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Cannabis is not all about joints. Even though smoking joints is the most popular way of consuming weed, this plant has a lot more to offer than that. Truth to be told, joints aren’t even the purest form of cannabis. There are many more marijuana products which are more potent and give a stronger kick to its users. Such products are concentrated and they have become highly popular in the last couple of years. As you may know, they are called concentrates. Essentially, they are the core of weed and offer strongest and best effects. There are a lot of concentrates available on the market today – THC distillate, diamonds, budder and so on. But, there is one which is considered to be the best and purest in the competition. Of course, we are talking about live resin.

After you harvest a cannabis plant, it goes under a series of different processes from which you get the final product. But, these processes might essentially “strip” all the good stuff from a marijuana plant. We’re talking about all the oils, crystals, and other potent components of weed which make the plant perfect. With this being said, most products end up a bit weaker and lack original THC percentage and terpenes. Concentrates and live resin especially, aren’t like this. Live resin has all the good stuff you need in order to get high and enjoy your cannabis trip. In its core, live resin is a concentrate that has all the components which are present in the cannabis plant, in its natural state. You don’t need to think about letting go off all those crystals, oils and terpenes. Live resin has it all.

Live resin is also very unique in terms of manufacturing compared to other concentrates. While generally speaking, in the manufacturing process you always need to apply some sort of heat in order to get the end product, when producing live resin you don’t have to. In fact, the interesting thing about live resin is that after harvesting cannabis, you need to freeze it in order to manufacture it. This way, you skip drying and curing phases which are two phases responsible for essentially “destroying” the good parts of the cannabis plant. Drying and curing take away the terpenes from the plant – a vital part of marijuana that gives flavor and aroma. By freezing the plant right after the harvesting, you preserve all the good stuff in it and it remains in its natural form. This means that it won’t lose on terpenes, aroma, strength and fragrance.

Live resin usually has a yellowish color. In terms of texture, it sits somewhat in between wax and sauce. It is strong enough that it is not considered to be an oil, but you can still manipulate it and use it in different forms.


As with other concentrates, live resin is extremely beneficial for users who have various issues. It’s widely accepted in alternative medicine and many people use this product to battle severe pain, insomnia, MS, panic attacks and so on. Live resin is a strong concentrate and thus, if you aren’t prepared to get a strong kick it’s not recommended to use it. People use contentates because regular products such as joints or vapes aren’t enough for them. This is totally fine and you shouldn’t feel bad about this if you are in this group. Concentrates are great and they will surely give you some relief from your regular problems.


If you can call one concentrate versatile, then it’s surely live resin. The market is flooded with different variants of this product, which speaks enough about its popularity. On the list below, only a fraction of these products are listed – all of which are available on Cannalyft. Cannalyft is one of the biggest online dispensaries of cannabis in Canada and it has over 20 different live resins available. Some of them are:

Biscotti live resin
Pineapple express live resin
McFlurry live resin
White Widow live resin
And many more..


There are many different methods of consuming live resin. The most popular one is obviously dabbing. With dabbing, you will nail a good temperature for consumption and use live resin in its best form. If you aren’t into dabbing, you can also use a vape pen. It is one of the ways of consumption that has become very popular in the last couple of years. You just need to buy a good quality vape pen. If you are a joint lover, you can just sprinkle a bit of live resin on top of your roll. It will make your joint taste even better and have even stronger effects.
seek to get best results from HTFSE, the method of your choice should be dabbing. Users can use desktop or remote equipment in order to turn HTSFE into sauce and enjoy the effects it has. Dabbing is perfect since it allows you to control the temperature and ensure to get the perfect burn and terpenes in the extract. You can also use a bong or a bowl but in this case, the terpenes might be a bit rough. You can also mix HTSFE with other products and create edibles. A small disclaimer though: when you bake, the terpenes levels might drop down a bit since you are applying a lot of heat. Still, you will surely get an amazing potent edible which will hit you for hours.

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