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Buy Weed Gummies Online Canada (THC and CBD Edibles)

What are THC Gummies?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a cannabinoid found in marijuana flowers that provides its euphoric effects. THC can produce an intense and powerful effect in the body, and can be either indica or sativa strains. These gummies can be filled with either THC oil or CBD infused gummies. The edible has an arbitrary quantity of THC measured by mg. The first dosage on edibles is 5-10mg and goes to over 1000 mg for stronger edibles. Also ensure that your doses are accurate and be sure to check the dosage chart for edibles.

Why Buy Edibles Online?

When you buy edibles online, you have an entire world of cannabis edibles at the tip of your fingers. When you shop with our mail order marijuana service, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the highest quality weed gummies Canada has to offer. Whether you’re looking for thc gummies or cbd gummies, Cannalyft Online Dispensary has you covered. Our cannabis delivery service is easy to use, discreet, reliable and fast. Keep reading to see our top reasons why you should buy edibles online.

What are Cannabis Edibles Good For?

If you’re new to cannabis edibles, you might be surprised learning about all the health benefits behind cannabis products. Medical cannabis patients have been consuming edibles in different forms for almost as long as cannabis has existed. Weed edibles are the perfect alternative for patients who want to consume cannabis without all the carcinogens. In addition, thanks to their heavy body effects – cannabis edibles are the perfect solution when it comes to pain management and pain relief.

Medical Benefits of Cannabis Edibles

With so much research behind cannabis, there’s no surprise about all the health benefits that thc edibles and cbd edibles can provide. Used to alleviate pain or simply giving you a good night’s sleep – who says smoking is the only way to consume cannabis? An important aspect to consider is for some conditions, the potent body effects that edibles provide help to relieve pain more effectively than regular cannabis. Next to pain relief and sleep disorders and other medical uses, edibles are great to enjoy recreationally as well.

CBD Edibles

If THC gummies are not your thing, then CBD might be your saviour. CBD products allow you to reap the benefits of cannabis without its psychoactive effects. With years of research behind it, CBD consumers across the nation use cbd oil for relieving pain, sleep disorders, anti inflammatory effects and more! From full spectrum cbd to pure cbd oil, alleviate pain today and reap the health benefits of CBD products now.

Where to Buy Weed Edibles Online?

Cannalyft Online Dispensary is your one stop shop for weed edibles in Canada. Our mail order marijuana service offers a wide selection of quality edibles including chocolate, drinks, brownies, candies and more. Or if you want to opt out of the high sugar content, cannabis tinctures are the next best thing on the market when it comes to ingesting your medicine. No matter where you are located in Canada, you can buy edibles online with Cannalyft today. Plus, we order free shipping on orders over $125!

What Other Weed Edibles Can I Buy Online in Canada?

Theres more to the cannabis world than just weed infused gummies. After all, your only limit is your own imagination! When you buy edibles online in Canada, you have access to a wide range of quality edibles including brownies, cookies, chocolate, tinctures and more. Keep reading to see what other edibles we offer!

Baked Goods

We offer a variety of infused baked goods including brownies, cookies and more. Browse our shop today and satisfy your sweet tooth!

THC and CBD Gummies

When you buy edibles online, you want a variety of flavours and you want to try different brands. All the products in our shop are lab tested to ensure dosage is accurate on all our. candies. No matter what your tolerance level is, you can be sure to find your perfect dosage.


Cannabis edibles means more than just candy! It includes infused chocolate too! If you need a change from regular weed gummies, why not give weed chocolate a try?


If you are new to edibles, cannabis tinctures are the perfect starting point. Tinctures allow you to easily control dosage and consumption yet at the same time effective for pain relief and more. You’ll never have to worry about getting the exact dosage wrong again! Whether you are looking for thc tinctures or full spectrum cbd, Cannalyft Online Dispensary has you covered.

Hard Candies

There are times where you might not feel like enjoying some thc weed gummies. After all, there’s a mood for every flavour! Other edibles such as infused hard candies are a great option when you want to consume your medicine.


Have you heard of cannabis infused drinks before? From CBD to THC, our mail order marijuana offers a variety of infused drinks such as teas, hot chocolate, syrup and more!

How long does it take for edibles candy to kick in?

Edibles usually take between 30-45 minutes. However the onset period reflects many things. This relates to the active ingredients in the product. The products contain higher doses of THC and therefore take effect more quickly.

What are the Most Popular Edibles in Canada?

  1. Twisted Extracts ZZZ Bombs
    Jelly Bombs by Twisted Extracts are one of the most popular edibles you can find in an online dispensary. These weed gummies come in both Indica and Sativa variations in different flavours and dosages of CBD/THC. Depending on the health reasons, you’ll have the exact dosage that you need! All Indica ZZZ Bombs come with 80 mg THC per jelly bomb!
  2. Faded Edibles Gummy Bears
    Gummy bears by Faded Edibles are your favourite childhood pleasure. These cannabis infused gummies will have you swimming in nostalgic bliss. Faded Edibles offers a wide selection of thc gummies in different flavours. All Faded Edibles infused candies comes with 30 mg THC.
  3. Wavy Brand THC Gummies
    Wavy Brand THC gummies come in a range of different flavours and packed with 40 mg thc per piece. These infused candies are effective for pain relief and can help to regulate your endocannabinoid system.

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