A few years ago, Canada legalized the recreational use of cannabis all over the country and ever since cannabis dispensaries have been sprouting up like mushrooms. Exploring a wide array of dispensaries and even more products can be interesting, but sometimes also time-consuming and overwhelming – especially for new users.

Many of them aren’t sure what exactly they should consider before choosing a dispensary and placing an order. We wanted to make the whole process easier, so we did our best to make this short guide and compare two excellent dispensaries: Cannalyft and Kootenay Botanicals. Before we get started, continue reading to see why you should buy weed online! 

kootenay botanicals alternative cannalyft

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Why You Should Buy Weed Online

Mail order marijuana services aren’t new, in fact, they remain as one of the top options when looking for quality cannabis in Canada. Online dispensaries are created by patients for patients. This means that they can provide comprehensive knowledge and support regarding their products and services because they are consumers themselves!

Plus, let’s be serious. Is there anything that can beat the convenience of quality cannabis delivered straight to your door? No matter where you are located in Canada, with just the click of a button you can have your favourite strains at the best prices available.

Apart from the exceptional customer service, wide array of products and convenience, discretion is one of our top priorities. All orders are carefully packaged and vacuum-sealed to ensure undetected arrival. You’ll never have to worry about someone knowing what’s inside your parcel!

What Should I Take Into Account When Choosing an Online Cannabis Dispensary?

So, you typed “buy weed online” in your search engine, you got dozens of results and you’re not sure whom to trust? Some of the most important things to look upon are:

  • Reliability of the shop
  • Quality of the products
  • Prices of products
  • Assortment of products
  • Good customer support
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Quickness and price of shipping

Kootenay Botanicals Vs. Cannalyft: A Quick Comparison

Cannalyft Kootenay Botanicals
Affordable prices
Wide assortment of products x
Reliable shipping
Local same day delivery
Good customer support
Free shipping √ (orders over $125) √ (orders over $200)
Discreet package
Referral programs
Cash rewards for reviews x
Freebies x

Kootenay Botanicals Vs. Cannalyft: A Detailed Comparison

kootenay botanicals vs cannalyft

Cannalyft has a wider array of the products

For some people, an array of products isn’t that important at all – many users simply find their favourites and stick to them. However, there are many more people who prefer to test various strains and periodically try something new.

While both dispensaries are reliable and have quality products, Cannalyft has a wider assortment of the products. For example, at the time of writing this article, in the “flower” category Cannalyft had 27 various strains of cannabis, while Kootenay Botanicals had 21. That may seem as negligible difference, but check this out: in the “edibles” category, Cannalyft had 157 products while Kootenay Botanicals had only 43. In the “concentrates” category KB has a decent number of products – 32 in total – but that’s not so impressive in comparison with 91 products that Cannalyft offers in the same category.

Who has better customer support?

Kootenay Botanicals has live chat and phone line support, while Cannalyft offers chat and email support. The biggest difference is working hours of customer support: KB offers support only during working hours (9:00 am – 5:00 pm PST), while Cannalyft has 27/7 support and works seven days a week, including holidays. That’s why our vote for better customer support goes to Cannalyft.

Cannalyft offers bigger benefits

Both dispensaries have referral programs, but benefits aren’t the same. In both shops, the friend you referred will get $25 off their first purchase. In Cannalyft, you’ll get $50 store credit for every friend you referred, but in Kootenay Botanicals you will get only $25 store credit. Also, using that credit in KB is limited to purchases over $100. Cannalyft doesn’t specify any limitations regarding this credit.

Loyalty programs, sign-up bonuses and product reviews – where you can get better deals based on your previous purchases and reviews?

Both KB and Cannalyft have rewarding systems based on points. Every dollar you spent gets you one point. Every 20 points you accumulate is worth one dollar of store credit.

Kootenay Botanicals offers only 20 points per product review shared on their web site. On the other hand, Cannalyft has more extensive rewarding system. They offer five dollars per review on certain subreddits, five to seven dollars per review on Instagram or Facebook and 25 dollars for YouTube video review. There is also a 50 points reward for review submitted on their site.

Also, Cannalyft has a 3% cashback loyalty program.

Sales, deals and freebies

Every online dispensary has some kind of sales and deals. In “sales” section on KB website you’ll find a bunch of various products on sale, and discounts go up to twenty percent. The thing is, if you want to get a good deal, you have to check this category every now and then – there is no other way to find out if there is new product on sale.

Cannalyft has a different strategy. They rotate deals on a weekly basis and Friday is “rotation day” for products on sale. Discounts on weekly deals are always 10%.

But there are two very, very big pluses for Cannalyft: freebies and monthly giveaways. You’ll get free gift for every order. Also, there is a $250 worth monthly giveaway, and all orders are automatically entered to win.

We couldn’t find any information regarding giveaways and freebies on Kootenay Botanicals website.

Shipping fees and free shipping

If you order at Cannalyft, your shipping fee will be $15, while Kootenay Botanicals offers better deal – their shipping fee is $10.

Almost all dispensaries offer free delivery for orders above a certain amount. You will get free shipping for purchases worth $125 or more at Cannalyft. At Kootenay Botanicals that’s not the case – if you want to get free shipping, you’ll have to order products worth at least $200, so it’s obvious who wins this round.


With more various cash and point rewards, weekly deals, monthly giveaways, freebies and slightly better customer support, Cannalyft is undoubtedly a better alternative than Kootenay Botanicals. Simply put, it has more to offer to their customers.

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