Jinni Pipe Gravity Bong Rating & Review

Bongs are now pretty much mainstream, and widely accepted. We think this is a good thing, since bongs offer another perspective into cannabis smoking and can give you wonderful effects which otherwise you wouldn’t be able to experience. 

Manufacturers create bongs which are unique. It might be the color which is different, size or design. There are so many things they can change and many of them are considered to be pieces of art. Since there are so many bongs on the market nowadays, rarely does one pull our attention. 

After all, it has to be really special and different from others. One that falls into that category is Jinni Pipe Gravity, which we have on the test today. We saw that many reviewers praised this bong and gave it 5/5 stars which implied that we had to try it ourselves. Finally, we had a chance to try it out and in this article, we’ll present to you this bong and our experience after using it. 

A quick sum up though – we think that this is one of the best bongs out there and if you want a solid bong for your personal use, we think this is the perfect fit for you. If you want to learn more about it, continue reading.

The Bong


Jinni Pipe Gravity bong might not look like a regular bong. It’s more wide than it’s tall (as other bongs) and it does in fact take some space. The glass is very sturdy and you can feel the quality under your fingertips. But, Jinni Pipe has a lot more to offer than it looks. This is in fact a great overall bong and its mechanism of working gives you the best possible smoke. So how does it exactly work?

As we said, Jinni Pipe Gravity bong is constructed completely out of glass. If we would compare it to another bong, we would say that it resembles Sgt. Peppers Yellow Submarine bong, as they have a shape which is unique and very similar. The bong itself has two chambers which hold cold water. On one end, there is an air intake which you will use to inhale the lovely smoke of your favorite cannabis strain. Now, let’s see how you actually use this bong and light it up.

While you are holding the bong horizontally, you will clearly see the place where your bud goes. Place it there and light it up until it releases the smoke. Now, you need to tilt your entire bong (or pipe for better visualization) and you’ll notice that the chamber will start making gurgling sounds and air being sucked inside. Since there are two chambers, the vacuum will occur which means that the bowl will completely engulf – this is called the gravity effects and hence the name of this bong “Jinni Pipe Gravity”.

Once the pipe fills with smoke, it’s a signal that you want to start inhaling. And this is where the magic happens. After all, you don’t even need to understand how this bong works. The thing that is important to you as a smoker is that you get a quality inhale and that the smoke will get you high like never before. And with Jinni Pipe Gravity bong, you don’t have to be afraid that it won’t happen. 

When you remove the bowl stem, a surge of crystal clear white smoke will shoot straight from the nozzle. All you have to do is to place your lips and inhale – it’s that simple. You don’t even have to touch the glass. If the bong is yours, you can by all means. But if more of you share the same bong and you don’t want to smoke from the same spot as other people, you can just place your lips near the nozzle without even touching it. The impact of the smoke won’t be any smaller and you’ll be able to get high as never before. 

You’ll feel your lungs getting filled up with smoke and getting inside every cell in your body. For full body and head high, we don’t really think there is a better bong out there. You really need to try it yourself to know the feeling and we think that you will wonder why you haven’t tried Jinni Pipe bong before. 

What We Like About Jinni Pipe

We’ll be honest and say that there are many things we like about this bong. In fact, we haven’t smoked from a better bong for a while. The main selling point of Jinni Pipe Gravity is that thanks to the two chamber system, the smoke you inhale is very smooth, full of aroma and goes easy on your lungs. It’s a feeling you have to experience yourself. 

Another thing which makes this bong stand out from the crowd is the fact that it’s made entirely out of glass and therefore, it has a premium feeling to it. This is important as you wouldn’t want to smoke from a cheap bong made of plastic. You want full experience. The price of Jinni Pipe won’t make your head spin and most other bongs made out of glass cost a lot more. 

Also, after smoking from Jinni, I feel intimate. I just want to lay down next to my beloved one and enjoy some time together. Maybe it’s because it’s not enormous and fits in your lap, or possibly because it cools the water rapidly. We can’t tell what the reason is but nevertheless, this bong is special.

What We Don’t Like

As with everything, there are pros and cons. We really think that JInni offers a lot and sincerely think that it has way more pros than it has cons. If we could point out one bad thing about this bong, we would say that the main down aspect of it is that it might not be suitable for beginners. 

Keep in mind that this is a two chamber bong which offers cool smoke and smooth inhale. This might be a bit too much for beginners as they can get very high, very fast. If you are just entering the world of bongs,it might be a good idea to start off with something more “newbie” friendly and work your way to Jinni. But, even if you are an experienced smoker and you find yourself in a situation where you can try out Jinni, we say go for it!

Last Words

It has been a while since we had a bong that blew our minds on the test. And, we can say that Jinni Pipe Gravity did just that. It just ticks all the boxes which we think are important. It has great design, it offers amazing smoke, it’s lightweight and portable and it isn’t expensive. What more could one cannabis enthusiast ask for from a bong? 


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