45 microns)
  • Two food-grade plastic buckets
  • Ice Cubes
  • Slick sheet or parchment paper
  • A stainless steel skimming spoon
  • Cold, clean water
  • Plate or bowl

Process of Making Ice Hash

First, you need to start putting bubble bags over the bucket in ascending order from 45 microns to 2020 microns. After you have done so, cover the bucket and let it wait when it needs to be used again.

Now, put layers of ice cubes and frozen or chilled buds in the other bucket we mentioned earlier that you need. After this fill the bucket with ice and weed, and then you will pour ice-cold water until you have everything soaked about 5cm deep.

Make sure that the water temperature is somewhere between 0-4 degrees Celsius. Once the plant material is hydrated start stirring the mixture with the spoon or a kitchen mixer if you have one. Do so for the next five to seven minutes. You don’t want the contaminated resin so don’t spend too much time stirring the mixture.

The next step is letting it rest for another five minutes and the passing the mix through the bags and let the various microns disperse what is good and what is not. The first to be removed is the 220-micron bag which contains the leftover ice cubes and the buds. Then the 190 and the 160-micron bags create poor results from other plant debris and trichome stalks. The ones you need are 120 and 73-micron bags that create the best hash. The last on the bucket is a 45-micron bag contains the 2nd-grade hash.

Drying and Storing Ice Hash

Drying ice water hash is of the utmost importance. There are a few ways to dry out the ice water has, including air drying, cold room, and freeze dryer method. The best way to dry out the resin is by placing it in a dark, cool, and dry place. Heating is not recommended since it will negatively affect psychoactive features. 

Furthermore, a moist hash can lead to the development of fungi among other problems we already talked about. A non-stick surface is a place you want for your hash. 

Before drying and storing, you will need to separate it from the bag and the best way to do so is with a plastic card or a frozen spoon. Now, you can use a cardboard pizza box to put your hash into before storing it in a dry, fresh, and dark place, slightly ventilated, such as a refrigerator. Leave it for 12 hours and then take it out and move it to a cool dark and dry room. Keep the temperature at 60 degrees Fahrenheit and at a relative humidity of 50%. Around one week later, you will have your hash ready to be smoked. However, can cure the resin for a few days or weeks and see what it feels like. 



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