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Nowadays, there are a lot of cannabis concentrates available. Even though they are very potent and a lot stronger than regular joints, they still have a huge fan base, and lots of people use them to treat various issues. But, when we say “concentrates,” it’s important to realize that there are multiple types of it. One of the most popular ones is budder, different than Live Resin or Shatter. Budder is a concentrate that is widely used by thousands of people. But what is precisely a budder, and why is it different from other types of concentrates?

Budder is a cannabis concentrate that has a “cakey” texture to it. It resembles butter, and with a little play of words, budder emerged. You can easily distinguish them from other concentrates by their soft texture and yellowish color. One disclaimer, though: not all budders look the same. While generally speaking, in most cases, they have a smooth texture and a yellowish color, they can look different based on their preparation. Therefore, various manufacturers might have products labeled as “budder” – all of which look different. Budder falls under the category of cannabis waxes since it has a soft texture. What separates budder from other products is that it has a high terpene profile and intense aroma. They also have a high THC percentage, making them very potent (some of them have more than 80% of THC). Since it’s creamy and can easily be manipulated, budder is one of the most popular concentrates. This means that you can use it with vapes, bongs, and many other smoking accessories.

One exciting thing about budders is that many people try to create DIY versions of it. While it is doable, we don’t suggest that you do it if you don’t have experience. For it to work out, you need a lot of sophisticated equipment. Creating a DIY budder is also extremely risky since it involves many flammable solvents, such as butane. If you don’t know how to handle all of this, homemade budder is a no-no.

An interesting thing about budder is that there are different names it goes by. Some manufacturers might call it budder, but there are also other word versions for the same thing. It goes under the name of batter or budder. It all comes to the manufacturer’s personal preference. But, an important thing to know is that they are all one same product. On Cannalyft, you will find different budders. It’s the name we went with, and we have different varieties of it, from the ones with high THC percentage, with orange aroma, and so on. Cannalyft is one of the biggest online cannabis dispensaries in the country, and you will surely find there what you want.


Since budder is a concentrate, we can say that it has all the benefits concentrates have. For some people, regular joints might do the trick, but for others, it doesn’t. These people need something more substantial to get high and for their issues to subside. This is where budders come to the spotlight. With their potent effects and strength, they are ever enough for hardcore users. Not only that they will give you that wonderful THC high that you crave for, but you’ll also lose your pain, anxiety will subside and you’ll finally have a good night of sleep. Budders can also be used in various forms so you don’t have to think about owning special equipment in order to consume it. A regular vape pen will work most of the time, and if you want to get an even stronger hit, a bong will do the trick.


On Cannalyft, you can find various budders at a reasonable price. One company that stands out with their products is Elite concentrates and if you want to go with a proven manufacturer with years of experience, they should be your first pick. On Cannalyft, you will find dozens of their products, and if you want to pick another supplier, Cannalyft has it. Over 100 different products is what makes Cannalyft superior to other online dispensaries and having some of the best manufacturers in the world as partners, proves that Cannalyft is one of the best players on the market.


To consume budders, you need to heat them to the melting point. You can use them with vape pens, bongs but one of the best ways is a dabbing tool. With the help of this tool, you’ll melt your concentrate pretty fast and enjoy the effects it brings to you. You can also use a budder as an add-on to your joint. Simply sprinkle a little bit of it on top of your roll, and you’ll have a wonderful trip that will be different from any other you’ve had before.

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