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The always growing weed community can be hard to amaze. Those are the people who have been smoking for several decades and tried every possible cannabis product available. At least they thought so. It turns out that thanks to technology improvements, cannabis still has a lot more to offer. There is a whole new world of gadgets that are used to enhance your smoking sessions.

First in the line are vaporizers – or vapes, how they are often called. Vapes are a relatively new thing; they have been around for five or so years now. They are mostly used in the USA, where there is a whole new community of vapors adoring these small gadgets.

But what is a vape? In a nutshell, it’s something similar to an e-cigar. We can say that e-cigarettes are predecessors to vapes. They work in the same way. The vape itself has a burning mechanism that makes concentrate evaporate.

What are concentrates? It’s the stuff that you place in your vape – often called a cartridge. They are disposable, and with one vape pen, you can use dozens of cartridges. Inside of it, you can find cigar concentrate, weed concentrate, and so on. They can all have different flavours, strengths, and aromas.

So, one day, you might feel like smoking a vape with strawberry aroma. But the next day, you want to try the pineapple flavour. No issues – just swap the cartridges in your vape.

The critical advantage of vapes is their versatility, their long-lasting aspect, and the fact that they are compact and convenient. Let’s talk a bit more about all of these characteristics:

  • Versatility:

    This is the part that attracts most users. If you buy a regular joint, for example, you will smoke it, and that’s it. You will feel fantastic and all, but if you want to try something else that gives a bit different feel, you need to go and buy a new joint. Vapes work differently. Your initial investment is the vape itself – depending on the manufacturer, they go as low as $30, but there are more expensive ones – $1000 or more. For a regular user, the cheap one will work just fine. The vape can work for a year or even more. So, you don’t have to buy it each month. Next, you need to purchase cartridges – all of which are different, and you can easily swap them in your vape pen. They cost around $7-12 per cartridge. You can see then why vapes are incredibly versatile. With only one gadget, you can use dozens of different flavors, concentrates, and oils. In Cannalyft, one of the biggest Canadian online weed dispensaries, you can find a ton of other products for vapes. Concentrates, oils, tinctures, you name it. Cannalyft has everything you need to buckle up for your vape journey.

  • Long-lasting:

    As mentioned above, vapes are a one-time investment. You buy it, and you’re safe for one or several years. It’s an excellent investment compared to regular weed, which you need to buy daily or weekly. Add to that rolling papers, grinders, and other accessories – and you can see why vapes are a more convenient buy.

  • They are compact

    – Vapes are the size of a pen. That’s why they are often called vape pens. This means that you can place it in your pocket and forget about it. It won’t take space, and you can carry it wherever you want.

  • Convenient

    – In the modern world, when something is more convenient, in most cases, it means that it’s better compared to its competitors. Vapes are just plain better. Sure, if you’re looking from a traditional point of view, joints have that charm which vapes don’t have. But, vapes shouldn’t be neglected. They don’t emit the smell that is characteristic of cannabis. They don’t leave nasty residue in your mouth, giving you more potent effects.

All of these points are very important and need to be taken into consideration. In fact, in most US countries, vapes can be used indoors – in cafes and restaurants. You can get high without anyone noticing. How cool is that?


Vapes are incredibly versatile and online; you can find a lot of them. Especially on Cannalyft, one of the biggest online dispensaries. Some of the best are:

And a lot more of them.


You might not think that this is true, but vapes are healthier than cannabis joints. Or, to be more precise, they are a healthier alternative to smoking flowers. Why? As we know, to get high, you need to light up your joint and make cannabis vaporize. Then you inhale the smoke, and that’s what hits you. Vape works the same way, but in the vaporization process, they don’t release the tar and the carcinogens created during the combustion. This is essential when we talk about vape’s health benefits, as they are far more superior to joints. Also, since you’re using concentrates in your cartridges, if you’re battling with severe diseases such as MS or immense pain, vapes can help you a lot more than weaker stuff would.


As we said, vapes are pretty straightforward, and you don’t need a big learning curve to start using them. You simply buy a vape, insert a cartridge, and you’re ready. That’s how easy it is.

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