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THC Vape Pen Canada

THC vape pens offer medical marijuana patients a convenient and discreet method to medicate on the go. No matter what your day has in store for you, you’ll be ready to tackle anything with your trusted vape pen in your pocket. Whether you’re on the search for vape cartridges or disposable vape pens – Cannalyft has you covered. We offer a massive selection of the best cannabis vapes online in Canada. Plus, they’re available in all the latest strains.

What is a THC Vape Pen?

A weed vape is a handheld device that houses a battery, heating element and a cartridge filled with cannabis concentrate. Similar to e-cigarettes, vape pens vaporize instead of burning cannabis – resulting in vapor instead of smoke. Vape pens are also commonly called weed vapes, shatter pens, thc pens or disposable pens. Though vape pens are relatively new to the market compared to other forms of smoking, many patients prefer vapes over smoking weed simply because of the convenience. In fact, many patients consider it the best way to medicate! At Cannalyft, we offer some of the best THC Vape pen Canada has to offer. Shop with us today.

Why Use THC Vape Pens Instead of Smoking Cannabis?

If you’re wondering why you would use a weed vape pen in Canada instead of just smoking a joint, don’t worry. It’s not for everyone. Though it does offer a number of benefits to patients. Other than the extreme level of convenience that they provide, they allow patients to medicate in a way that’s more gentle on the lungs. Patients dealing with certain health risks may not be able to smoke a joint but may be able to use their weed vape without worries.

Different Types of Vape Pens

Cannabis vape pens have boomed since they’ve hit the market and it’s no surprise why. With so many different types of vapes available, it can be confusing if you’re new to them. We’ll go over the two main styles of vape pens below.

Vape Cartridges

Vape cartridges took the market by storm with their compact size and potent effects. Most vape carts come in a universal 510 thread that allows them to attach to majority of the vape batteries on the market. Its versatility allows patients to keep their reusable vape pens and buy new THC cartridges. Plus, they allow you to enjoy multiple flavours depending on how your mood is that day.

Disposable Vapes

After the popularity of vape carts, it only makes sense that a disposable version would be created! After all, we are talking about the ultimate convenience. Disposable pens are meant to be single use. Simply take your disposable vape pen anywhere and toss it when you’re finished. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

The Benefits of Using a THC Vape Pen

Thanks to cannabis vaporization, there are a number of benefits that come with using a THC vape pen. Besides the health benefits of avoiding carcinogens with traditional smoking, they are convenient, odour-less and compact. Plus, when you vaporize concentrates the effects are much stronger. Another benefit is for patients with health risks that are unable to smoke cannabis. See our top reasons to use vape pens now.

They are Convenient

Convenience is the number one reason that consumers love weed pens. You can take them practically everywhere and they produce little vapor – making them easy to use inside or outside. Limited on time? No problem, just take a couple hits of your THC vape pen and you’re ready to go.

They’re Discreet

As vape pens are often used by tobacco smokers, its common to see people using these devices. More often than not, people will assume that you’re just vaping tobacco instead of cannabis. Plus, marijuana vape pens produce little vapor and are practically odour-less – making them one of the most discreet ways to consume cannabis.

They are Long-Lasting

They may be small, but boy, are they potent! Oil vape pens offer more potent and longer lasting effects making them perfect for experienced cannabis users. Depending on how heavy you smoke, the overall lifespan of your cartridge could even last for months!

THC Pens

Most weed vape on the market will contain THC oil. Though every formulation may vary a little, you can trust that your THC pen will pack a punch. THC vape pens are known for their incredible ability to ease aches and pain. When it comes to vaping weed, the THC vape reigns king! At Cannalyft, we offer the best selection of THC vape pens in Canada.

CBD Vape Pen

If you’ve ever ingested too much THC, you may be able to counteract it by ingesting CBD. Vaping CBD allows you to reap the benefits of the cannabis plant without the psychoactive effect of THC. Plus, your CBD vape pen is the perfect partner for any day.

What Weed Vapes Are The Best?

Vapes are incredibly versatile and online; you can find a lot of them. Especially on Cannalyft, one of the biggest online dispensaries. Some of the best are:

And a lot more of them.


As we said, vapes are pretty straightforward, and you don’t need a big learning curve to start using them. You simply buy a vape pen, insert a cartridge, and you’re ready. That’s how easy it is.

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