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Cannagars are specialized cigars which are made entirely from cannabis. Premium cannabis flower rolled in hemp leaves, a pre-rolled joint on steroids!

If you thought that something like this doesn’t exist, boy you were wrong. Cannagars are becoming more and more popular and we expect that even more people start using them in the years to come.

Let’s face it – if you are a marijuana lover, you are surely a cigar smoker as well. After all, who doesn’t like to smoke a good cigar after a cannabis trip. There is just something about the combination of the two which makes the mix amazing. And now, there is something that is 2 in 1! Cannagar! A cigar which is made out of cannabis.

Cannagars are interesting because they made their debut in the 1960s. They are even older than some very popular strains but people just aren’t aware of it. Their predecessor is called a Thai stick. We bet this is the first time you hear about it. Thai stick was the real OG. They were tied with a bamboo stick with a hemp string and dipped in opium. Yeah, pretty heavy stuff. During the hippy era, if you had a Thai stick – you were the real deal. But now, people just don’t like the thought of smoking opium. It’s not healthy and it has nasty side-effects. Cannabis is way safer in many ways and thus – cannagars shined. They are the new version of Thai sticks and in fact, many people still call cannagars Thai sticks. We will just stick to the new, modern naming scheme.

The way cannagars are made is actually pretty simple. If you want to make a regular joint, you would use rolling paper and add the cannabis strain. You will probably add a bit of tobacco as well, just to make the mix a bit better. For cannagars, you don’t use anything which isn’t cannabis based. This product is 100% pure cannabis and doesn’t have anything which will make the marijuana effects softer. The rolling paper is replaced with real cannabis leaves. Inside of the cigar, you will find pure cannabis strains without any tobacco. Cannagars are usually wider and longer than regular joints and therefore, hit way harder. In fact, some people say that they go on par with some of the concentrates – which needs to be respected. This is a potent product with 100% pure cannabis and if you are a true marijuana enthusiast, you will surely love it.

Cannagars are different in size and strength. Although most of them are bigger than a joint, many manufacturers product cannagars which are unique. Some of them are made out of live resin or hash. They can even get smaller and those products are called cannagarillos. But generally speaking, for a good cannagar, you will need 12 grams of fresh cannabis flower and 1-3 grams of stuffing. Many manufacturers also place concentrates on top of the strain inside the cannagar. These cannagars are extremely strong and have a high price tag.

Most cannagars are pre-rolled and if you would wish to create your own, you are looking at 3+ weeks of manufacturing. It’s a long process. Pre-rolled cannagars cost anywhere from $100 to $500. Yeah, cannagars get very expensive. But, we think they are worth it and it’s surely a product you need to try once in your lifetime. And how to use cannagar? Same as you would a joint. You simply light it up and enjoy your smoking session. It’s that easy.

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