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Crumble is yet another extremely popular concentrate that made its debut in the 90s. Since then, it has been used by thousands of weed lovers in the world and made a reputation of strong concentrate which has amazing effects. Crumble is different in comparison to other concentrates because it has a “crumbly” structure. While other concentrates are often hardish, crumble is crumbly and thus, it’s easier to manipulate with it. It has a yellow color and goes under many different names, some of which are “crumble wax” or “honeycomb wax” since it resembles a honeycomb.

Just like in other concentrates, crumble is filled with a high THC percentage. The main thing about all concentrates is the fact that they have a cannabis “concentrate” inside them – thus the name “concentrates”. They have a higher terpene profile than regular joints, and they are way stronger – which is why they aren’t always recommended to rookie cannabis users. While a standard strain can have anywhere between 15 and 25% of THC, a typical crumble can contain a well over 90% of THC! It’s a number that won’t leave anyone lukewarm.Crumble wax has a very similar procedure of manufacturing as budder or shatter. The only difference is that the oils used in the process have different temperatures, much thicker consistency, and a lot more moisture. All of this leads to the final product being “crumbly”. One thing which is unique only to crumble is that it has amazing aromas available. You can pretty much put in this product any aroma that you may like. Fruit, menthol, you name it. Crumble comes in various shapes and forms and you will surely find the one you adore.

There are different ways you can utilize to consume crumble. Thanks to its texture, you can easily crumble it with your hands and use bong, vape or dab to inhale it. Crumble will also vaporize extremely fast so you will fill your lungs with that fantastic smoke in a matter of seconds.

Crumble is known to have very high terpene levels, making it one of the strongest concentrates available. It’s definitely not for rookies and if you’re contemplating to try it out, we suggest that you try weaker stuff first. Since it has more potent effects, it can help people that are battling with insomnia, severe pain, depression and so on. All the diseases for which joints don’t work will become invisible in no time after consuming crumble. Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that crumble is used in medical treatment and in many states, it’s considered a cure.


As we said, since crumble is a concentrate, it’s suited for people who are battling some serious diseases. Extreme pain, depression, stress, and so on all of them can be cured for at least a couple of hours after using a crumble. This stuff is potent. But, if you want to use it, we suggest that you be careful with it. Only a little bit of this concentrate is enough to get your head in the clouds, and if you overuse it, you’ll indeed have a bad trip. All crumbles on Cannalyft come with a manual that precisely explains how to use the product and the recommended dosages. If you follow this manual, you indeed won’t have any issues.


On Cannalyft, there are a dozen of different crumbles available. All of them have different THC percentages, terpenes, aromas, and so on. It’s easy to find the one which will suit your needs and stick to it. If you have any doubts about any of the products, you can simply contact Cannalyft’s 24/7 customer service, which will answer any question you may have. Some of the best crumbles available on Cannalyft are:

AK 47 crumble
Green Crack crumble
Kush Mints crumble


Crumbles are incredibly adaptable, and you can use them in various ways. You can use a bong or a vape pen. You can also use a dabber, a tool that is usually used for all concentrates.

Thanks to it, you will be available to inhale that wonderful smoke and feel the amazing crumbly effects of the concentrate in a matter of seconds. Yet again, as we feel like this is very important, you need to follow the recommended dosages and instructions, and smoke concentrates with caution. A bit too much and what was supposed to be a good trip can turn into an awful one in a few minutes.

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