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When we talk about popular concentrates, sauce is definitely on top of the list. This concentrate has a huge fan base around the world and it has been a staple accessory of every cannabis lover. Not only does sauce have amazing THC effects, but it can also help with various diseases which we will mention a bit later. But first, if you are new to cannabis concentrates, let’s see what sauce is and how it’s used.

Sauce is considered to be one of the stickiest concentrates out there. It contains a very high level of terpenes and in contrast to other concentrates, it has a strong flavor to it. Sauce has a yellowish/brown color to it depending on the method of manufacturing and the base cannabis plant which is used. The way sauce is produced is pretty extraordinary. It utilizes a closed loop system which allows the compound to settle on various different temperatures and pressures. This ensures that all important cannabinoids remain present in the sauce and that it has high terpene levels. It also ensures that all the good stuff stays inside of the product and other components which aren’t that important such as coating are being thrown away.

If one would want to describe the texture of sauce, he/she would probably say that it is similar to marmalade. At least generally speaking. But, depending on the method and the plant used, sauce might look a lot like honey or some kind of a syrup.

Sauce is a bit different from other concentrates. Essentially, we can say that it’s an isolated concentrate with high terpene levels. If you deconstruct a shatter for an example, you would get a sauce. The cannabinoids and terpenes have been naturally separated in it which means that the end product is high quality and doesn’t have any artificial parts to it. Since they are separated naturally, it means that all the terpenes and cannabinoids are distributed unevenly across the product. This means that you can get a whole different experience from the same sauce depending on the smoking session.

Above all, sauce is very potent and you should by all means be careful when you use it. Same goes for other concentrates as well. Users usually think that they are up to the task and take too much of the concentrate. This can lead to a bad trip – which is something we want to avoid. Sauce also has an amazing flavor and this can lure the user to take more. After all, it’s often hard to say no to such an amazing product. The key thing here is to stay conscious and know how much is enough for you.

But, why do people use sauce? What good does it bring?


Sauce has many benefits. Since it is a concentrate, it is aimed for people who want something stronger than a regular joint. Not only that it will give you amazing Sativa/Indica effects, but sauce will also keep you high for a long time. People who have issues with pain, stress, insomnia, anxiety and some serious diseases such as MS or PTSD use it on a daily basis to have some relief. But even if you aren’t experiencing any of these “issues” and just want to have a good time, sauce is perfect. It will make your evening with friends more memorable and it’s guaranteed it will be a good time together. Sauce is considered to be a heavy artillery in the world of concentrates and it will surely give you effects you desire.


The market is flooded with different sauces. It’s a concentrate which is easy to produce and therefore, many manufacturers have it in their product scheme. Cannalyft is no different and on the website, you can find 20+ different sauces available. Some of them are:
Watermelon breath sauce
Papaya punch sauce
Gorilla bomb sauce
Scout master sauce
Just to name a few.


Of course, one of the best ways to consume sauce is to dab it. Dabbing is a go-to method when you want to make the most out of your concentrates and it will help you have a great time. If you don’t have dabbing tools, no issues. You can use a bong to consume sauce and you can even use it as a topping for your joint. Topping off is a great way to add a bit of flavor and strength to the joint and change it from a regular one – to an amazing one.

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