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Vapes have become extremely popular in the last couple of years. If you aren’t aware what a vape is, it’s essentially a piece of technology that lets you smoke cannabis or something else in a form of oil. Many people say that vapes are the same as electrical cigarettes. While these two products do have a lot of similarities and it’s widely accepted that e-cigars are predecessors to vapes, they are different in many aspects.

Vapes are popular because they are easy to carry around, they last for several years and they don’t emit a smell of cannabis. This means that you can use vapes in closed rooms and no one will actually notice that you are smoking cannabis! How cool is that. If we can compare vapes with something, we would say that it’s something like an infinite joint. You can smoke it over and over again, without needing to roll it. The way vapes work is pretty simple. It has 2 parts which are essential. First, you need to get a vape pen – it’s the device which is used for the heat. Secondly, you need some kind of cannabis oil/carts/cartridge as it’s often called. You place the cartridge inside of the pen and you turn it on. In a matter of seconds, this small device will heat the oil until it starts vaporizing and then you can inhale. One cartridge can last for a lot depending how big of a user you are. In general, it lasts anywhere between 2 weeks to over 1 month.

Carts are good because you can change them depending on what type of cannabis you want to smoke. Many sellers sell vape pens combined with cartridges but you don’t need to get that. For starters, just buy a vape pen. From there, you can look into various carts available and pick the one which you like. There is a cartridge available for almost every single type of bud. Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, it doesn’t matter. If there is a strain – there is probably an oil cartridge as well.

This flexibility is what makes vapes so amazing. One day you might feel like smoking a particular indica. You pick that cart and insert it in your vape pen. The next day, you may want something to lift you up and thus, you want to smoke a potent sativa. No worries – just insert a cart and you’re all set. The cartridge swap is extremely easy. Cartridges also aren’t that expensive. Many people say that vapes are the best you can get for your money. The device can last for several years and you rebuy the oils when you smoke everything. One cartridge costs around 50$, but that is not a lot considering that you’ll be using it for several months.

Carts are filled with cannabis oil and therefore, people consider them as concentrates. This means that often vapes hit stronger than joints and in many cases, they are more potent and have higher terpene levels. With vape pens, you will feel every part of the cannabis plant. It’s certainly something you will have to try yourself in order to know what we’re talking about. Many people compare vapes to joints, but we think they are different. Each one has their pros and cons. If you’re looking for something that won’t break your wallet, that lasts for several months, and which you can use in many different ways, vapes are for you.

Also, with every vape comes a charger. When the battery goes off (it does have a battery since it’s a gadget), you just plug it like a regular smartphone. It needs a couple of hours to become full and after that, you can continue smoking. Important thing about vapes and cartridges is to buy them from reputable sellers. And Cannalyft is just that – a reputable, professional seller. The vapes you can find on the Cannalyfts website are made out of 100% pure cannabis oil and have all the possible certificates which prove their origin. If you wish to start your vape journey, there isn’t a better place to do so than Cannalyft.

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