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Cannabis oil such as phoenix tears are known to offer many medicinal properties. Even adding one drop to your daily regimen can be found to be extremely effective in treating symptoms. Many people find that whether it is applied topically or ingested orally, its higher levels of THC give it an edge in relieving symptoms. At Cannalyft Online Dispensary, we offer some of the best selling cannabis oils such as RSO, honey oil, distillate and more.

What is Phoenix Tears?

Phoenix Tears, also known as Rick Simpsons Oil is a concentrated form of extract made from cannabis plants. This highly potent extract is known to treat a range of serious ailments and diseases. RSO and other cannabis oils are known to be extremely effective when ingested orally. Additionally, Rick Simpson oil is often called the “Cancer cure”.

Medical Benefits of Rick Simpsons Oil

This pure and potent oil is highly concentrated in cannabinoids and is often raved for its ability to provide pain relief. Many patients choose RSO to treat chronic pain or cancer-related symptoms. The high concentration of THC is said to be extremely beneficial in killing cancer cells.

How Do You Use RSO?

RSO is meant to be ingested orally. Due to its high levels of THC, patients are recommended to start with extremely small doses. It is often recommended to start with a small drop –  approximately one third the size of a rice grain. Be sure to wait about an hour before taking your next dose to ensure its full effects have taken place. Oils such as RSO can also be applied topically.

Types of RSO

THC Phoenix Tears

CBD Phoenix Tears

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