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Buy HTFSE (Terp Sauce) Online in Canada

HTFSE is a term which is probably unknown to many cannabis users. Truth to be told, HTFSE products aren’t that common and users who love cannabis usually choose other concentrates instead of it. This doesn’t mean that HTFSE is bad – in fact, it’s one of the most potent concentrates out there. But since it doesn’t have a huge fan base, it often stays in the dark and people don’t know about it. If you buy weed online in Canada, we think it’s time for things to change and for HTFSE to show all the glory it has. But, first things first, what the hell is HTSFE?

As the name suggests, HTSFE is a full-spectrum extract which has very high levels of terpenes. Full-spectrum extracts aren’t new – in fact, they are the ones which most users love. They are made so that they preserve all the good stuff present in the cannabis plant minus the molecules, lipids, waxes and fats that take away from the potency. While THC, a cannabinoid which is most popular, is mostly credible for the high you get from smoking a cannabis product, terpenes also plays a big role. Some of the most popular full-spectrum extracts that focus on high terpenes levels are sauce and live resin, both of which are used by thousands of people worldwide. In fact, people usually say that live resin and sauce fall under the HTSFE category and that they are the same thing. This is somewhat correct. To put it clearly, whether or not sauce or live resin can be considered to be HTSFE depends solely on the extraction method of the product. It also has to do with the fact whether the extraction separated high-terpene extract from the good old high-cannabinoid extract.


Recent studies showed that among all concentrates, full-spectrum terpene ones are most effective and most beneficial. Inside of it, all the compounds from cannabis are working simultaneously and mixing perfectly in order to give its users the best possible experience. HTSFE is a strong concentrate which is aimed towards people who have some deep issues. Stuff like Alzheimers, ALS, Parkinsons and such. These are all diseases that are often very hard to treat but thanks to the HTSFE, people who suffer from them might feel relieved for some time.


Online, you can find a lot of HTSFE products. If your local dispensary doesn’t have a category named “HTSFE”, maybe they have sauce or live resin products. In most cases, these products are considered to be HTSFE and you can treat them like it. On Cannalyft, one of the biggest online dispensaries in Canada, you can find various HTSFE available:
Pink Kush
Death Bubba
And many more.


If you seek to get best results from HTSFE, the method of your choice should be dabbing. Users can use desktop or remote equipment in order to turn HTSFE into sauce and enjoy the effects it has. Dabbing is perfect since it allows you to control the temperature and ensure to get the perfect burn and terpenes in the extract. You can also use a bong or a bowl but in this case, the terpenes might be a bit rough. You can also mix HTSFE with other products and create edibles. A small disclaimer though: when you bake, the terpenes levels might drop down a bit since you are applying a lot of heat. Still, you will surely get an amazing potent edible which will hit you for hours.

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