Does Kief Get You High? – Bursting The Myths

Last Updated on March 6, 2023

Kief is used by a lot of people every day, and let’s face it, most of them don’t even know what it is called. Since many people are pretty uninformed about this stuff, it comes as no surprise that many myths are floating around the Internet about it. One of them is that Kief doesn’t get you high.

Let’s not waste more words – Kief does get you high, and you should know that if you’re a first-time user or just use Kief in your regular smoking sessions. In this article, we’ll talk more about what Kief is, how it’s used, and why you shouldn’t think that it won’t get you high.

What is Kief?

What is Kief?

In a nutshell, Kief refers to the tiny crystals that cover the cannabis flower. They can be found on nearly every bud. Only that some of them have more of it makes a difference.

We can also say that there is an equal mark between Kief and trichomes. It’s the same thing. In Kief, often referred to as the concentrate, the THC percentage is present, which means that all those stories about Kief not being potent don’t stand their ground. Kief can undoubtedly get you high. But, before you get high from it, first, we need to know how to extract it.

If you contact your weed vendor, they’ll probably tell you that they have Kief concentrates available. It’s a pure concentrate that has a high percentage of THC and is very potent. But, at the same time, it’s quite expensive.

Does Kief Get You High Than Weed?

Kief and weed contain the same psychoactive compound, THC. However, the potency of kief can be higher than that of regular weed because kief consists of only the THC-rich trichomes, which are the crystal-like structures that cover the flower of the plant.

So, in terms of getting high, it depends on the THC content of the specific kief and weed being compared, but kief has the potential to be stronger.

Does Kief Get You Higher Than Hash?

The potency of kief compared to hash can vary depending on the quality and process used to make the hash. Both kief and hash are made from the trichomes of the cannabis plant, but the trichomes in hash have been compressed and heated, which can cause some of the THC to degrade.

On the other hand, kief is simply dried and sifted trichomes. So, in some cases, kief can be stronger than the hash, but it also depends on the starting potency of the trichomes and the method used to make the hash. Ultimately, whether kief or hash will get you higher will depend on the specific products being compared and your own tolerance to THC.

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Where Can You Extract Kief From?

To acquire Kief, you need to grind your weed. It’s a pretty simple, unavoidable process if you want to make a joint, for example. You use a grinder, place a bud inside it, and grind. What you’re left is a leftover that you place in your rolling paper. It’s not as big as the bud, and you can lay it out more quickly. But you also get something else.

A series of micro screens, typically incorporated into wooden boxes and commonly referred to as “kief boxes,” is another professional method for enhancing kief.

These enable you to eliminate various product grades and reach the objective, which is a pure kief composed solely of tiny trichome heads as opposed to the original mixture of trichome heads, plant matter, trichome stalks, and various particulates.

Why You Need More Than One Grinding Session?

Kief Need More Than One Grinding Session

If you look closely at your grinder, you’ll notice a chamber underneath it. That chamber stores the Kief or the trichomes that fall from bud leaves when you grind it. It’s similar to dust.

Now, when you grind enough buds for, let’s say, one joint, you’ll get a minimal amount of Kief. So, you now realise that you would need dozens of grinding sessions for a decent amount of Kief. Another more convenient and quicker option is buying an already-made Kief.

How To Use Kief?

Most people just sprinkle it on top of the already ground buds and roll them just that way. You’ll get a joint, which is a bit more potent and will hit you a bit stronger than the one without Kief. You can dab Kief in vapes too.

Check out the kief stash on our website; pick the one you like, and we’ll have it delivered straight to your door in no time. But, if you don’t want to pay for your vendor’s Kief, you can collect it yourself. If you are a regular smoker and smoke, let’s say, one joint per day, then you’ll have enough Kief to satisfy your needs in about a week. You can do whatever you want with it to give your smoking session a boost.


Can Kief be of different colours?

Although it is similar to bubble hash, ice water hash, and hash, Kief is distinct because it is only made from the cannabis plant; there is no need for extra ingredients or fancy tools. The substance can be any colour but is usually darker than trichomes, typically brown or beige.

Does Kief work in joints?

Regarding rolling joints, you can use Kief as a THC supplement. Sprinkle a few pinches inside the joint before rolling if you and your smoking buddies feel it’s time to go.

Add It For a More Potent Session!

Kief can get you high, and you shouldn’t think otherwise. Sometimes, newbie users sprinkle Kief on top of their joints and get a more substantial hit they aren’t prepared for. If you’re an experienced user and want to try something new that will make your session even better, kief concentrates are something you should look into.

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