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For patients looking for more potent effects, cannabis concentrates and extracts are the perfect choice. Many cannabis connoisseurs and experienced users prefer to consume concentrates as they offer high THC levels as well as longer lasting effects. At Cannalyft, we provide easy access to a wide selection of quality concentrates in Canada.

What are Weed Concentrates?

When THC is extracted from the cannabis plant, it is then referred to as weed concentrates. Depending on the extraction method, there are many different concentrated forms that can yield from the cannabis plant material.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates come in many forms with varying thc levels. The final product is dependant on the plant matter and extraction method when being extracted. Though some weed concentrate forms may be more potent than others, they each offer their own unique flavour and benefit. We’ll go over some of the types of cannabis concentrates below.


One of many different types of concentrates to first become popular and mainstream. Shatter is by far one of the best selling concentrates on the market and continue to drive the latest trends in the cannabis industry.

Budder / Wax

Budders and wax may not be nearly as popular as shatter, but they are definitely just as potent. In fact, some users prefer budder as its consistency is typically much easier to handle when smoking or consumed.

Live Resin

Of all the forms of extracts available, live resin is probably one of the most popular. Cannabis connoisseurs prefer live resin as it is packed with cannabinoids and terpenes – offering a full flavour profile of the strain and plant matter it is extracted from.


Distillate is a thick and viscous concentrate that is as versatile as it is potent. Many weed edibles and vape pens in Canada are created using distillate extracts. Though they are usually not as popular for smoking, weed distillate is highly recommended for oral consumption.

THCA Diamonds

Named for its diamond-like appearance, THCA diamonds are one of the newer concentrates to take the cannabis industry by storm. Diamonds are always pure crystalline structures of THCA and offer extremely potent effects.


Hash comes in many different types and is by far one of the oldest extracts from marijuana. If you’re on the search for a more concentrated form of cannabis but want to skip the solvents – hash is the best choice. This solvent-free concentrate embodies the entire essence of the marijuana it is made from. From bubble hash, Moroccan hash, kief and more – we’ve got your favourites here.

Medical Benefits of the Cannabis Plant

For medical users who experience more severe symptoms, cannabis concentrates and oils can offer more relief and positive effects when dealing with conditions such as body pain, nausea, anxiety, appetite loss, chronic stress or depression. Its active ingredient, THC, offers a wide range of therapeutic benefits. In fact, concentrates and extracts offer a full spectrum profile packed with cannabinoids and terpenes – providing patients exceptional flavour and potency.

How Do You Use Cannabis Concentrates?

Not sure how to consume your concentrate? Luckily, there are many different methods which you can utilize. The most popular consumption method for cannabis concentrates is to use a dab rig. Dab Rigs allow you to get the most of the THC content and guarantee potent effects. If you want to skip the tools needed to dab entirely, do not worry! Try spreading some of your concentrate on a rolling paper or rolling a snake to add to your marijuana joint. This addition will boost the potency of your cannabis and give you the best effects.

Why Buy Cannabis Concentrates Online?

If you buy weed online, then you might already be familiar with the benefits of using online dispensaries. Why search for the best cannabis concentrates in Canada when you can easily find them online with marijuana dispensaries? Simply shop from the comfort of your own home, add products in the cart and have quality extracts delivered straight to your door.

Cannalyft – Canada’s Best Online Dispensary for Local Cannabis Connoisseurs

Born in the heart of British Columbia province, Cannalyft was created by patients – for patients. Our menu is carefully curated by our cannabis specialists to ensure you get a premium experience every time. We offer a discreet and timely cannabis delivery and mail order marijuana service that you can depend on. Plus, we provide easy access to a wide selection of product categories and quality products.

With our wide selection, affordable prices, exceptional customer service and fast weed delivery, it’s no wonder why we are the best online dispensary Canada has to offer. Shop with us today and see why thousands of Canadians choose Cannalyft as their one stop shop for cannabis concentrates.

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