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Who doesn’t like chocolate? Probably no one. Chocolate is loved by millions, heck, even billions people worldwide. Doctors even say that 50 grams of pure chocolate per day is beneficial for your health. With that being said, it’s obvious why people can’t get enough of this cannabis edible. But do you know what people also adore and can’t get enough of? Cannabis. Therefore, someone got an amazing idea – let’s combine chocolate and cannabis. 10 years ago, that was just an idea but now, cannabis chocolate is a reality. And not only that, surveys show that THC chocolate is one of most sold edibles around the world. And we totally see why!

If you combine two amazing products, you get the best of both worlds. Cannabis chocolate is just that, it sits somewhere between the world of cannabis and the world of chocolate and connects them in a beautiful way. The end product is amazing. Cannabis chocolate is rich in chocolate flavor but at the same time, it has a high percentage of THC which is more than enough for even experienced edibles lovers. Although not all chocolates are the same, in most cases, you won’t even notice the cannabis component of the chocolate. The mix is so well made that you won’t even realize you’ll get high from it. In order for the chocolate to work and have amazing effects and taste, it needs to be made from high quality products. We aren’t talking about some grade C chocolate. For cannabis chocolate, only premium, Belgian chocolate should be used. In addition to that, high quality, potent strains are used as well. All of this means that the end product will be top quality and that it will seduce even the biggest hater.

Cannalyft only offers the chocolates which fulfill the above mentioned rules. This means that on our website, you can find high quality Belgian chocolate infused with strains that are best in their category. Our chocolate has all the certificates and it’s manufactured by the best suppliers in the world. Some of the chocolates in our catalogue are:

Milk chocolate bar
Mint chocolate bar
Raspberry chocolate
Cookies and cream chocolate

Most of our chocolates have 300mg of THC infused and you should follow the guidelines indicated on the package in order to have the best possible experience. Usually, one square of the bar is enough to get your trip going and if you feel like you could do more, then you can eat another one.

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