Ah, the Indica..possibly one of the two types of cannabis that made marijuana famous and worldwide accepted. The other one of course being Sativa. Indica has a place in every cannabis enthusiast’s heart, and we believe that every once in a while, everyone goes back to the roots and smokes a proper, 100% Indica. But why is indica so crucial in the cannabis world, and why do people adore it? Let’s see some of the most critical aspects of this cannabis type and what makes it so awesome.

Indica has a lot of history. It’s not something that has seen the light of the day in the last 20 years. Indica traces furthermore in history than that. It is believed that the first Indica was recognized in the 1700s. Specifically, in 1785, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck mentioned cannabis indica first time in his book “Cannabis.” It was then when this type of cannabis has formally been used for the first time, and ever since then, probably millions of people have used it.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of different indica strains available. Thanks to technology, many manufacturers produce strains which have different THC percentages and give users various effects. The cannabis world has become so customizable that now you can pretty much tailor the strain to meet the needs of the market. Indica isn’t immune to this. On sites such as Cannalyft, you can find many different types of strains, all of which are unique in their own way. They all come from reputable sellers and they aren’t even that expensive. But even though there are many different types of indica, they all fall under one category of “Indica” and have characteristics that are somewhat the same.

First of all, indica has a distinctive look. It looks bushier, and the leaves are way shorter than in Sativa. It’s also wider and often harder to process. If you are looking for a strain that will make you completely relaxed, then Indica is for you. The effects you should expect are body high, super relaxation, and an increase in appetite. You will also be more focused on indica and be more creative.

In contrast to sativa, indica won’t get you buzzling and ready for action. It will actually make you sleepy. While on indica, you’ll just want to relax, watch a movie or talk with your friends. It’s not a type of strain that will give you some action. If you are looking for that, you should shift your focus towards sativa. But let’s stick to indica just a bit more.

Indica is extremely beneficial for various diseases and issues. It can aid you with insomnia, pain, stress, anxiety and others. Even more severe conditions such as PTSD, MS or cancer will easen up when faced with indica. Knowing all this, it’s a no surprise that indica is used by millions across the world and that it’s one of the two pillars of the cannabis world. It’s that amazing.

But, let’s say that you want to try some indica out. Which one to pick? The options are endless and if you aren’t a regular smoker, you might get lost in all the possibilities and different strains. It would be unprofessional to suggest a specific indica strain and label it as “the best”. This all depends on your personal experience and is very subjective. Some people might like one specifical indica, others might not find it that good. Nevertheless, there are some strains which are very popular and if you want to play it safe and only take what’s proven, then we can suggest that you try some of the strains we will list below. All of them are available on Cannalyft, one of the biggest online dispensaries in Canada.

Tuna Kush
Rockstar Kush
Death Bubba
Purple Kush
King Rockstar
And many more.

The thing about Indica is that it’s one of the most used strain types in the world and you’ll surely find the one which suits your desire and needs. If you aren’t sure which one to pick, Cannalyft offers free consultation 24/7. Feel free to talk to one of the agents which will listen to you and recommend a strain that is perfect for you.


The interesting thing with both sativa and indica is that many other products are based upon them. Concentrates, oils, extracts edibles – all are made from indica or sativa strains. So, how to use indica? It really comes to the product you buy. If you buy just an indica strain, then you will probably grind it and smoke it in a regular joint. However, if you buy indica concentrate, then you will use it differently. You might dab it or use a bong. If you acquire indica oil, what then? Vape pen is a go-to choice. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. And that’s why it’s said that Indica is one of the pillars of the cannabis world. The way of consumption depends on the indica product that you have. But, all in all, if you have an indica, we are sure that you’ll have a great time, no matter the product. Enjoy!

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