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Cannabis Distillate is one of the most popular weed concentrates. It’s a bit different from the other news available as it has an oily texture. Most concentrates have a stronger texture, such as crumble or diamonds. This is why distillate is often considered to fall under the category of oils and is vastly used in vapes or dabbers. In the process of making a distillate, manufacturers pretty much strip the cannabis product from all of its excess materials and “unusable” parts. The end product – or distillate, has everything one potent cannabis product needs, minus the residue.

Since distillate comes in a form of an oil, many online dispensaries market it under this category. In fact, most people don’t even say distillate but rather use an expression – oil. The distillate is a staple part of almost any edible and vape. It’s easily maneuverable and this makes it perfect to combine with other products. Knowing this, it’s obvious why almost all edibles use cannabis oil as their vital component. On its own, distillate lacks any aroma and taste for that matter. The most common variants of distillate on the market are CBD oils and THC oils.

Distillates are extremely potent but they do lack the high terseness profile other concentrates have. This doesn’t have to necessarily be a bad thing. Since it lacks terpenes, it means that manufacturers have complete control over it. They can create products using distillate which won’t have the specific cannabis smell and taste. This is great as they can produce products with various aromas and tastes. One drawback of lacking terpenes is the fact that the final products might not have therapeutic effects THC products usually have. In order for this not to happen, many manufacturers add terpenes to the distillate later in the process of manufacturing. This way you are left with a product that is very potent and has high terpene levels as well.

Distillates, as we said, have a specific cannabinoid inside them. They pretty much isolate that specific cannabinoid and that is why they are called concentrates. The next question would be – will distillate get you high? That depends solely on the cannabinoid present in the distillate. If we’re talking about THC distillate, you should expect to get extremely high on it, since it’s an isolate of THC. It doesn’t have anything else than THC, which makes it super potent.


Distillates are extremely potent. And since they contain only one cannabinoid, they are tailored for people who seek effects from that specific cannabinoid. If you want to get extremely high, THC distillate is a way to go. If you want to get more therapeutic effects from the concentrate, CBD distillate might be perfect for you. It won’t give you any side effects, won’t get you high but you’ll feel the lovely effects from cannabis. It will help you with pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia and so on. It’s good to know that of course, distillates are concentrated, and you shouldn’t overuse them.


Distillates are not so hard to produce and thus, there is a variety of them available on the market. On Cannalyft, you can find tons of different products, as it is considered to be one of the best online dispensaries in Canada. Some of the best distillates available are:
Gorilla Glue
Kings Kush
Orange Cookies


Distillates are extremely versatile and you can use them in various ways. You can dab them, use them with a bong or just add them to other products. They are great with edibles and if you are into vaping, THC oils are the way to go. Distillates are also not expensive and if you want to try something that is very potent, we can freely suggest that you try distillates out.

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