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Buy Concentrates (Cannabis Extracts) Online Canada

Cannabis concentrates are an extract of raw cannabis flower. Concentrates deliver a potent experience! Depending on your dabbing needs we have shatter, distillate, live resin, or the original extract, hash.

In the last couple of years, the cannabis market in Canada has been booming. Ever since cannabis got legalized, various manufacturers found themselves in a neat position – a shortage of products for a market flooded with customers.

This meant that they had an opportunity to take over the market, but it also meant that there was space for many more manufacturers who would offer their customers something new. And while cannabis-related product manufacturing is an up-and-coming business (which has been proven in the last couple of years), as with everything, there are still better and worse companies in the game.

One company which has made a name for itself in the last couple of years is Cannalyft. Not only that they offer high-quality products for reasonable prices, but they also brought something new to the cannabis market. Something that wasn’t present as much in the past. We’re talking about concentrates.

If you aren’t familiar with concentrates, don’t feel down. It’s a relatively new thing that, even though right now is more popular than it was, experts predict it will become even more in the years to come. But what are concentrates?

In a nutshell, concentrates are products which are made from a cannabis plant, processed in a way that would keep only the best and desirable plant compounds while at the same time removing not needed plant material and other impurities. This way, you’re left with a way more potent than a regular joint and has a much higher THC percentage inside it.

All of this sounds pretty amazing, and it is. You’re basically getting a more potent product with only the good stuff extracted from the cannabis plant, minus the part that isn’t necessary for you to have a good trip. With that being said, there are a few things you should know before you dive into trying all those concentrates out:

  • They are very potent

    – Since they have a higher THC percentage, you should expect that all concentrates hit hard. This can be a good and a bad thing at the same time. It’s suitable for someone who wants a more decisive kick and wants to feel the cannabis effects stronger. But at the same time, if you aren’t an experienced user and don’t have many years of smoking under your belt, concentrates can be too harsh for you, which will end in you having a bad trip.

  • The effects are more substantial

    – Since they are more potent, you should expect that the effects from concentrates crawl to you faster and more robust. So, if you’re expecting to get a regular Sativa buzz and feel uplifted for a couple of hours – then concentrates might not be for you. They will give you long-lasting effects, which will feel great, but at the same time, you might not expect them if you’re only used to “weaker” ones from joints. Preparation is the key here.

  • Price

    – Concentrates are, in most cases, a bit more expensive than regular weed. And to be honest, once you try them out, we think you’ll understand why. It’s worth it. In the end, you are buying a product which is cannabis in its pure form – so you should expect a higher price tag.


Many concentrates are available nowadays on the market, and the list is getting bigger and bigger by the year. Here, only the most popular concentrates are displayed, without a particular order:

And many more!

At Cannalyft, one of Canada’s best online dispensaries, you will find almost every concentrate mentioned above.


We all know that cannabis has some of the most remarkable effects on human beings. It helps with many conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, and so on. It is also used in medical treatment for various diseases such as cancer, PTSD, MS, and many more. Facts are backing all of these claims, and we think that the debate about whether cannabis is beneficial for people is nonsensical.

But, for some people (unfortunately), regular cannabis is not enough, and joints can’t help the issues they are experiencing. They need something stronger, something that will suppress the troubles they have even more.

And this is where concentrates come to the spotlight. Since they are more potent and have a higher THC percentage, they will surely help people battling more assertive diseases. The effects of concentrates will bring them peace and make the pain go away for a couple of hours.


There isn’t a strict way to use concentrates. It all depends on the specific product and what you’re trying to achieve. But, the general rule is not to overdo it. One exciting thing about concentrates is that they usually hit with a delay – half an hour or more. When that happens, users might re-smoke.

What this leads to is an overdose and a bad trip – something you want to avoid. So, a golden rule about concentrates is to be patient and wait for the product to do its thing. We guarantee that it will be worth the wait.

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