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No matter how long you have been using the cannabis plant, every patient can appreciate a nice piece of hash. Though there are many other concentrates available on the market today that may have a higher potency, hash remains a staple in every cannabis community. After all, it is considered one of the oldest concentrates in the world.

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What is Kief?

Kief refers to the collection of loose cannabis trichomes typically collected by the use of a sift. The sift separates the resin glands from the plant matter leaving you with pure THC. These resin glands contain the cannabinoids in marijuana which we’ve come to love. If you have a grinder with a screen then congratulations – you already collect kief mix!

How to Smoke Kief

Kief is as versatile as it is potent! Take your kief mix and sprinkle it on a joint or a bowl in the bong to add an extra punch to your flower. There’s something oddly satisfying about knowing you’re smoking the THC of your favourite strains. If you want to try something different than sprinkling it on your flower, simply press it into a puck of hashish! The highest quality kief will typically be lighter in colour and easier to press with a bit of heat.

Is Smoking Kief Better?

When it comes to marijuana, every person has their own preference in what they like to smoke. Although smoking kief may not replace weed, it does add some nice potency for those special days. If there are days where you’re on the search for something stronger to ease your body pain or get a peaceful rest, sprinkle some extra kief on your bowl and enjoy! See other ways you can enjoy kief below!

Sprinkle kief mix on a joint or bowl

Adding kief into your joint will surely give you the extra kick that you need!

Press Kief into Hash

Making hash from kief is one of the easiest methods. Simply add a little bit of heat and press the kief together into a little puck. Alternatively, you can use a pollen press.

Cook Cannabutter with your Kief Mix

If you are on the search for some extra potent cannabutter, use your kief and make it yourself. You know what they say, a little goes a long way!

Press Rosin with your Kief

Use your kief to make other forms of concentrates such as rosin. Rosin is a purer form of concentrates and is quite expensive by the gram. Save your kief and press it yourself into a mind-bending oil.

How to Collect Kief

Collecting kief is one of the more inexpensive methods that requires less tools. All it takes is a screen, some quality cannabis and you’re ready to start. For an even cheaper solution, use shake and get the most out of every dollar! Simply take your ground cannabis, lightly brush it back and fourth on the screen and watch your kief pile up. For a higher quality blend, be sure to go slow and gentle. If you would rather skip the hassle and just buy kief online anywhere in Canada, browse our shop now! Our online weed shop provides easy access to some of the best concentrates in Canada.

Importance of High Quality Cannabis Flowers

Regardless of what flavour or strain you prefer, the quality is always the most important thing to consider. Quality marijuana with high levels of trichomes and terpenes will always yield the most flavourful and potent concentrates. You know what they say, what goes in is what comes out!

Medical Benefits of Kief

As kief is gathered from natural cannabis plants, the cannabinoids and terpenes are strain specific and can slightly vary from other strains. As it is a much more concentrated form, the effects when consumed are much heavier than compared to regular flowers.

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