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If you are a candy guy, then cannabis candies will make your head spin! These quirky edibles might seem like they can’t do much but believe us when we say that they can hit hard. At Cannalyft Online Dispensary, we carry a wide range of weed edibles including candy, baked goods, gummies and more. If you’re looking for a weed dispensary near you with premium products and fast weed delivery – look no further. No matter what your preference is, you can find your favourite weed candy from our online mail order dispensary. 

Cannabis candies come in various shapes and forms. Most popular are definitely lollipops which have a great taste and high THC percentage. Amazing thing about marijuana candies is that they taste amazing. With so many varieties of flavours and different kinds of product – you can be sure to find your new favourite weed edible.

Candies are great if you want to shake things up a bit and try something different. If you are a long time weed user and are looking for more potent effects, then cannabis candies can be a great entry point to the world of edibles. Even if you never tried edibles before, weed candies are a go-to product for the first timer. The thing about them is that they sit somewhere in the middle of their category. Candies are perfect for someone who wants to try edibles out. It’s always a good idea to start with a low dosage and steadily move your way up. If you think that candies are awesome and that you can tolerate something stronger, you can browse a variety of cannabis products in our online weed shop.

In most cases, one candy has around 100mg of THC which is more than enough to get a good trip. Sure, there are candies that have more than that but generally speaking, that’s the amount of THC which is perfect for everyone. As we said, candies come with different aromas. One which is favorite for probably everyone is the one with apple flavor. But if you aren’t a fan of apples – no worries. On Cannalyft, one of the biggest online dispensaries in Canada you can find more than 20 different flavors. Orange, strawberry, pear, you name it. Cannalyft has it.

You should always buy your edibles (candies included) from reputable sellers that have certificates. Cannalyft combines some of the top suppliers from the world and lets the customers choose from more than 100 different edibles available. If you’re looking for a good place to start your edibles career, Cannalyft should be your first pick.

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