Mango and Weed: All You Need to Know and More

Smoking weed has presented a growing trend for decades. Times, when this exquisite herb was considered toxic and dangerous has fortunately passed. Today, people worldwide recognize marijuana’s unique potential regarding its therapeutic and medical effects. However, marijuana smokers know that weed doesn’t mean anything, considering how many strains exist. It’s definitely up to you to choose your favourite strain depending on THC’s percentage and the Sativa/Indica ratio.

Now, maybe you’ve heard about high-boosting foods, and if that is not the case, you are in the right place. However, when discussing high improvement, we must prioritize mango since the scientific community had various debates and research on why and how this specific fruit helps magnify the high.

1. Scientific Basis

After decades of research and various studies, we can safely say that the marijuana/mango correlation is no myth.

Mango and weed have a good relationship since they both contain terpenes. Terpenes present aromatic oils that cause and determinate the scent of many herbs, including both marijuana and mangos. Myrcene is a specific terpene included in both of these plants and is responsible for high intensification.

There is no dilemma here – consuming mango before smoking cannabis will boost your high.

Mangos seem to magnify the high, and myrcene affects how THC binds to the cannabinoids- the primary reason they go so well together.

2. How to use Mango and Weed?

There are various suggestions on how to consume mango and weed together and in which time frame. Some say that eating a mango 45 minutes before smoking a joint is optimal for getting too high, while others argue that 1-2 h might be a better idea. There is no correct answer since every organism functions differently. It is imperative to get to know your body and find the right time since your stomach needs some time to digest this heavenly fruit, meaning that there is no or minimal effect if eating mangos after smoking.

As always,  some don’t prefer the taste, so making a cannabis-mango smoothie might do the trick for that part of the community.

3. The Effects

Now, there are a couple of effects related to the use of mango before smoking.


The first reason why combining mango and weed is popular is because this tasty fruit boosts that sedative and soothing effect – meaning that the high will become more potent and give it a  brighter note. However, this is not a universal rule: test out your tolerance to achieve an optimal high. 

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Munchie Control

All smokers experience cravings related to marijuana consumption, referring to uncontrolled hunger when under the influence. Mangos help control this unusual hunger and only contain around 130 kcal making it a superfood, especially in this specific situation. So instead of eating a bunch of unhealthy snacks, start with a mango.


How many of you wanted to extend the trip? Mango is a perfect asset since users report longer trips, which is vital if you’re a frequent smoker.

Source of vitamins

This tropical fruit is rich in many vitamins, especially vitamin A which is not easily found in other foods. Besides vitamin A this lovely fruit is a source of fibers, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, iron, and calcium.

Medical benefits

Since mango contains only about 130 kcal, it is apparent that this low-calorie fruit helps fight obesity while having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Although mangos are primarily connected with health benefits concerning weight control, recent studies hint that eating a mango or two a day will keep your heart functioning properly. It also fights diarrhea and improves gut flora.

Women who consume mangos regularly report that they noticed an improvement in their hair and skin texture and glow.

There are more than enough reasons to include mango in your smoking routine besides the mere health benefits; just don’t forget that everybody’s different and find the correct dose of mango and time to ingest it according to your own needs.

For those who are up for trying something new and experience an out-of-the-ordinary night, combining marijuana and mango may be the right idea. Let us know what you think and how your trip went in the comment section.



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