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Buy HCFSE (THC Diamonds) Online in Canada

Diamonds (HCFSE) are considered to be one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrates available. They are hard to come by, and if you wish to use them, you should know that they are extremely potent, and cannabis products don’t get any more substantial than that. But, even though diamonds are often called “heavy artillery” there is still demand for them and tons of people use them. You might also like HTFSE (High Terpene).

If something is called diamond, you should expect that it’s a cream de la cream of the products available. Diamonds are the concentrates with the highest amount of THC possible and they have extremely high cannabinoid & terpene levels. But, all of this comes with a price – cannabis diamonds are fairly expensive and not all dispensaries have them.

Cannalyft on the other hand has diamonds available to its customers and in a matter of days, they can be delivered to your doorstep. They also have a reasonable price. But, before you order diamonds, let’s see what you are getting yourself into. Why are they so expensive and why are diamonds that rare? What is the story behind them?

There is a whole chemical process behind the manufacturing of cannabis diamonds. We won’t cover it deeply as no weed lover should even care about what happens in the background. But, if you are a cannabis buff and love to learn everything there is to know about the processing of this wonderful plant, then this is for you. Essentially, cannabis diamonds are pure crystals that are created by uniquely extracting live resin from a fresh cannabis plant. In order for this to work, a cold-extraction method is used. The product you get is an oil, which needs to undergo another step of the process before we can call it “diamonds”. With the help of a chromatography machine, the pressure is applied and thus, oil takes its signature crystal form. At this point, the end product doesn’t look like oil at all – in fact, it has changed so much that we can proudly call them diamonds.

As you can see, you need a lot of fine equipment in order to create a solid amount of crystals. You also need a lot of time and patience. It comes as no surprise then why diamonds are that rare and expensive. But, what if we told you that there is even more? Even if you do everything correctly in the process, there is one vital step that you need to do perfectly if you want to create diamonds. As you may not, cannabis plants are made out of cannabinoids. These small atoms are what makes you high, and by applying heat, they vaporize and give you that wonderful THC effect. THC is only one of the over 100 cannabinoids present in different cannabis plants. The one which is important for diamonds is called THCA or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. It’s similar to THC, but in addition, it has a few more atoms attached to it. THCA alone, won’t give you any high effects. In order to activate them and essentially turn THCA into THC, you need to apply heat. But, if you apply too much of it, you will completely “burn the atoms” and thus, create diamonds that pretty much don’t have any weed effects. The key is to apply the right amount of heat in order to wake up THCA and turn it into THC. If you do this correctly, you’ll get a super potent product that you can call – diamond.


As with other concentrates, diamonds are considered to be very beneficial. They aren’t tailored for the regular Joe though, as they are very strong. But, if you are having issues with severe pain, depression, insomnia, then diamonds can help you out. They are used in medical treatments and many doctors prescribe diamonds as heavy painkillers and tranquilizers. On Cannalyft, you can find numerous diamonds available. They come from reputable and certified manufacturers that have been around for a long time.


Even though diamonds are hard to make, a variety of them is available on the market. On Cannalyft, one of the biggest online dispensaries in Canada, some of the diamonds which you can find are:
Red Congo
Agent Orange
Pink Stardust
Cat Piss
And many more.


You can use diamonds the same way you would use any other cannabis concentrate. You can use a dabber (which we highly recommend), bong, or just sprinkle them over a regular joint. Our favorite is the latter – they will give your joint an amazing twist. Using a dabber is a safe way to go, and if it’s your first time, then you should probably pick that one. Just be careful to choose the right dose. Diamonds are very potent and if you misuse them, you will have a bad trip.

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